The Shoutiest Girl on Twitter (A Guide on how to be Unhappy)

27 jan 2020
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shouty girl goes around and shouts at people. does she earn money? is she paid? is she happy? these are things i try to figure out
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  • My mom loves this girl and is the main youtuber she watches.

    Spice PumpkinSpice Pumpkin3 minuter sedan
  • Please no one tell Wilbur about any other part of the world beside the west....please don’t show him Alabama- or any other racist state

    WxrmgutzWxrmgutzTimme sedan
  • Wilbur We are allowed guns but with a license and on private property and also no pistols as they are concealable but shotguns and bolt action rifles btw This is England just so you know

    DankPlankitusDankPlankitusTimme sedan
  • Wilbur that guy was trans

    Dr. FandomDr. Fandom5 timmar sedan
  • “I like that.” -Wilbur Soot all the time

    Snowy CatSnowy Cat5 timmar sedan
  • if twitter was a person

    FeeshStudiosFeeshStudios6 timmar sedan
  • This is jokes ffs hahahahahaha

    Julian WakleyJulian Wakley8 timmar sedan

    pansquakespansquakes9 timmar sedan
  • 3:07

    MagmaMagma10 timmar sedan
  • He should see the presidential debates

    Chase royalChase royal11 timmar sedan
  • Chowty

    Tᴏʀɪ ɴᴀʏᴠᴇTᴏʀɪ ɴᴀʏᴠᴇ12 timmar sedan
  • This lady was trained by a Karen I swear her whole family line is karens

    Evie CEvie C14 timmar sedan
  • If unborn children are innocent then they are all the better for a blood ritual (blood for the blood god )

    d&d funny animationd&d funny animation14 timmar sedan
  • I love how divided this comment section is. Theres the leftist nutjob side going apeshit over a troll and the dream smp side lightheartedly speaking about wilburs content

    MehMeh14 timmar sedan
  • why was that fbi open up meme edited so well into will's door?

    Ducktaro_Kujo326Ducktaro_Kujo32616 timmar sedan
  • If you went to wv in the U.S you would not think its so great. Ps They dont think covid is real xD

    holy pandaholy panda17 timmar sedan
  • that poor man talking to her about abortion-

    Keziah RamessarKeziah Ramessar19 timmar sedan
  • Yes, there are some fantastic people in San Diego (but do not get in the way of their garage sales the competition is fierce), but no, America kinda sucks and just run. Run and don’t look back.

    wii wierdowii wierdo20 timmar sedan
  • I’m gonna eat a banana This is not a gun Wilbur soot,27th jan 2020

    mickey_boi :3mickey_boi :321 timme sedan
  • Me sneaking into the men's bathroon to get those tampons and pads bc we damn well know the womans restroom dont got any of em nor are ever stocked.

    RusticRitoRusticRito22 timmar sedan
  • I never understood why people talk to random interviewers they are only there to bother you for content

    Jacob AusbrooksJacob Ausbrooks22 timmar sedan
  • funny

    Danielle ErasmusDanielle Erasmus22 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur no just no America is no no ok, ok

    Andrea CamoosAndrea Camoos23 timmar sedan
  • well if i hate shcool then i shoudent go to shcool?

    Theodor Marczak NordénTheodor Marczak NordénDag sedan
  • One of the biggest problems with guns is that they are bad at not killing people: A good self defense tool should be portable: You should be able to bring it anywhere, it should incapacitate people: They shouldn't be able to hurt you after you use it, and it shouldn't kill them: If you use it on the wrong person, it misfires, or you use it improperly, it shouldn't kill you or others, lest you harm yourself or go to jail for murder or something similar. Rape alarms, pepper spray, or those paint things that apply sticky fluorescent paint are good: They'll confuse or incapacitate the attacker, you can carry them on you concealed, and the worst you could do for pepper spray is assault someone. (Pepper spray does lean on the bad side since it can really hurt someone if used improperly or on the wrong person.) That massive rifle she was carrying is probably going to get confiscated in a lot of areas, plus it's cumbersome, it can incapacitate someone, sure, but it fails condition three: It'll punch a hole through you, easy. If a bullet can go through drywall, it'll probably go through an arm, as well as a major artery. Wounds can also get infected. Learn martial arts or something: Guns are overkill.

    Aaron LiAaron LiDag sedan
  • the lion, the witch, and the audacity of this bitch

    BabyNoHomoBabyNoHomoDag sedan
  • She’s like the five year old who says “why” after every question

    Electric EnergyElectric EnergyDag sedan
  • as an american I can absolutely confirm that america is not at ALL the best country

    lolo is cringelolo is cringeDag sedan
  • Whos dutch here?

