Rebuilding Capitalism in Minecraft

7 jul 2020
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    Wilbur SootWilbur Soot4 månader sedan
    • @USSR oh no

      NoshNosh2 dagar sedan
    • Now do fascisam

      USSRUSSR2 dagar sedan
    • No

      Joel EuJoel Eu4 dagar sedan
    • I’m disliking because capitalism sucks, communism rules

      dazed_ yukidazed_ yuki11 dagar sedan
    • I like how on the ad one guy is named "zawarudo" and the other is named "DIO"

      NoshNosh12 dagar sedan
  • ngl i full on burst into tears when the loving signs were being placed

    Charlee WillseaCharlee Willsea2 timmar sedan
  • I feel bad for you willbur

    Gacha ArtistGacha Artist3 timmar sedan
  • Perfect 30 minutes

    Random LoserRandom Loser13 timmar sedan
  • 24:08 saddest moments in Wilbur

    ClassicAkraminClassicAkramin13 timmar sedan
  • "Capitalism is fucked." That's what I live by.

    Osiris LephiOsiris Lephi15 timmar sedan
  • I just keep coming bacc to this video

    The UniquäThe Uniquä15 timmar sedan
  • Big respect for the editor

    rodnie bunarodnie buna15 timmar sedan
  • Are you communism or capitalism? I'm confused?!?!

    rodnie bunarodnie buna15 timmar sedan

    Space DinosaurSpace Dinosaur16 timmar sedan
  • At this point I see Oreli in every video he's become a main character

    LiamMLiamM16 timmar sedan
  • I just see sweeny todds barber shop and im like “oh shit”

    Mr McRedfireMr McRedfire16 timmar sedan
  • i have learned more about political systems from wilbur soot than i ever have from school

    creskuracreskura20 timmar sedan
  • *dad? are you a communist?*

    v i b i nv i b i n20 timmar sedan
  • in conclusion - if you saw this, no you didnt

    Double BDouble B20 timmar sedan
    • yes i did.

      GZB0IsNotHereGZB0IsNotHere11 timmar sedan
  • McCarthy rates this video a 10/10

    Alfredo, Eater of WorldsAlfredo, Eater of Worlds20 timmar sedan
  • what a turn of events.... :(

    Jason FisherJason Fisher21 timme sedan
  • True heart break is communist dad

    Anubis God of DeathAnubis God of Death22 timmar sedan
  • 2:28 is that a jojo reference

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna23 timmar sedan
  • Oh no, lockdown big sad... CAPITALISM IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY


    Lucky StarsLucky StarsDag sedan
  • Its okay wilbur i will always be there for you♡

    Hannelore HannemannHannelore HannemannDag sedan
  • Oreili got his revenge for wilbur killing him like 5 months later

    Oscar ClarkeOscar ClarkeDag sedan
  • After watching a few of these I’m no longer shocked Wilbur blew that shit up

    Angry LegoAngry LegoDag sedan
  • Wilber's views on society change in these videos just as fast as the dream smp

    Just EggyJust EggyDag sedan
  • Capital Wilbur = L'Manburgian Wilbur/Ghost Wilbur Communist Wilbur = Pogtopian Wilbur

    Ink'dIdotInk'dIdotDag sedan
  • Rip BlopWobbel, Oreli, and Smoejoe

    Lexi T_TLexi T_TDag sedan
  • Maybe it’s just me but it’s funny how the communism video is just under it

    nekkerscamnekkerscamDag sedan
  • F for oreli and blop.

    SahxbSahxbDag sedan

    Hobbz45Hobbz45Dag sedan
  • Capitalism is when no door

    HeatherHeatherDag sedan
  • Oh my god, him finding out about the dad was SO FRICKIN SAD-.... OH MY GODDD

    『AYoungWitch』『AYoungWitch』Dag sedan
  • 2:28 is this a jojo reference

    sicko modesicko mode2 dagar sedan
  • 24:42 did anyone else see Orelis name

    XxIts_ BellaxXXxIts_ BellaxX2 dagar sedan
  • "They can't capitalism" this is going to be my yearbook quote

    Georgia ChiversGeorgia Chivers2 dagar sedan
  • sus

    Dragon JaiDragon Jai2 dagar sedan
  • su

    Dragon JaiDragon Jai2 dagar sedan
  • Вилбур, ты самый класный ютубер на свете!!! Я и твои подписчики любим очень сильно тебя!!!

