That Time I was on a Dating Show (Wilbur Rajjchelor Highlights)

11 feb 2020
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  • List of elements Wilbur consumed throughout the video: 5 fucking bananas, water, Wine, Coca-Cola (Light?), some weird shit in a can.

    Buff MangleBuff Mangle58 minuter sedan
  • We all know niki had the dub from the question on how to cheer him up

    Megan MoloneyMegan MoloneyTimme sedan
  • Let’s agreee Nikki is a sweet kind girl

    RelitoPlaysCgRelitoPlaysCg2 timmar sedan
  • me before watching this like well that’s no fun I know he’s dating nikki 🤦‍♀️

    dolliez c:dolliez c:3 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur just fucking. Flips like a switch man. He's so good at what he does.

    CeazerCeazer4 timmar sedan
  • I just realized this happened on my birthday after having seen this like a year ago

    classified informationclassified information5 timmar sedan
  • Why does Baffy look like LdshadowLady and sound like Ld?

    Wolfygurl The_Gamer64Wolfygurl The_Gamer646 timmar sedan
  • Dinosaurs aren’t real

    NokkusuNokkusu7 timmar sedan
  • omfg just don't tell me neachu is host that would be the saddest thing ever edit : ok thank fucking god

    Stratos VagiannisStratos Vagiannis8 timmar sedan
    • How are you this fucking late lmao

      NixNix7 timmar sedan
  • nihachu is so brave

    Paul PoelsPaul Poels8 timmar sedan
  • Nihachu is like the bbh of girls. To pure to be left alive.

    Onezero01Onezero018 timmar sedan
  • Nikki was so cute in this

    Pandora UwUPandora UwU9 timmar sedan
  • i feel bad for niki. some of the girls were being so mean to her like, “he doesn’t need hugs.” and the girl that was twisting her words.

    Jillian RoseJillian Rose10 timmar sedan
  • I’m bad at mine sweeper broke me too my core

    Zephyr StephenZephyr Stephen10 timmar sedan
  • I keep thinking rajj’s thing in the call is another contestant who has her face cam off

    GunkGunk10 timmar sedan
  • The Start Of Wilbur And Niki Wholesome compilations

    Mikagamer 126Mikagamer 12611 timmar sedan
  • minx forgetting her own age is the best thing that happened

    VelvittVelvitt12 timmar sedan
    • No

      Diego Likes ratsDiego Likes rats12 timmar sedan
  • Bridget should've gone a looooong time ago

    CheeseCheese13 timmar sedan
  • BiRdGeT?!?!?

    FuDgE !FuDgE !13 timmar sedan
  • Casually eating a naner

    Prince of jamPrince of jam13 timmar sedan
  • Still too anime

    nicknick14 timmar sedan
  • “a strong man comes over and slaps my ass what do you do?” I would assert dominance and slap his ass back man

    SkellyEnderSkellyEnder14 timmar sedan
  • this was so uncomfortable to watch i am shaking and also crying

    Tuva BergstromTuva Bergstrom15 timmar sedan
  • Minx actually caring for niki and the end is the best thing ever

    TheTrueXaverTheTrueXaver16 timmar sedan
  • I don’t think I heard, what was the Love or Host thing for?

    Sleep Paralysis DemonSleep Paralysis Demon17 timmar sedan
  • Nikki is soooooo cute

    André NovaesAndré Novaes18 timmar sedan
  • Me hearing that on person has bin playing mincraft for 8 years thinking I played it for 10 years

    Katrine SkjoldanKatrine Skjoldan18 timmar sedan
  • Wait a minute, that's how he and Niki met? I'm new at this channel, I thought they met I don't know, in minecraft.

    André NovaesAndré Novaes18 timmar sedan
    • yep !

      sarahsarah9 timmar sedan
  • Is this the reason she’s on the dream smp

    Mobslayer JrMobslayer Jr20 timmar sedan
  • Minx is such a mood.

    HannahHannah20 timmar sedan
  • 11:03 Ow- that really hurts

    HannahHannah20 timmar sedan
  • hear me out, wilbachu :DDD

    Maxia _Maxia _21 timme sedan

    boop boopboop boop22 timmar sedan
  • I love how at 11:31 Wilbur just m e l t s

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  • 'I don't wanna smash ya head in a curb' Minx 2020

    honkshonks23 timmar sedan
  • i feel like my masculinity has been erased

    The not smart manThe not smart man23 timmar sedan
  • minx is so fucking funny LMFAOOO

    Kermit69Kermit6923 timmar sedan
  • "do you wanna see what happens when I scream at it?" "yeah scream at it" *AGH*

    Aruwyn ConnorAruwyn Connor23 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur put your glasses back on please.

    John MarkarthJohn MarkarthDag sedan
  • This is the saddest video

    richard cambailzarichard cambailzaDag sedan

    TrxppedTrxppedDag sedan
  • Ngl minx is just a Bitch ngl

    DJ ZDJ ZDag sedan
    • Twitch thots the lot of them. Except Nikki shes fine.

      Scottish Banana ClanScottish Banana Clan21 timme sedan
  • Woah!!!!nichachu

    Prayo MazoPrayo MazoDag sedan
  • wilbur looks so fucking evil lmao

    Lambro BlackLambro BlackDag sedan
  • I didn't expect him to mess with Minx at the end like that lol

    Ethan RamsayEthan RamsayDag sedan
  • Hey wilbur can I please get a link on Amazon on the clock on the back round?

    TrackLabzTrackLabzDag sedan
  • Holy fucking shit I was rooting for her the whole time, truly a blessi ng

    Real PersonReal PersonDag sedan
  • We all know how this will end~

    Mark Luis PecjoMark Luis PecjoDag sedan
  • This is amazing

    ɪᴏᴀɴᴀɪᴏᴀɴᴀDag sedan
  • Wait nihachu is here?

