NVIDIA and ASUS Sponsored me to Destroy my Old Computer (ad)

21 aug 2020
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This video is sponsored by #ASUSROG & #NVIDIAGeForce.
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • My pc is getting only 0-20 fps and he is getting like 40 fps with rtx !

    Emir YılmazEmir Yılmaz12 timmar sedan
  • My specs are a Core i5 8265u 1.60 GHz, Intel UHD 620 and 8gb of ram help

    daytime55daytime5523 timmar sedan
  • asus i need this sir...

    VYBZEVYBZEDag sedan
  • Looks at gpu WE GOT THE ROG PSU!

    WeGameGoodWeGameGoodDag sedan
  • "Shit I destroyed the wrong PC"

    JosiahJosiahDag sedan
  • Not related but does anyone else like how Nicely dressed Wilbur is all the time XD

    SojaSTARSSojaSTARSDag sedan
  • The cable management

    vCraZy -vCraZy -Dag sedan
  • Ngl I kinda like long(er) hair Wilbur

    Bowcaster 79Bowcaster 79Dag sedan
  • Wilbur playing bedrock. POGGERSSSS!!!!!!!!! bedrock is better than java hehe bedrock has rtx, while java has to DOWNLOAD SHADERS! DOWNLOAD imagine having to DOWNLOAD a SHADER

    Randall ReeseRandall ReeseDag sedan
  • lets look at my new pc 15fps

    TrionZero_TrionZero_Dag sedan
  • That cable management hurts on a personal level

    Colin MillsColin Mills2 dagar sedan
  • just spawn a flat tnt world XD

    Vipooh SarunVipooh Sarun2 dagar sedan
  • for some reason that “hi friends” was slightly threatening

    Space DinosaurSpace Dinosaur2 dagar sedan
  • Also... HOW MUCH RAM AND WHAT RAM, along with, WHAT IS THE CPU, imma just assume by when this was uploaded its a i7 or i9

    The Dr LogThe Dr Log2 dagar sedan
  • WHICH i5!?

    The Dr LogThe Dr Log2 dagar sedan

    Jillian RoseJillian Rose2 dagar sedan
  • Ill take your old computer

    StalrinStalrin3 dagar sedan
  • How can you chill on the corner of the desk

    AlexAlex3 dagar sedan
  • Okay how can I get a PC too from NVIDIA and ASUS? I'm willing to destroy my old PC too

    RaisputinRaisputin4 dagar sedan
  • i thought my phone was lagging for a hot minute and realized it was just this video

    tweekitchtweekitch4 dagar sedan
  • a s u s r o g

    Nathann_ YTNathann_ YT4 dagar sedan
  • The computer didnt have frames per second it had frames per minute

    PxperCutsPxperCuts4 dagar sedan
  • ah so i see tnt is a common theme with mr soot

    Rylan LearRylan Lear4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur turn down your render distance when using rtx!

    Tuc0Tuc04 dagar sedan
  • Can someone please tell me the song in the background at 16:45?! Im pretty sure it’s not Minecraft or Sweden

    Diego NunezDiego Nunez4 dagar sedan

    Rhyan AdamsRhyan Adams4 dagar sedan
  • NICE =_= :)))))))))) ÷) >:)

    Rhyan AdamsRhyan Adams4 dagar sedan

    MattyMatty4 dagar sedan
  • Anyone notice he didn't mention his cpu

    DanZGamezDanZGamez5 dagar sedan
  • cABleS

    garrett sextongarrett sexton5 dagar sedan
  • “GTX 1070... 6gb of ram” *when you have good eyesight but suck at processing what you see*

    Press J GamingPress J Gaming6 dagar sedan
  • Again?

    HenneseyHennesey6 dagar sedan
  • when he destroys his old pc, gets a new one but keeps using his old one

    WaffleConeTacoWaffleConeTaco7 dagar sedan
  • 2 step torture -destroy old "crappy" pc -build high end gaming pc

    Input FrescoInput Fresco7 dagar sedan
  • His old graphics card has more Vram then his old computer has ram.

    Richard Crim 3Richard Crim 37 dagar sedan
  • This is straight up my set up specs.

    Samsung S10Samsung S108 dagar sedan
  • the PCMR are cringing hard

    DarkPotato657DarkPotato6578 dagar sedan
  • and i see this now?!

    Ruhina RaiRuhina Rai8 dagar sedan
  • i wish i have this stuff

    MrTrex 123MrTrex 1238 dagar sedan
  • Guy has more vram than actual ram

    The DroidThe Droid9 dagar sedan
  • Ur old pc was 4 frames per minute

    MaximillianKingMaximillianKing9 dagar sedan
  • Was anyone else bothered by the 2070 super, the 3080 was about to launch, the 3080 is about 90% faster than a 2080, which is slightly more powerful than a 2070 super.

    Hunter R. W.Hunter R. W.9 dagar sedan
  • 16:05 a true horror movie 17:56 he went to heaven

    Its Always ShadowIts Always Shadow9 dagar sedan
  • when ur gpu has more ram then ur old pc...

    NODA5NODA59 dagar sedan
  • we need Wilbur with beard

    0ne shotti0ne shotti10 dagar sedan
  • oh the ads, the fucking ads.

    Jacob DunfordJacob Dunford10 dagar sedan
  • Why can't I find anyone talking about him getting spooked by his own pumpkin, that was comedy gold.

