I Robbed My Subscriber's Minecraft Realms

2 apr 2020
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uh-oh. thief time
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
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Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • so is no one going to say that there are two tens

    Spencer SmithSpencer SmithTimme sedan
  • 2:03 ummm, pretty sure that's a rectangle...

    Sable OrpheusSable Orpheus2 timmar sedan
  • Mr. Crime

    Dio BrandoDio Brando4 timmar sedan
  • At 18:05 he sounds like a police car

    Edward FearnEdward Fearn5 timmar sedan
  • wilbur: simping for stealing free fucking shit lmao simp

    SomeGuyPlayingAGameSomeGuyPlayingAGame7 timmar sedan
  • I ant never seen two pretty best friend its always one of the got to be ugly

    Brody HaesslerBrody Haessler8 timmar sedan
  • alternate title: english youtuber steals from poor minecraft players

    marshal creasymarshal creasy9 timmar sedan
  • *d r e a m c u l t*

    Aruwyn ConnorAruwyn Connor11 timmar sedan
  • “Do they not know my plans?” *No wilbur, they don’t.*

    Molly FanninMolly Fannin13 timmar sedan

    UnbeatableUnbeatable13 timmar sedan
  • *H O R T* 😠

    DegeneRATDegeneRAT18 timmar sedan
  • 11:33 there is something so delightful about that little "I have caused harm" smile

    LiannaLianna19 timmar sedan
  • New vid out: seworld.info/will/nJGZyLDal3aA0Z8/video

    Katherine JohnsonKatherine Johnson20 timmar sedan
  • *subscribers'*

    FaithlessFaithless21 timme sedan
  • Wilbur is a cat

    ApollyonApollyon21 timme sedan
  • -6882217701697066

    Austrian MappingAustrian Mapping22 timmar sedan
  • robbing the scots......thats always gone well

    SpyderySpydery22 timmar sedan

    Milaine CormierMilaine CormierDag sedan
  • You can load a backup

    Attley SudaAttley SudaDag sedan

    Vocal HeartVocal HeartDag sedan
  • 14:20 accent 100

    Jayden ChinJayden ChinDag sedan
  • Its my cats birthday. Send him Tuna or else

    FuzzybotFuzzybotDag sedan
  • dude he was obviously whispering too loud, they could have heard him. *wait*

    ok stormok stormDag sedan
  • wow he cant even sing the British anthem right 00:00

    Brianna DelphBrianna DelphDag sedan
  • From now on, I shall squirrel, or fox in my case 🐿 🦊 🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🐿🐿🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🐿🐿🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🦊🐿🐿🦊🐿🐿🐿🦊

    Brianna OwensBrianna OwensDag sedan
  • sub to me plz lol

    flipfloplad 2flipfloplad 2Dag sedan
  • sub to me plz lol

    flipfloplad 2flipfloplad 2Dag sedan
  • april thirth jokes Edit: first (I MEANT TO DO THAT)

    ILS []ILS []Dag sedan
  • 19.50 \

    big daddybig daddyDag sedan
  • If you like this play Payday 2

    BAarmy4BAarmy4Dag sedan
  • my hort

    Savannah KohlmillerSavannah KohlmillerDag sedan
  • dream stans be like: 19:27 *DO IT FOR HIM DO IT*

    caatkitcaatkitDag sedan
  • 19:44 wait is that dream?

    HondjeHondje2 dagar sedan
  • Rob mine please

    zetchy 36zetchy 362 dagar sedan
  • woah the one with the maze was so coolll

    rachel chenrachel chen2 dagar sedan
  • the raccoon loading screen video has me dead

    Holy Shit SheaHoly Shit Shea2 dagar sedan
  • Dirty crime boy

    Holy Shit SheaHoly Shit Shea2 dagar sedan
  • That seed from the cool village island. I'd like to know the coords for that village, cuz I can't find it lmao

    JuniperJadeJuniperJade2 dagar sedan
    • Same I want to know that aswell

      Nuk3Pr3dator GamingNuk3Pr3dator Gaming3 timmar sedan
  • Me: at the time didn't know who dream was The entire comments: dream stans

    NOPE the dinosaurNOPE the dinosaur2 dagar sedan
  • Nice effort on heist 5

    Jaquell JohnsonJaquell Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • 17:08 This is actually a copy of Wynncraft city, Detlas or Deltas or something.

    LegamanLegaman2 dagar sedan
  • BTW th seed is -6882217701697066

    Julian ContiJulian Conti2 dagar sedan
  • I need more videos like this xD

    BLObsessed {Art}BLObsessed {Art}3 dagar sedan
  • “IM GOING FOR THE COW” -Wilbur soot

    Bobby PinBobby Pin3 dagar sedan

    BenouheBenouhe3 dagar sedan
  • "touching ya bees motherf*ckers" -WilburSoot2020

    Haru哈入 困Haru哈入 困3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: Who’s he? **looks at dream picture** Oh Wilbur, little did you know you would have two wars against this man.

    Little ChaiiiLittle Chaiii3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is a angel\devil

    Draco ObsessedDraco Obsessed3 dagar sedan
  • *Wilbur looooooot*

    TLC PikachuTLC Pikachu3 dagar sedan
  • 12:00 is that sally?

    nvm idknvm idk3 dagar sedan
  • Had to watch it a year later to know who dream is lol

    NirikOTTNirikOTT3 dagar sedan
  • the cult server was definitely my favorite lmfao it was just a huge Dream cult

    HowlingCreatorHowlingCreator3 dagar sedan
  • H O R T

    EverSnaxolotlEverSnaxolotl3 dagar sedan
  • So Wilbur what have you been doing lately Wilbur: oh nothing just squirling and BURYING HORSES!!

