We Held a Debate Night on the Dream SMP...

19 sep 2020
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The DreamSMP is a server created by the Dream Team on Minecraft. People usually just play regular survival Minecraft but I decided I wanted to create a geo-political war. Uh-oh.
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


    Daniel BDaniel BDag sedan
  • 5:14 *Real pain*

    ToodlesToodles2 dagar sedan
  • I hate how my friend introduced me to this the day after the finale-

    E. J. B. C. 3E. J. B. C. 32 dagar sedan
  • 21:33

    m u g d h am u g d h a4 dagar sedan
  • the fact that this actually sounds like the u.s presidential election is really sad

    Molly PrestonMolly Preston4 dagar sedan
  • okay but in the full unedited clip quackity and george clearly won lmfao

    AA4 dagar sedan
  • at 6:40 someone in chat said "get schlatt and techno on your side" well that went well for them

    Abby CAbby C4 dagar sedan

    Bunny TeethBunny Teeth5 dagar sedan
  • if only i was into this a couple months ago, i couldn've help

    heyitsmeskylarheyitsmeskylar5 dagar sedan
  • Quack

    A DuckA Duck5 dagar sedan
  • POG. Called Dreams content staged and faked. WHIXH IT IS

    Magus250 GaiettoMagus250 Gaietto7 dagar sedan
  • This debate is more organized than the 2020 US debate

    Reese QReese Q7 dagar sedan
  • Who’s here after Wilbur blew up L’manburg ?

    zPhantomGuyzPhantomGuy7 dagar sedan
  • George accuses L’manberg of racism for keeping Europeans out. Ok. Let’s look at the facts. L’manberg was founded as a nation where anyone from Europe could go to feel safe and secure, away from the privy eyes of the Americans that dominated the SMP. They wanted a space where they could live happily in their own community, living parallel to the rest of the server, not interfering and living their own lives. Dream, however, did not approve of this. And as SOON as the Declaration of Independance was written, Dream drafted a declaration of war. The war was started by Dream, with George might I add, by his side. Tommy had to give up his most prized possessions just for L’manberg to stay standing. And now that Wilbur and Tommy and all of the other members of L’manberg want to hold that strong ideology of keeping L’manberg as a purely European nation, George accuses them of racism. L’manberg literally has tourist destinations right in its suburbs. Tourists can visit there. They just can’t be L’manbergian citizens. Is it racism to only allow American citizens to run for President? No. Is it against pride to not allow a straight pride? No. Are you a bad person for wanting to keep a safe space safe? No. And now that I’ve said this, tell me who the real racist is.

    FeloniFeloni7 dagar sedan
    • Oml so much thought put into a Minecraft bit

      pine trees taste like milkpine trees taste like milk6 dagar sedan
  • #POG2020

    Leon YoungLeon Young7 dagar sedan
  • This video is great "minecraft is boring" :this video

    Lily HoltLily Holt7 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is like Washington and Tommy is like Hamilton change my mind

    Exoticmatter The oneExoticmatter The one8 dagar sedan
  • Drinking game: take a shot for every Hamilton Reference Wilbur makes.

    Oscar CarterOscar Carter8 dagar sedan
  • 10:45 Savage

    Little LifeLittle Life9 dagar sedan
  • It's clearly ar least somewhat staged but it's still entertaining

    Disco FoxDisco Fox9 dagar sedan
  • My names been through a lot I can take it

    Paradox GameParadox Game9 dagar sedan
  • this is just a group of theatre kids kicked out of their designated denny's while running on a monster energy drink high

    alexalex9 dagar sedan
  • #pog2020

    Finn PetersonFinn Peterson9 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: “I may have helped him trip, I may have helped him trip”

    Gloria SantoyoGloria Santoyo10 dagar sedan
  • Israel: Wilbur Palestine: Quackity

    FranklyDoodleFranklyDoodle11 dagar sedan

    Peyton LuizPeyton Luiz13 dagar sedan
  • only a chad wears an older fashion ( but fucking fire ) general uniform to a mc stream debate

    GjallarhornGjallarhorn13 dagar sedan
  • “fundy2020, I deliver icecream and cookies :)” vote fundy for president

    Ilana ScherIlana Scher13 dagar sedan
  • Why are they trying so hard to revive my hamilton phase

    MacKenzie AkariMacKenzie Akari15 dagar sedan
  • "The people are smarter. They can see through the lies" Didn't age well, did it?