    WiPPAWiPPADag sedan
  • I’m still so happy niki won.

    yamin oopyamin oopDag sedan
  • Wilbur: I’m not a big fan of food The bananas: *are we a joke to you*

    Crochet ElephantCrochet ElephantDag sedan
  • Minx At 22:14 LMAO

    Melia KleinMelia KleinDag sedan
  • Everyone these days just pick love, and then there is the imposter

    Melia KleinMelia KleinDag sedan
  • Nikki and Wilbur awwwww she's so adorable

    Massimo DiBariMassimo DiBariDag sedan
  • Wilbur was lying he does like food... he likes bananas!

    AngusAngusDag sedan

    SUI-cidal DadbroSUI-cidal DadbroDag sedan
  • How did I just now find this

    Tristan GanTristan GanDag sedan
  • So this is when wil and niki first met i guess lmao

    Eth-nzEth-nzDag sedan
  • mmmm women

    Username Was TakenUsername Was TakenDag sedan
  • It was so annoying to see Ali trying to guilt trip Wilbur, but so amazing to hear him flame the shit outta her

    Тнe Мaѕĸed МanТнe Мaѕĸed МanDag sedan

    Horse Rider1123Horse Rider1123Dag sedan
  • Someone being dead is such a tiktok to be loved by minx XDD

    VungaVungaDag sedan
  • alii seemed kinda toxic doe 😳

    HuhIGetHuhIGetDag sedan
  • This video is 3 month old and look at him now. Niki and him dating now

    Blizzard GamingBlizzard GamingDag sedan
  • ‘I’ll curv stomp the cut’ 😂

    Ava PatnelliAva PatnelliDag sedan
  • When rajj chose love

    HeyItz_BillHeyItz_BillDag sedan
  • I see brig is a just talking streamer just by her outfit

    gamesatom8gamesatom8Dag sedan
  • Wilbur: eliminates one of the “love” girls Also Wilbur: I’m so bad at minesweeper Me: LMFAO

    Joshua D.Joshua D.Dag sedan
  • minx carried this show if we are all being honest

    Kaeli McShaneKaeli McShaneDag sedan
  • this must have been super awkward

    Noah LaakeNoah LaakeDag sedan
  • Dude Im just imagining an alternate dimension where Niki chose Host and her being extremely sweet was just a ruse and wilbur being so hard broken. Im glad that didnt happen tho

    Leo SichiLeo SichiDag sedan
  • lol nihachu is so nice

    Noah LaakeNoah LaakeDag sedan
  • 3:16 she do be looking like a karen doe

    Kennon BastidasKennon BastidasDag sedan

    Abby DoobyAbby DoobyDag sedan
  • Wilbur what is your type Wilbur:brunett Whole group be like : ah sh|t

    Need ThisNeed ThisDag sedan
  • I love that he just starts eating a banana

    The ultimate BarneyThe ultimate BarneyDag sedan
  • this is how the tall man met the nicest person in the world

    MrSteelMrSteelDag sedan
  • I came for Cute Nikki and Wil moments and Funny contestants. I mean I got the cute moments.... But I didn't expect getting Wil eating a barrel of Bananas as a side dish of this meal of entertainment. I'm not complaining tho.... Also.......Legend says we still don't know how Wilburs clock works

    Sabella LloydSabella LloydDag sedan
  • I think we all knew who was gonna win

    YogurtYogurtDag sedan
  • minx and wilbur gives off sibling vibes

    Axolotl GlowAxolotl GlowDag sedan
  • banana

    Zeke HervatZeke HervatDag sedan
  • Will bur go burrrrrr

    idk wonidk wonDag sedan
  • This is the most funny thing I have ever seen in my life

    Oliver LenziOliver LenziDag sedan
  • IM here for banana

    menancinboimenancinboi2 dagar sedan
  • It's honestly hard to tell when he's joking or when he's being real

    Ej MarbellaEj Marbella2 dagar sedan
  • not me crying at niki being nice to minx at the end. nope

    Anti DriftAnti Drift2 dagar sedan
  • 'Morning Blowyob'💀

    CallMePegoCallMePego2 dagar sedan
  • How many bananas does this man have in his room

    goat persongoat person2 dagar sedan
  • wow, he made minx want to change her choice to love. Didn't think that would happen, hahaha.

    Jonathan ScottJonathan Scott2 dagar sedan
  • Everyone's reaction when wilbur destroyed alli was so good

    Snake ViberSnake Viber2 dagar sedan
  • *Wilbur sees minx* Wilbur: BANANAS

    hi, Nicohi, Nico2 dagar sedan
  • Why the absolute frick did Mix make it that far

    JeremiahB07 on XboxJeremiahB07 on Xbox2 dagar sedan
    • because she hilariously amazing

      ClaraClaraDag sedan
  • When poor Minx said "I think I need therapy after that" the look Niki gave was a pure "Wait- What? How?"

    Elley SchlueterElley Schlueter2 dagar sedan
  • Oof

    Mustang 305hpMustang 305hp2 dagar sedan
  • 0:44 WTF? Bernie Sanders? WHAT THE.....????

    Mr. DudeMr. Dude2 dagar sedan
  • i CACKLED when Minx described the tiktok idk what’s wrong with me

    Hi PeopleHi People2 dagar sedan
  • Nova: **Getting eliminated** DevilZB: **Sub**

    Moon_LightMoon_Light2 dagar sedan
  • Ali was sooo bratty

    The GurlzzThe Gurlzz2 dagar sedan
  • WilburSoot: Isn't a fan of food Reason: Has no tastebuds

    SunnySunny2 dagar sedan