    КларАчка :_DКларАчка :_D2 dagar sedan

    A_Normal_PlayerA_Normal_Player2 dagar sedan

    illumina illustratesillumina illustrates2 dagar sedan
  • Top ten anime betrayals at 24 mins

    RemyxedFern •RemyxedFern •2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur’s real dad watching this:👀👀👀👀👀

    Corra GemCorra Gem2 dagar sedan
  • the dad was probably hiding to keep his money safe

    Hrithik PatelHrithik Patel2 dagar sedan
  • Oreli: *hello* "Wilbur flashbacks" Wilbur: i need to kill this guy *Our Champ Oreli has fallen*

    Alexander AguilarAlexander Aguilar2 dagar sedan
  • Communist bar 2, electric boogaloo What a legend

    Joel VuoriJoel Vuori2 dagar sedan
  • No one is talking about the JOJO REFERENCE on 2:30

    CervantesCervantes2 dagar sedan
  • Every time I watch these videos my thoughts on wilburs characteristics are just sky rocketing. A man who was born the devils child, full on psychopath, a capitalist, a kinky sadist, gets scared by skins, good actor, meant to be a real ghost, etc. Meeting all my expectations

    Ena HimeEna Hime2 dagar sedan
  • 21:28 ColonelChronos has set up the PERFECT shop idea. Hope that this business idea becomes reality. We all could use it.

    Vincent RomanoVincent Romano2 dagar sedan
  • I actually feel bad for Wilbur. Like i know the events in this video was probably all jokes but i cried when the dad thing happened, the (Crying) cAn i hAvE a SaNdWiCH? "no bread" "FUCK!" made me cry fr. The guy that made Will feel better also lowkey made me cry.

    Kiken _ The _ wierdoKiken _ The _ wierdo2 dagar sedan
  • He got so emotional 😔

    V RV R3 dagar sedan
  • 22:00 my dad left me and all he did was hug me but say i was a disappointment

    John HadcroftJohn Hadcroft3 dagar sedan
  • colonelchronos single handily cured my depression 21:40

    dicey maydicey may3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur has suffered a mental breakdown...

    novia shaonovia shao3 dagar sedan
  • this proves that communism is more stable than capitalism

    MonstaaMonstaa3 dagar sedan
  • omg the fatherly affection edit: oh

    maisiemaisie3 dagar sedan
  • Capitalism sucks

    Andrew The RedAndrew The Red3 dagar sedan
  • 2:31 Enemy Team Name ZA WARUDO DIO

    ZaceZace3 dagar sedan
  • lmaOOOO The fact that dad is the Purple guy from Fnaf

    DewDew3 dagar sedan
  • capitalism has failed

    Csaba LunkaCsaba Lunka3 dagar sedan
  • 22:52 when i saw the demon barber's name, I got nervous. Luckily, Mr. Todd didn't murder him like how he murdered the judge.

    23 Bumolo 2323 Bumolo 233 dagar sedan
  • “Those watching this on SEworld, delete your history” Like a ever enabled history. (On my device I have to enable history after getting the app)

    SuperD3clan _SuperD3clan _3 dagar sedan
  • I like how the communism one was more wholesome

    BB SlayerBB Slayer3 dagar sedan
  • The 2 you realized were the people from the mole place you captured one and another beat you in a fight

    Dark Knight8460Dark Knight84603 dagar sedan
  • I don't know why but communism in minecraft works

    TheHistory Geek25TheHistory Geek253 dagar sedan
  • why is no one talking about how wilbur just murdered oreli and blop at the start lol

    desoxdesox3 dagar sedan
  • snip snip wilbald

    Capri vods _Capri vods _3 dagar sedan
  • I would have told Wilbur no Refunds. He didn’t read the fine print

    Dark CrusaderDark Crusader3 dagar sedan
  • He just smashed 2 kittens

    endless storyendless story3 dagar sedan

    Fishy DreamyFishy Dreamy3 dagar sedan
  • The reason Fundy doesn’t get a lot of fatherly affection from Wilbur is because Wilbur is still scarred from this moment

    Sophia EstradaSophia Estrada3 dagar sedan
  • It is fucking surreal that after killing his dad for being a communist, he comes out to the overworld, and it's storming and lava is pouring from the sky. Literal apocalypse vibes.

