So I Trapped 100 Players in a Tiny 5x5 Border World

22 nov 2019
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Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with 💰 50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program
I got 100 of my twitch subscribers to try and survive in a 5x5 area on my server
Filmed Live on Twitch:
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • Wilbur: THE PIT Techno a year later to tommy: IT STAYS IN THE PIT

    Boiyomama22Boiyomama22Timme sedan
  • tecchnohorse!!!!!!! chicken noodle taste good NMmMMmMmMmMmMmMMm

    Muhammed Savil AliMuhammed Savil Ali2 timmar sedan
  • Ok am I dumb bc the text messages ya I thought I got those and I got so confused

    Ayva MulderAyva Mulder3 timmar sedan
  • techno is so majestic

    Giselle BoivinGiselle Boivin3 timmar sedan
  • .... i feel like technoblade has a sharp 1000 sword

    Havoc3449Havoc34495 timmar sedan
  • 19:19 Wilbur having constipation(Unable to poop...)

    Flutter 1.0Flutter 1.07 timmar sedan
  • Life finds a way *later* Why did I auction a life

    RosyBkRosyBk8 timmar sedan
  • When that fake message showed up I was like “who the fuck?” Very tiredly in my head

    Blaster AckBlaster Ack10 timmar sedan
    • Until I realized

      Blaster AckBlaster Ack10 timmar sedan
  • this is foreshadowing to the pit in the dream smp

    ZolisterZolister12 timmar sedan
  • 2:44 *That messege....*

    Jay青いJay青い13 timmar sedan
  • Who new that after a year that tecnoblade would reference the pit form this video

    Handogeo116Handogeo11613 timmar sedan
  • Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 14:43

    BigStuAUBigStuAU13 timmar sedan
  • Not many people can say they've slayn techno with their bare hands

    g i r ig i r i14 timmar sedan
  • I wonder what will techno do when he see one of his fans writing "subscribe to technoblade" when he's killing those orphans. Nah simply kill. An honour to be the sacrifice for the blood god

    Lim Zhi QingLim Zhi Qing15 timmar sedan
  • HoUs

    Cohen MyersCohen Myers15 timmar sedan
  • PixelMan572!!!!!! AYYYYYY

    Cookies_ areawsomeCookies_ areawsome17 timmar sedan
  • entity cramming?

    KikoKiko20 timmar sedan

    Cooked PotatoCooked Potato20 timmar sedan
  • What stays in the pit, *stays in the pit*

    Grain of SandGrain of SandDag sedan
  • A Whole

    Ace FernandezAce FernandezDag sedan
  • why do I feel like shipping techno and charlie

    Zean _Zean _Dag sedan
  • 2:00

    StingREYStingREYDag sedan
  • hous

    Cameron GuilloryCameron GuilloryDag sedan
  • hous

    Kinzey LeeKinzey LeeDag sedan
  • I love minecraft the video game, on my computer screen!

    RedBlox StudiosRedBlox StudiosDag sedan
  • Wilburs new favourite word is now HOuS

    Owen WammesOwen WammesDag sedan
  • Techno: Me fly Charlie: *Suicide is the only option*

    JustReubenJustReubenDag sedan
  • I love when he was talking about the sponsor and the text messages comes up. I’m dying rn 🤣.

    Exl As OneExl As OneDag sedan
  • Bruh he looks kinda like dantdm

    Ryan MarshRyan MarshDag sedan
  • Are we gonn talk about this? 2:07...

    Warpzpeed _08Warpzpeed _082 dagar sedan
    • They're jokes

      Marianne QuinnMarianne QuinnDag sedan
    • And this part... 2:46

      Warpzpeed _08Warpzpeed _082 dagar sedan
  • 1:11 he kinda sounded like tommy for a second-

    Molly ManleyMolly Manley2 dagar sedan
  • wilbur: life finds a way also wilbur: fml, end me.

