Am I the Villain? (Dream SMP)

14 okt 2020
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for chaos.
for the union! for the revolution!
I'm never satisfied.
@TommyInnit @Dream @jschlattLIVE @Quackity @Technoblade
Filmed Live on Twitch:
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge, election edition. On the Dream SMP I go up against GeorgeNotFound, Dream, Quackity and jschlatt on Dream's Minecraft Server. We had lots of laughs but it was also very intense. This is a part of the Dream SMP Election and it is insane, fun and funny! POG CHAMP!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is against Quackity POG CHAMP!!!
The DreamSMP is a server created by the Dream Team on Minecraft. People usually just play regular survival Minecraft but I decided I wanted to create a geo-political war. Uh-oh.
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • 16:37

    Jessica GJessica G4 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur... Be the Villian with dream Fight for the blood And Wilbur Your Dream will be with you And I got options Blow every jshlatt's builds or... Never leave Tommy like a mistake

    Belano PlayzBelano Playz12 timmar sedan
  • 14:41 15:53 16:29 16:51 19:37 21:39 28:28 28:56 Em.. actual this is scene of "The fall" From Sad-ist i found

    •Yasmin Official••Yasmin Official•18 timmar sedan
  • I love that Tommy out of everyone is the voice of reason in this vid

    Aloe VeraAloe Vera19 timmar sedan
  • Tommy makes the best main character if this was a film

    ticattackjaxticattackjax21 timme sedan
  • 3:27 that hurt

    toxtic hazardtoxtic hazardDag sedan
  • Tommy is the villan

    the goosethe gooseDag sedan
  • I’m trying to keep count of the Hamilton references but it’s almost impossible

    The DreamerThe DreamerDag sedan
  • tubbo is the real mvp holy shit-

    flowrrflowrrDag sedan
  • Was Jschlatt a citizen? Because if he wasn’t then he can’t be president

    NoahNoahDag sedan
  • God bless you for the sneeze at the beginning

    Seth McLeanSeth McLeanDag sedan
  • I don't have (I had it on moms account) netflix because I have this series for free on YT. And you can agree that this is better than any Netflix series.

    Catermelon Eng.Catermelon Eng.Dag sedan
  • oh no first he dresses up like JD then he starts talking like JD we've got a heathers situation on our hands guys

    Aj CooperAj CooperDag sedan
  • Why does Dream remind me of chaos? He wants both sides to become more weak, and in general he is helping Wilbur blow up Manberg to the ground. I think Dream just loves chaos....AND I LOVE IT

    Stella KimStella Kim2 dagar sedan
  • 4:51 "Speak to me now, now I'm on this pony" "That's my horse" "T H E N W H Y A M I O N I T"

    Nikki RJNikki RJ2 dagar sedan
  • This is so cool .................. Love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Yes

    stonks manstonks man2 dagar sedan
  • The tubster

    El FacuxEl Facux2 dagar sedan
  • -352 -320

    TerrenceTheDankEngineTerrenceTheDankEngine2 dagar sedan
  • Gonna be honest: I could only strive for this level of perfection when it comes to being the villain... so I took some notes: 1. Blow stuff up And that’s it. Just blow stuff up.

    MegaBurst 211MegaBurst 2112 dagar sedan
  • Tommy’s that one character in every show that is way too self centered and really fucking dumb

    BcapperBcapper3 dagar sedan
  • wilber sounded so manipulative in this its scary

    ashton brumleyashton brumley4 dagar sedan

    XXvgamerXXXXvgamerXX4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur Soot going full mad king.

    Jakub ZahradníkJakub Zahradník4 dagar sedan
  • In the grim dark Dream SMP, there are no heroes, there is only war.

    Jakub ZahradníkJakub Zahradník4 dagar sedan
  • you can hear him slowly get more and more insane through the video-

    Alyssa StrongAlyssa Strong4 dagar sedan
  • Seeing Wilbur crazy and broken is just genuine horror

    Arrow StonefieldArrow Stonefield4 dagar sedan
  • YEA *DADDY DREAM* wait i uh **cut**

    E y e p a t c h.E y e p a t c h.4 dagar sedan
  • This is like the better version of Keeping up with the Kardashians

    • Mayo• Mayo5 dagar sedan
  • i am

    refreerefree5 dagar sedan
  • *so is this how Wilbur lost his sanity*

    hoc dithoc dit5 dagar sedan
  • What is this magnificent video and human I’ve stumbled upon

    SiedyneSiedyne5 dagar sedan
  • Tommy should've known he was the villain.....