    Loeka VanhoveLoeka Vanhove3 dagar sedan
  • Are we not gonna talk about how the salmon button is precious to Wilbur? Sally foreshadowing?

    TazariaTazaria3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur for the next payday dlc

    MaxesarMaxesar3 dagar sedan
  • *is in woblor sots hat*

    Eldur HilmissonEldur Hilmisson3 dagar sedan
  • just incase theres any uncultured swines around here the beginning of the video is Bert's song chim chim cher-oo :)

    SteveSteve3 dagar sedan
  • wilbur tho they probally spent time and you bury it were they will never see again i mean COM"N

    Owen HarderOwen Harder4 dagar sedan
  • Hmmm That is VERY sus of you wilbur

    Aviel MartinezAviel Martinez4 dagar sedan
  • Where is my hosrt ?

    Arin DiaArin Dia4 dagar sedan
  • Me one hour ago: oh finally I finished Oliver Twist! I never want to hear anything about it ever again Wilber: it’s me the artful dodger Me: 😤

    Jamal A J KhalifaJamal A J Khalifa4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur look's like a woman

    Elijah WatkinsElijah Watkins4 dagar sedan
  • You can really tell a professional dirty crime boy by his suspenders

    Matthew PurdenMatthew Purden4 dagar sedan
  • Booger was all too precious.

    Cory in The HouseCory in The House4 dagar sedan
  • 19:44 Did this just predict dream?

    Frenzy Films.Frenzy Films.4 dagar sedan
  • does anyone else think his kinda a dick for doing that

    Nicholas SheridanNicholas Sheridan4 dagar sedan
    • he is just a dirty crime boy

      Michelle PittmanMichelle Pittman4 dagar sedan
    • no

      Michelle PittmanMichelle Pittman4 dagar sedan
  • Is no one gonna talk about Wilbur robbing a realm of like, 290 diamonds?

    bruh mementosbruh mementos4 dagar sedan
  • 6:24 yo I thought that was a vape 😂

    F4D3D_WRLDF4D3D_WRLD4 dagar sedan
  • Bilbur woot

    Tom SwainTom Swain4 dagar sedan
  • that island seed is -6882217701697066

    gkgk4 dagar sedan
  • The cult-

    Frogie BredFrogie Bred4 dagar sedan
  • this is my actual favorite video ever

    Luna-Dragon 09Luna-Dragon 094 dagar sedan
  • The beginning though XD

    CarCarCarCar4 dagar sedan
  • You can sneak and open chest with no items in your hand

    Galaxy gamingGalaxy gaming4 dagar sedan
  • my favorite part of his videos is when he sings

    Johnny BlantonJohnny Blanton4 dagar sedan
  • For anyone who want's the seed in 26:58 , -6882217701697066

    RestiveRestive5 dagar sedan
    • do you know the cords to the islanjd tho

      ArialFNArialFN3 dagar sedan
  • Have you ever had dream that your killing dream then relies that it's a dream then relies all things was a dream dream is just a dream nobody can find hin cause it's a dream

  • wilbur go brrrr

    Anze BezgovsekAnze Bezgovsek5 dagar sedan
  • Tis the dirty crime boy here to do some dirty crime.

    Cringey DingusCringey Dingus5 dagar sedan
  • Simp pog

    nobody caresnobody cares5 dagar sedan
  • "My HoRt" kgjkgjgkgkgfj im dead lol

    BLAKE SIEVBLAKE SIEV5 dagar sedan
  • I'm dying at the bagpipes in the background of the Scottish guys realm

    Katie MallonKatie Mallon5 dagar sedan

    Glitchtale sansGlitchtale sans5 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur looks like Matt smiths doctor From doctor who

    Tango1xTango1x5 dagar sedan
  • *steals loverfellas idea without crediting him*

    Ghosty G4mesGhosty G4mes5 dagar sedan
  • Destroys scottish flag: Union Jack shows

    KillSwitchKillSwitch5 dagar sedan
  • ngl not a cult is VERY weirdchamp

    Tom SandersTom Sanders5 dagar sedan
  • Remember kids not a cult

    myowmyow5 dagar sedan
  • 0:20 THΣ DIRTΨ CRIMΣ βΩI IS βΔCҜ \(◎o◎)/

    Ariah FlemmingAriah Flemming5 dagar sedan
  • I greatly approve of this

    Leo Wurgaft MusicLeo Wurgaft Music6 dagar sedan
  • theeeef

    Shift-t-keyShift-t-key6 dagar sedan
  • 2:00 feel bad for him he didn't know it was a song🤣🤣🤣

    Shan u-uShan u-u6 dagar sedan
  • if u do this another time and they have a nether portal hide it in the nether

    Luke DirksenLuke Dirksen6 dagar sedan
  • At 0:53 Wilbur looks like his on drugs XD I was laughing so hard i feel off my chair lol

    xxXUnicornBae08XxxxxXUnicornBae08Xxx6 dagar sedan
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, we've stolen the bible!"

    Bella melodyBella melody6 dagar sedan
  • Are we going to ignore the fact he freaking buried a horse

    LegendaryFoxx YTLegendaryFoxx YT6 dagar sedan
    • Several, actually

      noodlewaternoodlewaterDag sedan
  • I love those raccoon

    Epic ChillEpic Chill6 dagar sedan
  • heist 13 i wonder what that horse on lead thing looked like from their pov dhcvcdf

    the citrusfriendsthe citrusfriends6 dagar sedan
  • wilbur could have stolen the beacons in the third realm, you can break them with your fists

    arkhalisarkhalis6 dagar sedan