    Maddie LinMaddie Lin2 dagar sedan

    gaydinoosaur 22gaydinoosaur 222 dagar sedan

      pineapple_ peachpineapple_ peachDag sedan
  • 3:52 didn’t age well- Horse in pit and Techno and Tommy fought in also a pit- BDHASH

    gaydinoosaur 22gaydinoosaur 222 dagar sedan
  • Ahem... 3:50 It stays in the pit

    Lulu BLulu B2 dagar sedan
  • I mean tehcno littrealy got targated for the time he joined

  • They literally just didn’t out an e on the end of hous and Wilber thinks it’s so funny but he literally pronounced it wrong still

    BryacmeBryacme2 dagar sedan
  • can raid shadow legends can be played or downloaded at pc?

    Your mom Is my momYour mom Is my mom2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur:today's video is sponsored by...... Me:sees that this was uploaded in 2019 Also me: it's raid shadow legends isn't i- Willbur:IT'S RAID SHADOW LEGENDS Me:I KNEW IT

    coolkidcoolkid2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur your username should be Wilbald man

    BB SlayerBB Slayer2 dagar sedan
  • hey i just noticed sneegsnag was in there wtf. thats cool to see him.

    C for ChickenC for Chicken2 dagar sedan
  • 14:43

    Tuna BeefTuna Beef2 dagar sedan
  • techno in a pit really didn't aged well now did it.

    Skittles plz u bitchSkittles plz u bitch2 dagar sedan
  • it’s stays in the pit

    Thrush Da WolfThrush Da Wolf2 dagar sedan
  • It stays in the pit :)

    RLeviathan 5RLeviathan 53 dagar sedan

    CritacCritac3 dagar sedan
  • hous

    DreamwasnttakenDreamwasnttaken3 dagar sedan
  • Everytime Wilbur sees the word hous He gets +1 insane pts

    DHydraDHydra3 dagar sedan
  • *I T S T A Y S I N T H E P I T*

    oh shi-oh shi-3 dagar sedan
  • How is it that I keep watching Wilbur soot every night at 10:30

    Colton MacPheeColton MacPhee3 dagar sedan
  • 2:03 genuinely thought my gf texted me here even tho my name isnt even wilbur and they arent saved as girlfriend in my phone. whats wrong with me.

    ZiroTheHeroZiroTheHero3 dagar sedan
  • hous

    JeffJeff3 dagar sedan
  • 2:02 care to explain?

    W4-11 v2.0W4-11 v2.03 dagar sedan
  • *technoblade falls into the hole* "the pit" that didnt age well

    FumeiFumei3 dagar sedan
  • cof cof

    ian riddleian riddle3 dagar sedan
  • The text messages sent me

    Snow leapard 47 FunnySnow leapard 47 Funny3 dagar sedan
  • H o u s

    现金Tsuyuu现金Tsuyuu3 dagar sedan
  • hous

    cammiecookiescammiecookies3 dagar sedan
  • Gib gop

    PJLH07 soupPJLH07 soup3 dagar sedan
  • 2:07 uhhhhh you okay bud??

    Asui_ Lxm0nAsui_ Lxm0n3 dagar sedan
  • 3:40 I love how Wilbur predicted Techno in the Pit.

    APNEADISAPNEADIS3 dagar sedan
    • IKR

      FumeiFumei3 dagar sedan
  • 14:43 😳

    Dragon JaiDragon Jai3 dagar sedan
  • i saw the ichixgo person that was in the most deaths vid

    Dragon JaiDragon Jai3 dagar sedan
  • i saw a good bleach skin the guy who owns utukata shop or something

    Dragon JaiDragon Jai3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur : The PIT. Techno a year later: It stays in the PIT Tommy.

