Hardest You Laugh You Lose Yet (ULTIMATE YLYL)

23 dec 2019
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Europeans send me money and videos to try and make me laugh. will they manage? probably. they send some great videos.
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

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    Wilbur SootWilbur Soot11 månader sedan
    • @GiannaBanana what’s wrong with being British

      Jaxon HuntJaxon HuntDag sedan
    • we love you more even tho your british

      GiannaBananaGiannaBananaDag sedan
    • sub to me plz lol

      flipfloplad 2flipfloplad 24 dagar sedan
    • @Miles Danley I can’t tell if you are bragging (which means you’re stupid) or not

      Jaxon HuntJaxon Hunt6 dagar sedan
    • @Miles Danley and now Lehmanburg is blown up now😭

      Doge cliffDoge cliff9 dagar sedan
  • 3:40 "I'm expecting greatness from you" Next video: Remmyyyyyy

    Bakugosleftballsac LolBakugosleftballsac Lol8 minuter sedan
  • Me: *going to get food and accidently leaves it un-paused* 2 minutes later... comes back to 2:22 me: what the f*ck-

    But i forgot it ;-;But i forgot it ;-;2 timmar sedan
  • 10:39 when you realize that its not kpop bot a romanian shity song! and yes i am romanian

    This is FabaThis is Faba3 timmar sedan

    paźpaź4 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur: Europe are not funny Also Wilbur: ... Germans are funny

    Laetitia GroundloveLaetitia Groundlove4 timmar sedan
  • Half his chat was probably Americans still because most of our sleep schedules are messed up.

    lameplayrlameplayr6 timmar sedan
  • its nerf or nothing

    space summaryspace summary7 timmar sedan
  • cheeto

    AwesomekrakenAwesomekraken11 timmar sedan
  • My man had a mental breakdown in the end

    Viper gamingViper gaming14 timmar sedan
  • 10:44 is indian music

    Viper gamingViper gaming14 timmar sedan
  • 14:28 lol

    Memes YayMemes Yay15 timmar sedan
  • Conclusion: europe is funni

    Giada FinoGiada Fino16 timmar sedan
  • 3:19 song

    Username UnavailableUsername Unavailable17 timmar sedan
  • im buying a youtooz

    PulseFXPulseFX17 timmar sedan
  • You fool, the Americans were still awake, they have terrible sleep schedules.

    Whoopsie DoodlesWhoopsie Doodles18 timmar sedan
  • When Wilbur advertises flamgo’s youtooz

    Abramahambram JabbourAbramahambram Jabbour18 timmar sedan
  • americans without sleep schedules, rise up

    Varun GuptaVarun Gupta18 timmar sedan

    Dot DotDot Dot19 timmar sedan
  • I love how the chat was telling him Loona is 12 members and not just 1 girl omg

    Dot DotDot Dot19 timmar sedan
  • europ sucks

    GameBOIGameBOI20 timmar sedan
  • Bold of you to assume I sleep

    Lion PrideLion Pride21 timme sedan
  • Cheeto TommyInnit:..... Wilbur: *cannot physically contain laughter*

    Gigi ReillyGigi Reilly22 timmar sedan
  • Cheeto

    00700723 timmar sedan
  • All Americans are asleep! American gamers: check again Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down -Rick Rollef

    Jacob KnowlesJacob KnowlesDag sedan

    Kitkatproductions DawnKitkatproductions DawnDag sedan
  • I’ve got this new thing. As soon as Wilbur says no Marvel fans, I stop watching. But then I always come back because these are funny videos.

    Trevor L.Trevor L.Dag sedan
  • Hah he thought that I was asleep

    Game _DeckGame _DeckDag sedan
  • 0:10 wait a minute my brother has dat Owo

    Maan OrtillaMaan OrtillaDag sedan
  • Cheeto

    Shadow AnimationsShadow AnimationsDag sedan
  • why does Cheetos make him laugh, but the 2 million views out of 3 dont laugh at it

    LerastickTheGamerLerastickTheGamerDag sedan
    • It was 11 months ago

      caned beans scaned beans sDag sedan
  • Whose gonna tell him that 7PM is 2 PM east coast in America

