I Made 100 Players into Blind Moles In Minecraft

24 jun 2020
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i am so humane

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  • Sadistic Wilbur

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  • The part where he punches a hole in his wall😂 14:00

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  • Wilbur: ,,I hate liars" Also Wilbur: Lies a lot through out the video, What a fucking piece of shit, this is what crazy people do irl 18:45 and it is called the blue whale challenge, Also the book guy is amazing that was funny

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  • El chapo approves

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  • www.reddit.com/r/WeShallRise/

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  • Wilbur: Let’s go check on my bedrock boi :) *Bedrock boi proceeds to look up with a menacing stare*

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  • Yee

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  • what is wrong with you holy

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  • 19:09 what skin is that?

    andrew gibbsandrew gibbs4 timmar sedan
  • man this new IHNMAIMS movie is great

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  • So is this a reference or some? Why moles?

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  • 18:55

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  • Your a mean person and I LOVE IT

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  • Blop: *slowly turns head* Wilbur: *freaks out* I’ve broken him! Me: *rights note* I’ve stood in this cell for many days, maybe years. I’ve eaten only once this month and i havnt drank anything for eight days... I’m going drink it, the yellow substitute, or should I wait? Anyways I can’t feel my legs nor my face for I have stood here for many days in sorrow... 2029 Hello diary, Today Wilbur gave me a wooden shovel, he killed blop but not me... I finally got out of the invisible wall and running for freedom...THERE HE IS THE MAN WHO KILLED BLOP the man who killed my friend, I ask him... oh why did you kill him good sir? He was only thinking of how to mureder you and I in the most torturable way possible. Oh why have you done sir? 2029 HELP ME, Wilbur has agreed to kill me today in one hour. What should I do? I guess this is the end diary, good bye. He’s broken me as well. Also me: why in hell did I make this?? No clue

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  • I like bedrock mole

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  • I aspire to be like Oreli.

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  • The pure happiness on his face when he shot the guy writing gay and hums a tune... PSYCHOPATHIC BUT STILL PURE MIDDLE CHILD CONFIRMED.

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  • Teaming with techno is more of a dis from mcm people

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  • 30:45 oh wow! U actually have him TRUE freedom

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  • the legend of blopwobbel continues in the next episode...

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  • Blop is true winner

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  • '' I'm a lil' different.'' oh god..

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  • Wilbur: hey, tell me about yourself Emygreen *the person that Wilbur got scared from*: *turns around* Wilbur: WOOH also Wilbur: *hits EmyGreen cuz of his jumpscare* EmyGreen: why did he hit me? Did I comment a bad hate comments on one of his vids or something Btw you will find this clip in 19:04 and you will understand :)

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  • It’s Wilbur Soup

  • I just realized that I am the 0.001% that is not subscribed

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  • You see blop did that so he could die witch in my opinion death is true freedom

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  • 13:07 weird.its...weird

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  • The girl who protected the seed and jump of did a 360😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Im unsubing after u killed zero two

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  • You screamed at a mole u were scared CHILD I'm a child aswell

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  • Jesus christ it starts innocent and then when they get journals and stuff it starts getting SO dark

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  • 18:18

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  • Lol

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  • What’s that demented music that Wilbur plays whenever he’s about kill someone in a horrific way

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  • Wilburs hair is legendary

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  • Wilbur is his own vibe

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  • True freedom was death after all

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  • Lol, no wonder character Wilbur became a villain

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  • whats that girl narrator voice

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  • I watched the bridge video first and oreli makes it his mission to disobey god in this world

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  • Fallow64 is like in every vid lol

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  • "I'm humane" *Kills more than 7 moles*

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  • Mhm

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  • Diamond shovel=Death

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  • blob forever!!

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  • SCP-049 at 19:10

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  • 13:06 my dirty mind......