    Rian O'ConnorRian O'Connor5 dagar sedan

    stxrstruckstxrstruck5 dagar sedan
  • he knew. before it happened.

    Elizabeth Hamilton SchuylerElizabeth Hamilton Schuyler5 dagar sedan
  • POV : you are watching this after he blows up lmanberg and you are like "well no shit sherlock you tell me "

    xI FoXeRxI FoXeR6 dagar sedan
  • “Then let’s be the bad guys..” Yo that kinda gives me chills ngl-

    PoppyDoesGachasPoppyDoesGachas6 dagar sedan
  • am i the villian? a few weeks later: *blows up l'manberg*

    Marie-Julie SeigneurMarie-Julie Seigneur6 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur's madman laughs really scare me.

    Aindrila MandalAindrila Mandal6 dagar sedan

    Alan CostaAlan Costa6 dagar sedan
  • It's crazy that this was 1 month ago

    TooShortJoseTooShortJose6 dagar sedan
  • I just love how it’s Tommy causing destruction for the entirety of this series even in the first war, right up until Wilbur wants to do it and then Tommy is like “no I don’t think I will” 😂

    Jordyn NexusJordyn Nexus6 dagar sedan
  • *YEAHH DADDY DREAM--!* Oh wait no

    S T A NS T A N6 dagar sedan
  • "You there in the black screen" Who are you, who is so wise in the ways of science

    Eklipse OfficialEklipse Official7 dagar sedan
  • "YEAH DADDY DREAM" I can already feel the fan comics...

    Worm SoupWorm Soup7 dagar sedan
  • watching this is somehow more interesting than reading any nation's revolution

    XtfrancisVlogzXtfrancisVlogz7 dagar sedan
  • yes destroy it all!!!!!!!!

    reign mark majadasreign mark majadas7 dagar sedan
  • I had Call of Duty BOCW theme on and it fit so well

    Caleb DotyCaleb Doty7 dagar sedan

    GlitchyAnimatesGlitchyAnimates7 dagar sedan
  • I love that laugh in 10:31

    Armadito 2Armadito 27 dagar sedan
  • hes like... hitler, but even hitler cared about germany or something

    Ian OwensIan Owens7 dagar sedan
  • "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

    jonathan maxwelljonathan maxwell7 dagar sedan
  • your wilbur soot. since when do you care about morals

    Ian OwensIan Owens7 dagar sedan
  • Stuff went from Hamilton to Heathers REAL quick

    EmberTheatreEmberTheatre7 dagar sedan
  • The answer is "yes" Yes yes Yes, the answer is "yes"

    The Radioactive PlayerThe Radioactive Player7 dagar sedan
  • The drama on this smp Lmao

    anime shitanime shit7 dagar sedan
  • “There is a reason why you are not the president and never will be” Tommy: becomes president for 2 minutes Me: hehe funny

    Free_CheetosFree_Cheetos8 dagar sedan
  • I feel like Wilbur and Tommy have just completely switched personalities here 😂

    CloveixCloveix8 dagar sedan
  • You got real scary this episode, Wilbur

    Valid UsernameValid Username8 dagar sedan
  • 16:12 best part...

    Hoho gaming and musicHoho gaming and music8 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Shadow FistShadow Fist8 dagar sedan
    • K

      Shadow FistShadow Fist7 dagar sedan
    • Quack

      A DuckA Duck7 dagar sedan
  • when i heared u exolded lmanberg my neck started swaeting . i hate u

    ShanuGill123ShanuGill1238 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur did it finally........HE BLEW UP L'MANBERG!

    Fuzzlyn_Yt GamingFuzzlyn_Yt Gaming8 dagar sedan
  • ok ok ok ok ok ok................... all shits and giggles aside... **WILBUR IS SCARYY** LIKE, THE WAY HE TALKS MY GOODNESS AHSDBLAHSDBLSJADNSD IM SCARED

    Frannie YuhFrannie Yuh8 dagar sedan
  • This needs to become an anime

    Maxwell GreenMaxwell Green8 dagar sedan
  • Yes you are for BLOWING UP L'MANBURG

  • Let’s just say yes he was and he blew up L’manburg

    UnWanted_ ReconUnWanted_ Recon8 dagar sedan
  • i sub

    diyah gorodiyah goro8 dagar sedan
  • This didn’t age well.