    Joran SwinkelsJoran SwinkelsDag sedan
  • This person makes me embarrassed to be an American

    Major SpaghetMajor SpaghetDag sedan
  • 11:15 She kept saying it was for defense, you wouldn’t have to defend yourself if they had Gun control. If they had gun control the “nut jobs” wouldn’t have guns so you wouldn’t need guns to defend yourself . I did a big brain UvU BAM

    SimplyZahiraxSimplyZahiraxDag sedan
  • she does not represent Kentucky good, it is a great place and you should visit :)

    DhuxyDhuxyDag sedan
  • 0:55 lol

    Selocan AltınkayaSelocan AltınkayaDag sedan
  • So if I don’t like school... I just don’t go!!

    Owen SlackOwen SlackDag sedan
  • Wilbur go to Detroit LOL might change your opinion about the US

    Windsrfer 18Windsrfer 18Dag sedan
  • If you wanna come to Australia i recommend on the coast eastern like Brisbane to Sydney or Melbourne oooooo Canberra maybe

    Jackasaurus RexJackasaurus RexDag sedan
    • Melbourne’s a bit of a shithole ngl

      Dueling Bot The Digital DummyDueling Bot The Digital Dummy5 timmar sedan
  • ‘i’m gonna eat a banana, this is not a gun.’

    flooffloofDag sedan
  • it will be so funny if she lived in iran we dont have anything

    parsa ghparsa ghDag sedan
  • People don't actually know how annoying the process of buying firearms in the US is I was institutionalized for suicidal thoughts when I was young so it makes it difficult or impossible for me to buy and own a firearm.

    normal Boynormal BoyDag sedan
  • Something grumpy

    RallyREX 11RallyREX 11Dag sedan
  • koalas are the dopest fucking animals if they had guns they would probably just shoot each other and then die of chlamydia

    Ash WalkerAsh WalkerDag sedan
  • "can u guys bear arms?' we can't even bear this conversation

    Francine HanlonFrancine HanlonDag sedan
  • this girl doesnt know what she is dealing with until she goes to complain to a nyc police officer smh LET THE POLICE GO GET REAL CRIMES AND NOT COMPLAIN

    Francine HanlonFrancine HanlonDag sedan
  • "Why do I need to care about other countries" **POINT TO IRAN ON THIS MAP**

    DonRayDonRayDag sedan
  • Oh my god, its poop girl!

    Ril9gamer _Ril9gamer _Dag sedan
  • In conclusion give babies and animals guns

    Ash CranAsh CranDag sedan
  • Fck gun rights i have baguettes

    ѱ オフライン ѱѱ オフライン ѱDag sedan
  • Gosh I can't imagine just thinking that my country is the best country in the world. Like thinking that your country is the best without knowing as much about other countries is bonkers. I haven't even heard of so many countries and then just saying that mine is the best without even having HEARD of other ones is so rediculous. E T H N O C E N T R I S M

    A LoodyA LoodyDag sedan
  • "Shouty lookin' fine"

    JacobPug PoirierJacobPug PoirierDag sedan
  • I love how hes just like "haha shes funny" instead of debating her opinions

    Eris VurekEris VurekDag sedan
  • This the time when i say im not proud to be American

    Gen ZGen ZDag sedan

    C5C5Dag sedan
  • 5:40 can we just look at the girl sipping her drink in the background- shes a mood

    Trinityy OopTrinityy OopDag sedan
  • On behalf of Americans, I apologize for the existence of this woman

    Evan YbarraEvan YbarraDag sedan
    • Me too

      Robert WeillRobert WeillDag sedan
  • As someone who has similar politics to her, I apologize for her rude and degenerate behavior.

    Pink CatPink Cat2 dagar sedan
  • My state’s stereotype is being a cowboy and carrying guns, and honestly it’s not very far off

    Captain AnnettaCaptain Annetta2 dagar sedan
  • I went and checked which country has the highest living standard and according to google, it is Denmark with Australia in 4th.

    Gabe HammonGabe Hammon2 dagar sedan
  • 'Not everything has to be a war' - Wilbur Soot Dream SMP: oi what about me!!!!

    LittlelozLittleloz2 dagar sedan
  • Women like her will have a row over abortion saying it's "murder" living in an overpopulated world but go psycho the second a mother and her children try and seek refuge in a country that isn't filled with war and violence. ...well less war and violence at least

    Fran BusbyFran Busby2 dagar sedan
  • Why did she get so offended when he said that Australia has a system so that nutcases aren't able to buy guns? Is she a nutcase? Yes. But she'd say that she isn't, therefore, it's not her problem.

    Fran BusbyFran Busby2 dagar sedan
  • my issue is that i agree with a lot of what she says but the way that she says it makes me angry at her

    9box9box2 dagar sedan
  • Me hungy

    pop_foreseenpop_foreseen2 dagar sedan
  • the United has 200 school shootings and Mexico the second highest has 8

    Mateo Cobian DuenasMateo Cobian Duenas2 dagar sedan
  • oh god wilbur is simping for the guns now

    Snitch CookieSnitch Cookie2 dagar sedan

    BeanobutBeanobut2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur Soot.