    Rum_Kub_Rum_Kub_4 dagar sedan
    • HAHA

      FumeiFumei3 dagar sedan
  • No wonder I never watched this rubbish sum

    GOSH_ infinityGOSH_ infinity4 dagar sedan
  • *thanos garfield sans chad** 4:07

    • flamingo Æ •• flamingo Æ •4 dagar sedan
  • THE PIT. dagar sedan

    Kurt Russel AvengozaKurt Russel Avengoza4 dagar sedan
  • Techno Bhops :- Yeah Das cool Hypixel:- He aint Hacking, YOURE BANNED

    Iron EarthIron Earth4 dagar sedan
    • cuz hypixel should update their godamn anticheat

      Iron EarthIron Earth4 dagar sedan
  • Others: Techno’s so scary! He has no wholesome/cute moments whatsoever Me: 13:52 *are you sure about that?* (Techno and horse the bestest of friends, it’s been a year, does he remember his horse friend?)

    Aiyannah ThompsonAiyannah Thompson4 dagar sedan

    AA4 dagar sedan
  • 0:17 schools be like

    Wiktoria PolańskaWiktoria Polańska4 dagar sedan
  • 25:50 Technoblade moment /top 28:27 Technoplane

    Allan_mjolnirAllan_mjolnir4 dagar sedan
  • 25:50 Technoblade moment /top

    Allan_mjolnirAllan_mjolnir4 dagar sedan
  • I just watched this video go from 11 months to 1 year old lol

    AshTheGooAshTheGoo5 dagar sedan
  • Techno plane

    LONE_WOLF_ 300LONE_WOLF_ 3005 dagar sedan
  • 3:51 oh so Technoblade has had past experiences in pits then.

    ericaerica5 dagar sedan
  • Techno be like They're just orphans to me

    John JakeJohn Jake5 dagar sedan
  • The pit

    MxuiMxui5 dagar sedan
  • 14:43 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Sonic DarkSonic Dark5 dagar sedan
  • Technoblade and his legendary combat shovel

    Chanina KosovskeChanina Kosovske5 dagar sedan
  • As a wild flower once told me, IN THIS WORLD... 21:12

    Jpmining 07Jpmining 075 dagar sedan
  • so what if someone made a nether portal? would the nether be a border or would it be open? that seems like an instant win if it was lol.

    OutdoorAcorn594OutdoorAcorn5945 dagar sedan
  • Whats the sound effect in the background i can’t put my finger on it?

    KatieKatie5 dagar sedan
  • Oh my.... another youtuber fallen for the money from raid. Smh. They are like a fungus

    Louis ThomasLouis Thomas5 dagar sedan
  • Bruh girlfriend???????

    Robert HeinRobert Hein5 dagar sedan
  • Everyone is chilling until Technoblade starts hacking

    DragonLucasDragonLucas5 dagar sedan
  • I year earlier Wilber: it’s like the pit 1 year later Techno: it stays in the pit

    Blah HuqBlah Huq5 dagar sedan
  • Please rephrase 14:35

    Hi_Its_QntnHi_Its_Qntn5 dagar sedan
  • 1 year anniversary

    MoxiMoxi5 dagar sedan
  • I thought the girlfriend text was real. . . Until I noticed I don’t have a girlfriend.

    Donald Trump eejdjsDonald Trump eejdjs5 dagar sedan
  • i wanna see/hear techno’s perspective

    Orange Default PfpOrange Default Pfp5 dagar sedan
  • pog

    BrandonBrandon5 dagar sedan
  • Technohack 😂😂🤣

    WhyAmariWhyAmari5 dagar sedan
  • Who else loves the sound of everyone killing each other? 😂😂

    [SUNNY1000][SUNNY1000]5 dagar sedan

    WhyAmariWhyAmari5 dagar sedan
  • vbbbbvvvbcbcvbcbvbbbbbv I typed that with my mouth

    CodeLazar YeetCodeLazar Yeet5 dagar sedan
  • 2:02 Goddamnit Wilbur you gave me a heart attack I thought that was a real text

    Bilbo T. BagginsBilbo T. Baggins5 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is a god of chaos

    DainythedragonDainythedragon6 dagar sedan