    JuiceExtractionJuiceExtractionDag sedan
  • Cheeto

    Wait, It's all cups?Wait, It's all cups?Dag sedan

    Xx_Btscupoftae_xXXx_Btscupoftae_xXDag sedan
  • 12:59 I'm the mistake

    announcerannouncerDag sedan
  • What about a rule 34

    nightmare fredbearnightmare fredbearDag sedan
  • The ending makes me really happy... :)

    Just_A_SimpJust_A_SimpDag sedan
  • cheeto.

    zekeriya kaymakzekeriya kaymakDag sedan
  • Wilbur:"The Americans are asleep" Me a sleep deprived teenage American up at 3 am watching his videos: hehe

    》QmanØ4《》QmanØ4《2 dagar sedan
  • chaetoe

    Ethan LeeEthan Lee2 dagar sedan
  • HAHA He assumed us Americans sleep.

    NukularRandom13NukularRandom132 dagar sedan

    Krystian MasiukiewiczKrystian Masiukiewicz2 dagar sedan
  • cheeto is the most powerful ylyl weapon i've ever seen

    MaluMalu2 dagar sedan
  • All wilburs neighbours hear is him dying and screaming EUROPE WTF

    lucas kirbylucas kirby2 dagar sedan
  • But when u leave out the US u leave out Canada what did Canada do??

    hangarbay 24hangarbay 242 dagar sedan
  • I laughed 14 times

    Youtube godYoutube god2 dagar sedan
  • I laugh at legit everything, the ylyl videos are basically just boredom smashers Also I'm never asleep, my eyes are baggier than bags themselves

    yo mamayo mama2 dagar sedan
  • C H E E T A H

    Skylight _ SarahSkylight _ Sarah2 dagar sedan
  • But Wilbur I don't have any friends

    Noreena JamesNoreena James2 dagar sedan
  • 10:58 that did not age well

    BobbyBobby2 dagar sedan
  • 1:39 i started screaming when i saw alberts youtooz

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna2 dagar sedan
  • 4:01 Remeber in his last stream he laughs at it *how is he laughing at this-*

    Black Was the imposterBlack Was the imposter2 dagar sedan
  • i don’t think he realizes americans time is ahead of britain’s

    Maddison SMaddison S2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur you just gotta remember, Americans don't have normal sleep schedules. A lot of us don't understand what sleep is :)

    GlazedWoodGlazedWood2 dagar sedan
  • We not gonna talk about how most these memes are made by Americans

    Jagsh HshshJagsh Hshsh2 dagar sedan
  • *right when he was about to slap the goblin there was an ad.*

    •ur local • dummy••ur local • dummy•2 dagar sedan
  • Yes he got finished off with a Cheeto

    CoopsbCoopsb2 dagar sedan
  • It’s 9:15 in America and I’ve been praying pissed the whole day for nothing and ur my fav mc SEworldr other than tommy and dream and u and tommy are the funniest soo I need laughter so halp

    ꧁Tʜᴇ FNᴀF ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ Mᴀʏᴀ Kᴜɴ꧂꧁Tʜᴇ FNᴀF ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ Mᴀʏᴀ Kᴜɴ꧂2 dagar sedan
  • I lost at the first one

    Missy PissyMissy Pissy2 dagar sedan
  • Flamingo sucks

    Mr. MoesbyMr. Moesby3 dagar sedan
  • 3:43 Wilbur and GHOST was not a crossover I was expecting.

    SkullKidGamer1120SkullKidGamer11203 dagar sedan

    Master of gameingMaster of gameing3 dagar sedan
  • We just are funnier man. I'm not saying where I'm from tho, but we are better

    Weeb01Weeb013 dagar sedan
  • 11:38 *oh* 👀

    Anna TurnbladAnna Turnblad3 dagar sedan
  • Dark humor joke: WARNING VERY DARKKKKKKKK I would make a joke about Kobe but that wouldn’t land well ;-;

    Random BoyRandom Boy3 dagar sedan
    • ....if you put a warning, can you push the joke down to where we have to click “Read More”? Some topics are triggering for people and the warning is useless if we can see the joke no matter what.