    Felipe AvellarFelipe Avellar2 dagar sedan
  • Glad white dude got to enjoy a chick arguing against and spreading misinformation about other people's basic human rights :)

    RockingRavenRockingRaven2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur, us Australians cant give the koalas guns, Their cousins the drop bears are to powerful already.

    Haliat SmurfHaliat Smurf2 dagar sedan
  • Well there is no debate: Wales is the best country in the world, I mean we have sheep for crying out loud that beats everything

    Ioan House's HouseIoan House's House2 dagar sedan
  • I’m an American where’s my gun

    MrWildsMrWilds2 dagar sedan
  • Come to Australia! It’s nice, more spiders than advertised, but they aren’t as big. Come to Queensland in Australia as it is not as overpopulated as Sydney and Melbourne.

    PiPiNg_HoT_cHeEsEtOeSPiPiNg_HoT_cHeEsEtOeS2 dagar sedan
  • I like the video the moment when Wilbur said politics

    ホワイトマキホワイトマキ2 dagar sedan
  • Honestly here’s what I’ve learned as an American. America is very problematic. Thank you for my Ted Talk

    RaysmatchboxRaysmatchbox2 dagar sedan
  • everyone at 13:00 : *paying attention to the arguement me: Is ThAt A bEeTlEjUiCe PoStEr In ThE bAcKgRoUnD

    Harriet ZettnerHarriet Zettner2 dagar sedan
  • I love how's she's talking about being armed for self defense. So she is saying I can pull a gun out on her and shot her, for harassment correct?

    No nameNo name2 dagar sedan
  • My respect for wilber went 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    Lucius StockLucius Stock2 dagar sedan
  • Me an Australian feeling like the native french speaker in compulsory french class in school.

    abysmarlabysmarl2 dagar sedan
  • 12:54 I do enjoy the Beetlejuice sign in the background

    Reilly ToppenbergReilly Toppenberg2 dagar sedan
  • she talks like my sister and it is so annoying

  • Aight I’m gonna go eat a banana now. Please don’t arrest me

    Julia KurnickiJulia Kurnicki2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: brings up London Me: Wanted to go to London for years

    Malibia ytMalibia yt2 dagar sedan

    Nathan MillerNathan Miller2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur could u plz not talk about politics especially American politics when you have no idea what ur talking about

    SavacadoSavacado2 dagar sedan
  • i really hope shes found out by now that her husband is a gay man ;-;

    Cloudy SkiesCloudy Skies2 dagar sedan
  • 0:51 yea we knew she was american from the start

    ralph shanerralph shaner2 dagar sedan
  • But. Yall ever try barbaqued lettuce? Cabbage?

    Sans PunManSans PunMan2 dagar sedan
  • *inserts controversial statement here*

    Melon SeedMelon Seed2 dagar sedan
  • when she's asking if they think they should put free tampons in the mens restroom for trans men but women dont even have free tampons in the womens restroom yet T_T but yeah i think we need free tampons in all restrooms

    cristiana_2cristiana_22 dagar sedan

    Kitsune KidKitsune Kid2 dagar sedan
  • I love that her voice pitched up when talking to the officer. It might have been unintentional but it is a manipulative habit that people have.

    PIKAbrusierPIKAbrusier2 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Wilbur: banana time

    ColeCole2 dagar sedan
  • The 1.7k dislikes are probably simps

    Local PlasmidLocal Plasmid3 dagar sedan
  • She interrupts way too much and acts like them not getting a chance to respond makes her a winner. I would rather hear them both speak. Why is she so obsessed with her own voice talking over others?

    Jayden CaseyJayden Casey3 dagar sedan
  • (G=That Girl P=Passerby) G: Do you like the color purple? P: It's not my favorite. G: How dare you! Everyone should love purple! P: Well, sorry, I just like this color a bit more. G: But purple is the best! How does it feel to know that your opinion is wrong and hurtful to me and all other supporters of the color purple?!? P: ....I'm gonna go

    Yuki KitsuneYuki Kitsune3 dagar sedan
  • im eating oatmeal

    Swedish MonkeeSwedish Monkee3 dagar sedan
  • How about we don’t koalas guns there pretty crazy and they will kill stuff

    Gingy plushGingy plush3 dagar sedan
  • The come and take it is a quote during the Texas revolution I think during the battle of gonzalas

    Rainbow6DogeRainbow6Doge3 dagar sedan

    DerpyNinjaDerpyNinja3 dagar sedan
  • It's the kind of people like these that make me embarrassed of my own nationality

    Avery PadgettAvery Padgett3 dagar sedan
  • Knives and swords were made to protect Guns were made to kill. Change my mind

    GoldenShadow 384GoldenShadow 3843 dagar sedan