    S Can’t YouTube!S Can’t YouTube!16 dagar sedan
  • The Hamilton references

    Indiana JonesIndiana Jones16 dagar sedan
  • Ngl swag was kinda really dumb

    RJ 1580RJ 158017 dagar sedan
  • When you get your own house and your mother visits and order’s you around 21:33

    Migmig DudeMigmig Dude17 dagar sedan
  • and this is the same guy who wanted to edit JackSucksAtLife’s videos

    Kristian LukyanovKristian Lukyanov18 dagar sedan
  • Imagen if dream just whispered to Wilbur " See you at 7 ; ) " 😂

    Glitchy GraphicsGlitchy Graphics19 dagar sedan
  • When two minecraft youtubers running a virtual election in a game where you can kill people by whacking them with feathers make more sense than the actual politicians governing your country: *cries in American*

    Homemade CinemaHomemade Cinema19 dagar sedan
  • Congrats!

    Dragon KitDragon Kit19 dagar sedan
  • WOW Tommy. JUST WOW.

    I'm confusedI'm confused19 dagar sedan
  • How old are you

    shawna stallingshawna stalling20 dagar sedan
  • Take a shot (of water) each time they make a hamilton reference

    MintMint20 dagar sedan
  • Can we talk about the “Punch Tommyinnit”? No? Ok then..

    Luna 013Luna 01320 dagar sedan
  • *POG 2020*

    0P0P21 dag sedan
  • Three things you guys should have brought up : 1) you guys didn't even remotely ask for war, SapNap, part of the running team's political campaigning group, decided to break and enter into your workplace, tried to shut down your work before you started, had illegal patented substances without paying, and proceeded to be part of an army lead by a tyrant with no true incentive or cause to do so. 2) the dream team as a whole decided together as an active decision to blow up everything you guys owned. You brought this up, however you forgot to mention that they never payed you back for the destruction of your livelihood, nor did they decide to help govern a truce between you in order to restore your livelihood before such political shutdown. You have nothing to take back once they take L'manberg. And finally, 3) they cannot legally bring up any arguments that target a specific person, and the land cannot be considered bad in and of itself seeing as it was truly built as a safe escape away from the dream team tyranny. He is part of the tyranny you are evading, and therefore cannot bring up an argument that implies it is bad to evade their power.

    The Gaming Professional NoobThe Gaming Professional Noob21 dag sedan
  • I love all the casual Hamilton references that actually work really well with what’s going on! Especially the meet me inside one-

    RileyRiley21 dag sedan

    Zhi LemonZhi Lemon21 dag sedan
  • Wilbur reminds me of Hamilton

    jorel Powelljorel Powell22 dagar sedan
  • I here star trek

    Jack EiffertJack Eiffert23 dagar sedan
  • Yeah this is about as professional as the actual presidential debate.

    BMX!!!BMX!!!23 dagar sedan
  • It's ironic because Hamilton is a American musical

    KIM YAMINTSKIM YAMINTS23 dagar sedan
  • Theres even quackity

    Groggy GarlicGroggy Garlic23 dagar sedan
  • Should have brought techno

    dadddynolddd zdadddynolddd z23 dagar sedan
  • Hi I’m here to see what the heck those SAD-ist videos were about

    PocketLintPocketLint23 dagar sedan
  • It's funny how dream is calling wilburs manhunt video subpar but dream is still milking the manhunt cow lol. This isn't a hate comment, I love dreams content, I'm just making a point.

    DyysmalDyysmal24 dagar sedan
  • this is so staged, but i love it so much

    Catherine DosierCatherine Dosier24 dagar sedan
  • this is so staged, but i love it so much

    Catherine DosierCatherine Dosier24 dagar sedan
  • ..okay so this is important.... I absolutely love those perfectly timed gasps that someone was giving when an important question was asked xD

    Maitri BahekarMaitri Bahekar25 dagar sedan
  • Dream: WARR Wilbur and Tommy: ayo I going need a right hand man can I be real a second for just- Dream:???

    CTBennerCTBenner25 dagar sedan
  • Is fundy wearing a Jotaro hat?

    Yotsuyu YagiyamaYotsuyu Yagiyama26 dagar sedan
  • the hamilton references are overflowing oml

    Suppressed_PlusSuppressed_Plus27 dagar sedan
  • 19:50 can we just acknowledge how many times willbur looked at the camera lol

    HannahHannah28 dagar sedan
  • Take a shot every time Tubbo or Tommy says “I don’t know what that means...”