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  • Wilbur, I hope you are doing well. I am afraid that our family is not. And in all honesty, it is because of you. You see, I have lost myself in the world of SEworld... not that I am any part of it, of course. I merely act as though my life revolves around it, and worst of all, I have neglected my family, all because of your abominable channel. My sister said, and I quote, “fuj. This is what you watch!?”. I know, rude right? After all the work you put into your videos. I mean I can see what she means, but c’mon it’s not like SEworldrs have the option of going back to school and completing their education in order to further improve themselves to ensure a bright and productive future, right? Pfft. Anywho, I was wondering if you could kindly shut down your channel and yourself, so as to ensure that I never again waste my precious time on imbeciles such as yourself. Yours and always, Slutty Sink.

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  • Wil I fix it ok sorry omg u actually scared me lmfao

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  • hi mr god

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  • Moles? Blind beings with no purpose but to dig, dig ,dig. What is our goal? To dig till we no longer have our soul. Why do we do? Due to the one we call soot. Blinding mining with no goal to ensue, our life is empty, to join the graveyard soon.

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  • Wilbur Foot

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  • Willbur : hello black man The black man is an scp: Hi Wilbur:RREEEEEE

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  • There goes my unsubscription. That mole deserved to win moron

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  • I want his book... I’ll buy it...

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  • T_T T_T

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  • T

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  • I feel sad for the bedrock mole 😔

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  • I have learned that your legs will die without freedom.

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  • Never take wilburs shovel, one of the things I've learned from this. My stomach hurts from laughing at 19:09 freaking wilbur a pure psychopath being scared by a skin 🤣🤣🤣

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  • 21:16

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  • You got me im subbed

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  • 22:19 Omg wow this guy-

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  • i was laughing so hard at 19:07 XDD

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  • 19:03

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  • his hair was so long here omg

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  • Wilbur XD, he takes himself 100 people and he kills them xD

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  • imagine thinking someone is so ugly that your initial reaction is to kill them

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  • So 1 think i took away from this video, *never make a diamond shovel, it's the death shovel-*

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  • *me, that one person who isn’t subscribed*

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  • Big oof to jumpscare face. F in the chat guys

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    • f

      Elliot CosmeElliot Cosme2 dagar sedan
  • I started crying when he got scared by the guy with the scary skin

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  • We are not in the 1980 will

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  • "Stop backing away and trembling" "You're just like every woman" That one hits too close to home

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  • “I’m giving them a chance to redeem themselves!” No. No you’re not. You’re luring them into a false sense of security before getting bored of their existence.

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  • 8:29 is the start of a great story

    joaquin hyde penajoaquin hyde pena3 dagar sedan
  • 19:06 19:06 19:06 19:06 19:06

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  • I feel so bad for the gorl who protect his seed omg :(

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  • the character arcs in this anime were pretty good

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  • blops journey is so sad, he gets to have freedom but dies in the end

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  • Why do I feel like, in every Soot video, there's a story to be told..? We need more of this.

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  • that transition from 'documentary saying look how fast mole dig' to 'wilbur office with clock' was so damn good. ( thought the clock was a part of the documentary at first then I got surprised )

    Roanel Hepsheba B. BurnotRoanel Hepsheba B. Burnot3 dagar sedan
  • Yall are really making a long essay for minecraft block mens named Blop and Oreli huh? Good job!

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  • Why is he so perfect....And cruel...But still, perfect

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  • *Oh. So you like blop? Rewrite all of his notes.*

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  • Oreli man

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  • I love bedrock boy

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  • XDD Blop was my favorite, I wanna read his whole journal

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  • 19:9 we should all where a skin like that

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  • I love it how Oreli was the only mole who was disobedient

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  • I cried when Blop died

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  • Wilbur is torchering his fans

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  • “Stop backing away and trembling, just like every woman” Uhh Wilbur? Are you okay? D-did Karen take the kids again? Are you having a nice guy moment?

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  • spidydoo22 really said bet I don't wanna die

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  • This is so cruel *I love it*

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  • 19:10

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