      The Stranded FanderThe Stranded FanderDag sedan
  • *L*oona is *L* pop

    Abdul BaseethAbdul Baseeth3 dagar sedan
  • Cheeto

    Brawl stars and roblox Channel hereBrawl stars and roblox Channel here3 dagar sedan
  • I got an ad just at the goblin slap and when the ad finished there was just SLAP

    Xander BreedsXander Breeds3 dagar sedan

    Thic BirbThic Birb3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: Not laughing on actually funny memes Also Wilbur: Looses to cheeto -_- lmao

    ꧁Cloudy Willow꧂꧁Cloudy Willow꧂3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: "Its 7pm so the Americans are asleep!" The Chat: Its 2pm. Me: ITS 1PM ARE YOU DUMB C H E E T O

    xPandaBEARxxPandaBEARx3 dagar sedan
  • 12:33 song please I've been looking everywhere Edit: Nvm got it

    SynerG EditsSynerG Edits3 dagar sedan
  • I don't know how to feel about if I'm funny or not because I'm British But I was born and raised in America ._. Am I funny or not Wilbur?

    Choi-Li ParkChoi-Li Park3 dagar sedan
  • im italian... EUROPE YAAAAASSSSSS but wait a sec... BREXIIIITTTTT

    grace the midnight reapergrace the midnight reaper3 dagar sedan
  • Objects that I've shoved up my arse Wilbur:noo no Christmas edition Wilbur:ohh That killed me so hard 😂 Timestamp: 12.00

    AnonymousAnonymous3 dagar sedan
  • Hello everyone Little baby jesus

    Rishit ChibRishit Chib3 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Fnaf animatronics 10:23

    DestinyDestiny3 dagar sedan
  • Jokes in you I don't sleep. I don't think this is a good thing, however..

    Mervin’s CornerMervin’s Corner3 dagar sedan
  • Cheeto

    Bella HorrellBella Horrell3 dagar sedan

    Gabriella YaksichGabriella Yaksich3 dagar sedan
  • 11 months later... *He laughed at the exact same thing*

    Samtheballoon15Samtheballoon153 dagar sedan
  • c h e e t o

    BananaFace301BananaFace3013 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur Americans don't sleep We don't know what that is...? So uh. Yeah! ALSO CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY CHEETO IS SO FUNNY. ITS NOT FUNNY I HAVNY LAUGHED. WHY. IS. IT. FUNNY

    JaydaIGuessJaydaIGuess3 dagar sedan
  • I am not asleep

    Anime StylesAnime Styles3 dagar sedan
  • you suck why do you lafe at chaetae so meany times

    Cayden mCayden m3 dagar sedan
  • I'm a European but this isn't something I'd be awake to watch as i sleep at this early hour and instead wake up at around 10-11 or 9-10 British time

    Alen KericAlen Keric4 dagar sedan
  • The clock changed and that caused 2020

    Leviticus LiLeviticus Li4 dagar sedan
  • this was a nice video to watch after today's stream :)

    caterpillarcaterpillar4 dagar sedan
  • why is cheeto so funny

    Build-ElixirBuild-Elixir4 dagar sedan
  • When he apologised to all the Stay's.

    Jaiden BarrettJaiden Barrett4 dagar sedan
  • when Wilbur says he likes Euoropians memes but he also says that people who like anime isnt funny. Me is an Euoropian and likes anime sitting there like: 0-0

    sam worldsam world4 dagar sedan
  • cheeto

    Adam GallegosAdam Gallegos4 dagar sedan
  • @fuck soot

    Ραιαν ΧρουμπΡαιαν Χρουμπ4 dagar sedan
  • European

    Ραιαν ΧρουμπΡαιαν Χρουμπ4 dagar sedan
  • Me, a german: Don't ever use the word funny with me. minuite 15

    Mr NudlMr Nudl4 dagar sedan
  • My bookmark 17:06

    iMaxTreXxiMaxTreXx4 dagar sedan
  • cheeto

    Adam SmithAdam Smith4 dagar sedan
  • Us and European gang are chill

    Banks WootenBanks Wooten4 dagar sedan
  • Challenge YLYL until I lose my soul

    Full_superiorFull_superior4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: Laughs at “EEEE” and some cubes moving Me: laughs at people being bitch slapped on the face in G.T.A 5

    swifty LemonyDragonswifty LemonyDragon4 dagar sedan