How to Simp

2 feb 2020
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An exploration into who and what is a simp and how we can become one

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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • You either simp for someone or someone simps for you

    Candle LightCandle Light2 timmar sedan
  • the cishets are at it again they got a chart and everything.

    Aftermath PlannerAftermath Planner10 timmar sedan
  • Watching all these people shout at each other on the Internet has thought me that I should always be myself regardless of what others think

    A PotatoA Potato10 timmar sedan
  • Some guys basically would be gay to not be a simp and there definition of simp is being kind sooooo yeah some guys are weird

    Jason PriceJason Price2 dagar sedan
  • 0:00 feeling like p didy

    Ami DrawsAmi Draws2 dagar sedan
  • Alpha is new gen

    WillMakesVidsWillMakesVids2 dagar sedan
  • alt title: The boy who lived, teaches you how to simp.

    Scarlett BurtonScarlett Burton3 dagar sedan
  • his outfit radiates bi sexual math teacher and idk why

    no tyno ty4 dagar sedan
    • I’ve never seen something so correct :0

      DezNyxDezNyx2 dagar sedan
  • 696,910 views nice on how to simp

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  • Wilbur simp 😂😂😂 lmaooooo actually brilliant simp since wilbur means brilliant

    Brxkn_fr33k x-xBrxkn_fr33k x-x4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur. im a simp slayer im coming for you

    GeomettrixGeomettrix5 dagar sedan
  • I take simping as you wanting to spend/give something to someone all for them to just notice you

    Shadow's AnimationShadow's Animation5 dagar sedan
  • My school took no simp September too far so you couldn’t talk to the opposite gender and since I’m bi I didn’t talk to anyone for a month.

    SpuddSpudd5 dagar sedan
  • That was very informative, thank you

    QuinnipiQuinnipi5 dagar sedan
  • then there was niki..

    Jxss0 _xJxss0 _x5 dagar sedan

    kEira!!!!kEira!!!!5 dagar sedan
  • wilbur: how to simp me, actively simping for him: *dont recite the deep magic to me witch, i was there when it was written*

    kEira!!!!kEira!!!!5 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur:we don't simp Me:motherfucker- how am I supposed to live now??

    Akaru SnekAkaru Snek5 dagar sedan
  • I'd think seeing an attractive person on tiktok and falling in love with them immediately is some kind simping-

    EchoEcho5 dagar sedan
  • what should I comment?


    Jayson Tatum #1Jayson Tatum #16 dagar sedan
  • WI LUR

    Jayson Tatum #1Jayson Tatum #16 dagar sedan
  • me, realizing that as an asexual i can't simp: :o

    IcelynLacelettIcelynLacelett6 dagar sedan
  • So according to this iI'm a simple( a decent human being)

    the gremlin boythe gremlin boy6 dagar sedan
  • Noooo Wilbur ur not a simp. Ur just a good friend. Ps I am not a sodding simp

    FerretFungus_27 54FerretFungus_27 546 dagar sedan
  • I like how only guys can be simps according to the examples

    ÐrëãmÐéprēşšîøñÐrëãmÐéprēşšîøñ6 dagar sedan
  • Hi Wilbur. I am a woman.

    Zubin TøEsZubin TøEs6 dagar sedan
  • *im such a simp*

    Angela HuAngela Hu7 dagar sedan
  • I thought he was gonna say it’s 2:45 pm after he asked what time it was

    Natalie KNatalie K7 dagar sedan
  • “It’s time to simp” Me: that’s... why I’m here.

    BarnabyBarnaby8 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: I wake up in the morning Me: And i step outside

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi8 dagar sedan
  • 14:22 *wOoOOop* m'lady

    Emmy CamnerEmmy Camner9 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur don't worry us girls love simps. i myself is a simp

    Dreams FloorDreams Floor9 dagar sedan

    rose._. gacharose._. gacha9 dagar sedan
  • i love how wilbur thinks he is the dad of the globe

    meh mehmeh meh10 dagar sedan
  • This whole video: Simping for women is wrong! Me, a gay guy:

    Chanman DeathChanman Death10 dagar sedan
  • Simp has transcended from being an insult and now even girls can be simps. Any gender can be a simp for any gender cause that’s how powerful being a simp is

    helveticahelvetica10 dagar sedan
  • I'm not a simp, but if someone such as Wilbur Soot were to hit me up, I wouldn't say no lol (this is a joke lol I'm ace, so I literally have no interest in any sort of sexual situations but I do love Wilbur very much and I can't say no to that gorgeous face lol)

    HowlingCreatorHowlingCreator10 dagar sedan
    • @marta wolna Absolutely lol

      HowlingCreatorHowlingCreator9 dagar sedan
    • @HowlingCreator that amount of power should be illegal

      marta wolnamarta wolna9 dagar sedan
    • @marta wolna Hello fellow ace! I agree whole heartedly lol the man's holds some power

      HowlingCreatorHowlingCreator9 dagar sedan
    • Hi Im ace too! But still wouldn't say no, the romantic feelings are strong maaan

      marta wolnamarta wolna9 dagar sedan
  • Y e p

    Smoked HamSmoked Ham10 dagar sedan
  • finally, now maybe todoroki or tommy will notice me

    ItsFishiesItsFishies10 dagar sedan
  • I AM a simp holy shit

    M LiggettM Liggett11 dagar sedan
    • Yeah

      Cracker GramCracker Gram11 dagar sedan
  • anyone see the n word on 0:39

    Dr. PandaDr. Panda12 dagar sedan
  • Wilber would be the one to teach us this

    Austin GeorgeAustin George12 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: maybe someday women will respond to me Fangirls: *nows my chance*

    Jessica MottJessica Mott13 dagar sedan
  • The word simp is WAY overused

    S DiabS Diab14 dagar sedan

    Little GirlLittle Girl14 dagar sedan
  • the real simp is tommy

    Derpy DerpDerpy Derp14 dagar sedan
  • Why did the first line make me think he was gonna sing tik tok by kesha

    Eli beeEli bee15 dagar sedan
  • I wake up in the morning feeling P diddy, that is what I heard at the beginning

    FandomCityFandomCity16 dagar sedan
  • 4:56 just gonna put this here

    Forget me notForget me not17 dagar sedan
  • im guessing this was before his love or host with nihachu

    AstraAstra17 dagar sedan
  • Does good thing: people : Ha Ha S I M P

    10 karamel10 karamel18 dagar sedan
  • well i simp for wilbur so like...

    Justins_an _EboyJustins_an _Eboy18 dagar sedan

    RockyPlaysRockyPlays18 dagar sedan
  • I simp for Wilbur Soot

    Tea Bro44Tea Bro4418 dagar sedan
  • This was posted on my birthday i dont need a tutorial

    Sisa hrajeSisa hraje18 dagar sedan
  • Wake up every morning just to here whats up guys Harry pottee here

    Chase CooleyChase Cooley19 dagar sedan
  • when the guy calling periods gross also called himself a misogynistic piece of shit-

    Avery AnsteadAvery Anstead19 dagar sedan
  • omfg I'm a lesbian simp, I gave a straight girl a present how did I not realize this sooner

    thedyslexicdemonthedyslexicdemon19 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur Simp be like haha me simp

    IDoNotExistIDoNotExist20 dagar sedan
  • 0:10 you know what time it is? 2:45pm

    mythw01fmythw01f20 dagar sedan
  • "when you buy her presents and she not your girlfriend: *S I M P* " so i'm a simp for my mother now?

    R0AD R0II3RR0AD R0II3R20 dagar sedan
  • being a decent human being: *S I M P*

    R0AD R0II3RR0AD R0II3R20 dagar sedan
  • I simp for him too much

    Yuki AkaneYuki Akane20 dagar sedan
  • how to simp: See wilbur soot

    Kira CenicerosKira Ceniceros20 dagar sedan
  • 4:28 "But why does she run? When i'm monthly giving her 50% of my income"

    Masken 56Masken 5621 dag sedan
  • how to make me simp be a anthro pig have a royal gown be a pvp god have brown hair look dapper

    dog dayzdog dayz21 dag sedan
  • how to simp: watch wilbur

    Devon GordonDevon Gordon21 dag sedan
  • wilbur s *HIMP* 1:51

    BerettaBeretta21 dag sedan
  • 0:00 i wake up in the morning and I step outside and I take a deep breath and a *get real high*

    BerettaBeretta21 dag sedan
  • Wilbur: im not a simp Also wilbur: yours truely wilbur *simp*

    fishy koifishy koi22 dagar sedan
  • wilbur SIHMP!

    sverena !sverena !22 dagar sedan
  • Is it weird that I'm simping for 2 ppl? Thierry bothered the same age as me, don't worry.