    Melina Kay JonesMelina Kay Jones8 dagar sedan
  • "Wilbur you'd just be mush!!"

    UniAqua888UniAqua8888 dagar sedan
  • this didn't age well

    Lily ReederLily Reeder8 dagar sedan
  • I just wanna see Lmanberg go *BOOM*

    Jared JaredJared Jared9 dagar sedan
  • It's like animal farm

    mattymatty9 dagar sedan
    • @Raging Ash oh my gosh the same

      mattymatty8 dagar sedan
    • I’m currently reading that book at school what a coincidence

      Raging AshRaging Ash9 dagar sedan
  • Ah so wilbur is becoming eren eh?

    JamJam9 dagar sedan
  • All of this started because of 2 FUCKING *DISCS*

    le BEANle BEAN9 dagar sedan
  • Oh crap. Shit is getting REALLY INTENSE. Like, I don't think any FRICKING MOVIE has given me these sorts of vibes. I really like books. Adventure and fantasy especially. This feels like we're nearing the end of the book before the last book of a long good series, and when the festival explodes, they both will have nothing to lose and the final showdown will be ON. THIS IS A GREAT STORY, AND WHAT MAKES IT BEST IS THAT IT'S NOT STAGED. THIS SERIES IS EPIC.

    Aleksander MuszyńskiAleksander Muszyński9 dagar sedan
  • im the 140,000th like

    Luthor LucarioLuthor Lucario9 dagar sedan
  • Oh Wilbur.. He is beginning to go back to his own personality that he had in Jack Sucks at life videos.. what the fuck is happening

    Untalented SwedeUntalented Swede9 dagar sedan
  • Tobbow OP namer

    Gabe WatkinsGabe Watkins9 dagar sedan
  • Well you ended up destroying lmanburg so yeah I guess

    NobodyNobody9 dagar sedan

    Dan ZallaDan Zalla9 dagar sedan
  • _obbut

    Dominic RussellDominic Russell9 dagar sedan
  • this foreshadows wilbur blowing it all up

    ConvexsphereConvexsphere9 dagar sedan
  • Spoilers yes

    Will JenkinsWill Jenkins10 dagar sedan
  • OMG I ma seeing thai after the war

    Duccio ColomboDuccio Colombo10 dagar sedan
  • Yeah. Pretty much.

    Lego Crafter StudiosLego Crafter Studios10 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is just... very stressed with kids rn, have he gone through babysitting in the past then got traumatized? or is it Tommy? XDD

    just random stuffjust random stuff10 dagar sedan
  • the line "am i a villain?" hits a lil different after today

    lexi ylexi y10 dagar sedan
  • All my homies and I hate Tommy

    Captain WhatCaptain What10 dagar sedan
    • hey lets not.

      JonnaJonna10 dagar sedan
  • it was never meant to be

    Josh for KangJosh for Kang10 dagar sedan
  • You are acorrding to the war

    AlynxAlynx10 dagar sedan
  • I love how subtly Wilbur just throws in random Hamilton references.

    2VWYX2VWYX10 dagar sedan
  • Yes.

    Mathias Houston CastroMathias Houston Castro10 dagar sedan
  • I just love how morally complicated everyone is. There really is no good or bad side in this story. XD

    Bearman_18Bearman_1810 dagar sedan
  • *_Y E A H D A D D Y D R E A M_*

    Starless SkyStarless Sky10 dagar sedan
  • well you ended up being the villian...

    Le4nedLe4ned10 dagar sedan
  • Episode 1: Drug Business Episode 2: Formation of a Nation Episode 3: Dream attacks Episode 4: Revenge of the Schlatt guy Episode 5: Righteous Resistance Episode 6: Literally Ingsoc starts to form in Wilbur

    High ground gamerHigh ground gamer10 dagar sedan
  • Yes you are

    Mr. BruhMr. Bruh10 dagar sedan
  • Uhh I think you are Wilbur, Oh wait nevermind you are.

    Romar BenskieRomar Benskie10 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur reaaaally plays the part well in this.

    Bianca PBianca P10 dagar sedan