    Black Mage AnolisBlack Mage Anolis3 dagar sedan
  • I find it horrifying yet appropriate that the only gay bar in Capitalistan is an open pit that someone poured lava into.

    Black Mage AnolisBlack Mage Anolis3 dagar sedan
  • 2:29 Ho? Mukatta koruno ka? Nigetsu ni kono DIO no chikazuite koruno ka?

    Striker LSStriker LS3 dagar sedan
  • No wonder he became a communist

    Alicia BenningfieldAlicia Benningfield3 dagar sedan
  • This is what mcCarthyism does to you

    Joe BobbyJoe Bobby3 dagar sedan
  • We were actually protesting our president,mask,blm, other random things bc we r built different

    Chase royalChase royal4 dagar sedan
  • frag is like a mix clash Royale overwatch rocket league.

    LupsoLupso4 dagar sedan
  • 3:50 two back to back 15 second ads played, and right after the second one ended Wilbur said "that's cruel." Perfect timing lol.

    Catbert 45Catbert 454 dagar sedan
  • the loooooreeeeeee

    that_awkward_teenthat_awkward_teen4 dagar sedan
  • Can we just take a second to appreciate Elodie and any other editor that works on Wilburs videos?

    yeah so like whatever ._.yeah so like whatever ._.4 dagar sedan
  • aw he didn't visit the nether shops!

    Mr. SixthMr. Sixth4 dagar sedan
  • I get this is satirical, and I only got 10 minutes in, but it looked more like a socialist server than a capitalist one. Wilbur just happens to be millions of people on twitter.

    definitely Someonedefinitely Someone4 dagar sedan
  • 28:16 your day was the man behind the slaughtrr what do you except xD

    Faith The Pirate WolfFaith The Pirate Wolf4 dagar sedan
  • 3:39 OH YES 5:34 smo xD 18:02 holy crap xD

    Faith The Pirate WolfFaith The Pirate Wolf4 dagar sedan
  • Why dad?

    SevlaSevla4 dagar sedan
  • Who cares about capatilism use communism

    Gameboy 2000Gameboy 20004 dagar sedan
  • “I now own a poop sock”

    Jacey BoswellJacey Boswell4 dagar sedan

    alicia fogartyalicia fogarty4 dagar sedan
  • We will rise

    Derek PorterDerek Porter4 dagar sedan
  • Do facism next

    Colby FisherColby Fisher5 dagar sedan
  • *the return of blop and oreli* the very short return

    Eris VurekEris Vurek5 dagar sedan
  • 24:24 my irl when gaming

    NOAH KedonojaNOAH Kedonoja5 dagar sedan
  • does he know sweeny todd usually kills his clients?

    Becca GrossmanBecca Grossman5 dagar sedan
  • fun fact- the main reason communism has failed in other countries is due to american intervention/the us sending military there to keep them "in check" because they dont want communism to spread and prove itself more effective than their beloved capitalism...anyways have a good day/night

    lvxzct odlvxzct od5 dagar sedan
  • I love the passive aggressive comments about jeff bezos and capitalism sprinkled in throughout the video 💀💀 its immaculate

    lvxzct odlvxzct od5 dagar sedan

    _Kira__Kira_5 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, America is messed up.

    [SUNNY1000][SUNNY1000]5 dagar sedan
  • F for Oreli

    xInfinityxInfinity5 dagar sedan
  • it was fine... ...until he crushed the kittens

    каллмекарлкаллмекарл5 dagar sedan

    Lxcky_FoxLxcky_Fox5 dagar sedan