    BarnabyBarnaby28 dagar sedan
  • I do not understand half the words they said during the talking session

    Donna HorrellDonna Horrell28 dagar sedan
  • Tommy and Wilbur sound so wise...

    NightPhrogzNightPhrogz28 dagar sedan
  • 10:40 "If it pleases the court, i would like to say that my opponent is talking *SHIT* 😂😂😂 thats real politics right there

    Surekid99Surekid9929 dagar sedan
  • Ok but like, when did dream show up? I just hear his voice and I take a double take and I was like, wot???

    Kaitlyn FreemanKaitlyn Freeman29 dagar sedan
  • this is exactly what happend at the presidential debate

    Atti RogersAtti Rogers29 dagar sedan
  • Pog 2020

    Just Harri KnightJust Harri KnightMånad sedan
  • 11:38

    Donal `Donal `Månad sedan
  • 10:37

    Donal `Donal `Månad sedan
  • Am I the only one who would pay to listen to this in a podcast version

    BradyBradyMånad sedan
  • HO-LY shit

    Legendary _Legendary _Månad sedan
  • 16:20 Nobody: Badboyhalo: bouncy bouncy bouncy

    AvaAvaMånad sedan
  • I have my government section in history, and thb this help a lot

    AvaAvaMånad sedan
  • George: “All you care about is war” Dream literally writing the declaration of war💀

    Brecken HummelBrecken HummelMånad sedan
  • More civil that the actual presidential debates

    LepandayLepandayMånad sedan
  • I love how this has legit good arguments. These chaps wouldn't be too bad as real politicians.

    Isaac RoundtreeIsaac RoundtreeMånad sedan
  • It will never not be fucking hilarious whenever Willbur quotes Hamilton mid convo

    Nerd BirdNerd BirdMånad sedan
  • The Hamilton references make this so much better.

    Owen AndrewsOwen AndrewsMånad sedan
  • ✨ Oh the Hamilton references ✨

    jiro is saucyjiro is saucyMånad sedan
  • All these Hamilton reference make this series completely wonderful. Gentleman, are you aware that you're making history?

    Miruna TichieMiruna TichieMånad sedan
  • George and quackity: warmongers The war Wilbur:hello gentlemen I would like to talk Dream: war

    Riley MunkholmRiley MunkholmMånad sedan
  • POG2020

    Elizabeth AftonElizabeth AftonMånad sedan
  • why was this better than the real presidential debate

    kristen tankristen tanMånad sedan
  • when wilbur said "my name's been through enough, i can take it" i had to physically take off my glasses to hold my head in my hands

    taylor conradtaylor conradMånad sedan
  • George can't take a joke

    Cardboard DiceCardboard DiceMånad sedan
  • this is the most political thing ill watch and thats because its epic

    Ayden SoudersAyden SoudersMånad sedan
  • Tubbo is actually kinda smart tho...

    MistaMistaMånad sedan
  • this is just 25 minutes of hamilton references

    h3dgew1tchh3dgew1tchMånad sedan
  • debate

    JK DebateJK DebateMånad sedan
  • pog

    Logan GasparacLogan GasparacMånad sedan
  • I like how the debates are the reverse of the us debates The VP debate is just arguing And the president debate is civilized

    HatkaiHatkaiMånad sedan
  • coming back to watch this after everything went off the fucking rails

    Books4ever EverBooks4ever EverMånad sedan
  • This debate was somehow more productive than the US debate

    Thomas De PoorterThomas De PoorterMånad sedan

    Djurdjija ZivadinovicDjurdjija ZivadinovicMånad sedan
  • this is so much better than the trump vs biden debate

    Undying Corn 88Undying Corn 88Månad sedan
  • Quackity lowkey bodied this man

    Flash Earth 05Flash Earth 05Månad sedan
  • honestly if someone mixed up quotes from the US debate and this one and asked me to sort them i wouldn’t be able to

    cowbonesscowbonessMånad sedan
  • Pretty biased, Dream...

    Sela GuadechilliSela GuadechilliMånad sedan
  • I'm genuinely impressed by how serious and well put-together Tommy's arguments were, he did a good job debating

    Celina VarchauskyCelina VarchauskyMånad sedan
  • Also, I love how wilbur always puts Hamilton Lines in this.

    Ephialt3sEphialt3sMånad sedan