    Wolfie EmpressWolfie Empress22 dagar sedan
  • I opened the video and I immediately started simping. Thank you for the tutorial

    Lilja LeinonenLilja Leinonen23 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is me this entire video but im a girl and i am an anime 'stan' lmao

    lonely potato yeeterlonely potato yeeter23 dagar sedan
  • ‘He hung up on me...’ Me in the middle of class remembering Juicy: THAT B**** HUNG UP ON ME But I just realized this- I feel like if you were in middle school or any other school Wilbur would be the one person you could walk up because he looked chill, and immediately become friends.

    TheWrld T_R_I_P_P_I_NTheWrld T_R_I_P_P_I_N23 dagar sedan
  • Hi I am a decent person and apparently a simp

    Earth _RiceEarth _Rice23 dagar sedan
  • Now we know.... Dream is a simp for - *Gets killed by Dream* Dream: "I AM NOT A SIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dream 0.000000001 seconds later: "George just say you love me"

    Skyler Cheng-ChapmanSkyler Cheng-Chapman23 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: "I can't speak to girls" Nihachu: "What?"

    Skyler Cheng-ChapmanSkyler Cheng-Chapman23 dagar sedan
  • i hate that simping is used for men to put down other men for being nice to women. like most of the tik toks and things wilber looked at were misusing the word. tbh i could waste a whole day and try and correct these people but that wouldnt get rid of half of the people misusing the word. i say we get rid of the word in general.

    Paytonive HeckerPaytonive Hecker24 dagar sedan
    • Oh my god someone finally said it! I hate simp culture so much, the true simps creep me out, and the fact that nice guys who actually care and are chivalrous are put down by immature people. I really loved the perspective Wilbur has put here. Respect.

      Rain RhapsodyRain Rhapsody22 dagar sedan
  • What-

    GrammarGrammar24 dagar sedan
  • 12:18 that you?

    Sour CupcakeSour Cupcake24 dagar sedan
  • "Do you know what time it is?" "Its 2:45 pm"

    Octi PlayzOcti Playz25 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur Soot

    VenusVenus25 dagar sedan
  • Me: *just finished watching A Very Potter Musical* Wilbur: Hey guys, Harry Potter here Me: 👀

    Mind if I SlytherinMind if I Slytherin26 dagar sedan

      Julia KlaassenJulia Klaassen5 dagar sedan
  • Am I simp if I just want her to talk to me? Probably right

    Connor PobleteConnor Poblete26 dagar sedan
  • a guide to be a simp? isnt everyone watching wilbur a simp

    TsukiTsuki26 dagar sedan
  • tbh *who doesnt simp for wilbur*

    BrokenCatBrokenCat26 dagar sedan
  • You heard it here first folks, Wilbur demands high standards from his simps.

    BarnabyBarnaby27 dagar sedan
  • SIMPlive

    anniemationsanniemations27 dagar sedan
  • 0:00 feeling like b-diddy

    Extreme BoltExtreme Bolt28 dagar sedan
  • Go here 8:00 and then pause at 8:02 I can't stop laughing LMFAOOO

    Cece BCece B28 dagar sedan

    beans are etiquettebeans are etiquetteMånad sedan
  • *Sometimes women use them as boyfriends.* I was SENT into orbit holy shit

    Grace HollandGrace HollandMånad sedan
  • I've always been a Wilbur simp, you don't-

    Phoenix_ 7797Phoenix_ 7797Månad sedan
  • ok fellow brits hear me out Wilbur is a combination of Dan Howell and James Acaster

    AlexRightNowAlexRightNowMånad sedan
  • 1:14 or woman we’re all inclusive here bud

    23Marion Hess23Marion HessMånad sedan
  • wibur doesnt need to know how to simp because he already does it

    Ellie RudickEllie RudickMånad sedan
  • Damn, that third one got me.

    depressed _patatoedepressed _patatoeMånad sedan

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