I'm in Quarantine in Germany

15 mar 2020
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I need food and a plane ticket
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  • 12:47

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  • november anyone? (this was a day before my birthday and i had been planning to go to disney land for the first time :( )

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  • Oh boi what a title

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    • Oh boi what a thumbnail

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  • 0:22 Yeah i can confirm :')

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  • Im an quarantine in Germany too lol

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  • *oh boy what a nice thumbnail*

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  • Guys lets spam cheeto CHEETO

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  • when he pulled out the mirror i genuinely thought i was going to see my reflection

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  • Oh boy, what a title, oh boy what a thumbnail.

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  • oh boy what a title oh boy what a thumbnail

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  • Oh boy what a title Oh boy what a thumbnail

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  • He said he was putting himself in a soft quarantine and he’s in Germany, Nikki is in Germany, so he was actually in a soft quarantine

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  • lmao I'm curious as to why Wilbur doesn't like Marvel stans

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  • What a adorable boi 😍

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  • ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß

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  • wow wait he’s an ant eater?

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  • Oh boy

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  • #weallhatemorgz

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  • i can't stop looking in his eyes. it's like smiling and mesmerizing! love you wilbur ❤️

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  • you can SEE the insanity progress throughout the video.

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  • Phil and son time

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  • His going crazy

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  • waved goodbye to minecraft you say

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  • 11:30 just... the disappointment on his face

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  • picture: home sweet home Wilbur: HOME HOME

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  • oh boy, what a video

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  • home home

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  • It all stands with the L L'cerealman L'manburg What's next?

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  • Late F for wilbur (Like how da fawk is this on my recommendations when it's like 8 months old 👁💧👄💧👁)

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  • oh boy what a title oh boy what a thumbnail

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  • Willbur: “I don’t need you” Sir we pay your bills

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  • Wilbur, oh Wilbur, be thankful you aren’t like the United States with covid.

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  • I'm making a piece of art of you.,.

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  • First i love your Videos and second i actually live in germany

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  • You can tell his shirt used to be a turtle neck...

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  • 3:17 but u staged a video lol

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  • oh boy what a title oh boy what a thumbnail

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  • oh boy, what a title

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  • 7:28 yeah he's changed alot🤣

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  • home home 12:50

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  • "Oh my, what a title. Oh my, what a thumbnail."

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  • Wilba sOot

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  • I look like Deku.

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  • i actually got scared when i couldnt see my reflection in a recorded mirror.

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  • wilbur sounds like hes finna start screaming

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  • 8:12 is the kid in the pic really him?

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    • Yes

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  • . Let this dot be very liked

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  • Wait wilbur is a virgo I didn't know I'm a virgo too

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  • sees home home, eye twitches uncontrollably

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  • Oh boy what a title! Oh boy what a thumbnail!

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  • who got this in their recommended

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  • im in the GERMANY too but i live hier

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  • Wilbur: home home After 5 times of not seeing “sweet” Wilbur: home home

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  • You got Niki!

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  • He really went sksksksksksk

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  • im in berlin ahhh

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  • oh boy, what a title

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  • 7:16 didn't know that I was a camera all along..

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  • 4:04 in the video to see wilbur do a smirk

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  • Will: look at me! Focus: nope.

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  • Will: "I've just gone downhill from that series" DreamSMP: "Allow me to introduce myself" I guess he has gone downhill, but only in his sanity.

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  • It took me so long to realize he was saying Berlin not Boulin?

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  • Wilbur Jack is just offbrand James Acaster

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  • Omg wilbur

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  • This video is just a saltier ylyl just that there is no chat

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  • That awkward moment you realize you and Wilbur Soot were both born on September, 14

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  • Ich Hofe es gefällt dir

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  • what a title what a thumbnail

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  • L'cerealman

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  • Ich check jetzt erst das du aus Germany kommst... Kannst du mal ein Video auf deutsch machen

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  • Go to swisserland

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  • Wilbur: You guys think your so funny *faces the mirror into the camera* Me: That's 100% not me...

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  • Oh boy, what a title. Oh boy, what a thumbnail!

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  • Me: haha Guy: shows years of being gen z Me: wait... [Born in 2005] *screams* It's official, I'm a zoomer

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  • This was 7 months ago 😀

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  • oh boy what a title oh boy what a thumbnail

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  • The home home sign

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  • Haus haus

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  • we know wilbur we know-

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  • poor david

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  • yay you're in my contrey XD

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  • Why does Wilbur look like Harry Potter when he has glasses on

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  • 6:39 - 6:40 Everyone else: keeps enjoying the video Me: gets flashback of wilbur saying " i know why youre doing this tommy,i can see it in YOURE eyes..youre scared that people will think differently of you..you have to understand when i said youre never going to president..that wasn't a challenge tommy that was true.."

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  • Wilbur: look at your self yeah look at your self, Me: wow I’m an expensive camera

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  • wilbur truly embodying the energy of 1980 berlin in 2020 berlin huh

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  • will: im more than just your banana boy, alright chat? *is a youtube video*

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  • If you're still in Berlin I live here and I'll search you for a picture

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  • I'll search everywhere

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  • "[randomiser skyblock] was my magnum opus" 6 months later: * ambitious l'manberg noises *

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  • Bin ich die einzigste Deutsche Person die englische Videos guckt und ich bin auch gerade in Quarantäne 😂😅

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  • 6:14 his laugh :(

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  • "I''m not fucking Morgz" Okay Wilbur

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  • What a thumb nail , what a title

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  • yes actually

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  • I started seeing little weird things- such as him being stuck in Germany, his youtooz came back outta nowhere (I assumed it was normal bc YouTooz has stepped up their game recently), the rules hadn’t had the 11th update, Wilbur apparently had just discovered a Home Home sign very similar to the one he already has and was reacting like this was the first time he’d seen it... Then I realized this is form 7 months ago and bc corona is still a thing a deadass thought he was just stuck in Berlin randomly bc I don’t keep up with his life at all. It’s pretty weird that I could’ve watched this video at any point of quarantine and just assume that it was pretty recent.

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  • *Oh boy what a thumbnail*

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  • oh wilbur, it gets much, much worse.

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  • Wilbur: Talking to a mirror saying "F* you!"

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  • :D

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