    Riopol ZaurusRiopol Zaurus10 dagar sedan
  • i didnt know rugs made peripherals and hardware

    Hussain AbbasHussain Abbas11 dagar sedan
  • 1:36 u are Lucky mine is 12 years old rn

    Brofit Efe TVBrofit Efe TV11 dagar sedan
  • Me with the air particles near my desk seeing him read the parts of his phone. sed

    Alex RiderAlex Rider11 dagar sedan
  • Its funny that his old pc is way better than mine

    ompa lompaompa lompa11 dagar sedan
  • I put all those parts together on pcpartpicker plus the headphone stand and mouse mat and it came to around £2370 just sayin

    Hh330 0Hh330 011 dagar sedan
  • ever heard of ✨cable management ✨ wilbur?

    VvsPookieVvsPookie12 dagar sedan
  • 3:30 that did not age well

    CookieMasterRbxCookieMasterRbx12 dagar sedan

    UnaUna12 dagar sedan
  • The fact that he can type so well with one hand scares me...

    SilccSilcc12 dagar sedan
  • I wish I could know anything about computers my computer is so old it doesn't have that box thing and I can't even run desert bus it is a full frame per minute I'm not joking I wish I was I don't know anything about computers

    cats 2cats 212 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur, why is this video in 720 max? What collateral damage did you do?

    Jameson IrisJameson Iris12 dagar sedan
  • am i the only one or wills old pc is better than mine

    Mateja OMateja O12 dagar sedan
  • Wait people called the police on this madman Good on u Lol

    TEch WIse 2203TEch WIse 220312 dagar sedan
  • “Claps” hi friends Me : coughs in pyrocynical

    TEch WIse 2203TEch WIse 220312 dagar sedan
  • I bet he did the worst cable management But if he did good cable management Then here’s some choccy milk

    Koen DavisKoen Davis12 dagar sedan
  • this is a bit laggy tho

    Navy DesertNavy Desert13 dagar sedan
  • FPS: 50-60 Screen Recorder: *_pain_*

    skuqreskuqre13 dagar sedan
  • My pc can handle literally the most realistic graphics, but when it comes to cpu...

    VenusVenus13 dagar sedan
  • A 1070? I don’t even have a graphics card. I still run windows XP and am literally watching this video at 240p.

    Steak N ShakeSteak N Shake13 dagar sedan
  • My dad works for asus. Sorry was a flex moment.

    krajildokrajildo14 dagar sedan
  • Can someone please explain the timeline of this video

    Albin JojoAlbin Jojo15 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur soot's computer: RTX Minecraft my computer: struggling to run this video at 480p

    Teo LevinTeo Levin15 dagar sedan
  • SalmonBass45883 add him on xbox lmao

    Bertinh0 GamingBertinh0 Gaming15 dagar sedan
  • It wouldve been awesome if asus or nvidia reacted with no on the question of release my family

    Ilib63Ilib6315 dagar sedan
  • can u drive me over so i can fix that cable management or just fix it PLEASE

    JJmxkidJJmxkid15 dagar sedan
  • My PC hardly being able to render the video...

    Bryce SalmonBryce Salmon16 dagar sedan
  • The cable management is just.. IT HURTS MY EYES MAN

    DashingNights x HypedKeyDashingNights x HypedKey16 dagar sedan
  • Atleast you had a good old computer who can stream and recording

    7.E_13 Dillan Jyotistha7.E_13 Dillan Jyotistha16 dagar sedan
  • 16:05 totally not overreacting

    axilir21axilir2116 dagar sedan
  • dude plz turn on free sync

    PunkzsPunkzs16 dagar sedan
  • what cpu and ram (speed as well as amount please)

    JakanaderJakanader17 dagar sedan
  • Lol I wish I had a gaming pc I only got a laptop

    Richard portilloRichard portillo18 dagar sedan
  • Alternative title: Wilbur makes us console players insanely jealous

    That One Lego DudeThat One Lego Dude18 dagar sedan
  • Wait what do you like colors but you don’t like rgb

    Gh0stboyvangGh0stboyvang18 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur got so happy when talking about the mouse nob

    SomeRandom GamingSomeRandom Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • The monitor moved at 16:13

    MohamedSucksAtYTMohamedSucksAtYT19 dagar sedan
  • his psu said nope

    Ryan StokesRyan Stokes19 dagar sedan
  • potato cable management

    Benjamin WolseyBenjamin Wolsey19 dagar sedan
  • I would kill to have that GTX 1070...

    GamingDerpGamingDerp19 dagar sedan
  • wil: its pretty cool me: i could fuckin kill for this

    Jamks ._.Jamks ._.19 dagar sedan
  • oh my god the cable managment wow wow jus wow

    redred20 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else genuinely prefer the original graphics, maybe with optifine at most?

    TheBlockBreakersTheBlockBreakers20 dagar sedan
  • Cable management is not your strong suit

    Emmanuel DavisEmmanuel Davis20 dagar sedan
  • I am not joking,i built 2 gaming pc in my life.

    gamer kinggamer king20 dagar sedan
  • Yera geemer neow

    Brownie the Boba :3Brownie the Boba :320 dagar sedan
  • 70% of comments: wHy iS tHe viDeo gOnE 20%: expecting wilbur to physically destroy his pc 10%: computer geeks cringing

    nopefulnopeful20 dagar sedan
  • 4:48 I'm pretty sure the clicking noise indicates a critical fan error. Wilbur is lucky his computer didn't catch fire.

    80880820 dagar sedan
  • 7 year olds doing introductions: 19:39

    AstrooAstroo20 dagar sedan
  • my 4000$ computer utterly refuses to run Minecraft why have the sky gods forsaken me so.

    K AndoK Ando21 dag sedan
  • Wilbur = shapeshifter

    Meade AustinMeade Austin22 dagar sedan
  • I’m surprised that this didn’t get #ad

    Ben StarsBen Stars24 dagar sedan
  • U Better have cable managed that pc or I'll be angry

    Kes2006Kes200624 dagar sedan
  • wait where's the clip of u destroying ur old pc?

    Doge RaidDoge Raid24 dagar sedan