20 feb 2020
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whoops! all harmonicas!
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • If you notice any weird jump cuts in this video it's due to SEworld clamping down on me with copyright strikes for random viral videos. I'll try not to ruin the flow of the video! also: Try Dashlane Premium free on your first device: Use the coupon code ‘WILBUR’ to get 10% off Dashlane Premium

    Wilbur SootWilbur Soot9 månader sedan
    • @aimee ! because its wilbur soot mate.

      sangwoos wifesangwoos wife3 timmar sedan
    • wow was it funny will!?

      David GonzagaDavid Gonzaga8 timmar sedan
    • ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok kok ok ok ok ok ok ko ok ok ok ok ok o lisen lisen lisen lisen plz my sir where you wearing lip stick cuz it looked like it

      Elena MaldonadoElena Maldonado12 timmar sedan
    • Hi, I’ve been really sad and depressed lately. You’ve really helped me through these times. I love you and all the content you make! Hope you can read this and possibly respond. Thank you.

      okboom erokboom er2 dagar sedan
  • At 10:15 he laugh at that.

    FraderPlayzFraderPlayz2 timmar sedan
  • That intro tho

    Not Business CasualNot Business Casual4 timmar sedan
  • Same boi my bran and my humanity is fighting 👁️👄👁️👌

    Rhiam JudielRhiam Judiel4 timmar sedan
  • Plot twist:He laughed at the start.

    Lil MemLil Mem7 timmar sedan
  • Wilburs humour is just violence, funny voices with irony and loud sounds among other things and it’s sending me

    SaltStopSaltStop8 timmar sedan
  • 17:03 I laughed at it goddamit

    SaltStopSaltStop8 timmar sedan
  • when wilbur sees gay and lgbtq things:AYYYY

    *xBill_Cipher_Wolfx* **xBill_Cipher_Wolfx* *8 timmar sedan
  • 8:00 Wilbur: keep cutting that, don’t let anyone see what I did- The editor: face the shame

    stellastella10 timmar sedan
  • *mLEM*

    Rage QuitRage Quit11 timmar sedan
  • Yall should do KSI's laugh

    Aden ChungAden Chung12 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur: Cyber secu- Me: *fast as fuck, boi*

    JVJV12 timmar sedan
  • wilbur soot has quite the dance moves

    Erin MacAskillErin MacAskill13 timmar sedan
  • 4:33 actually wilbur is cuter than the Cat there

    sarp Mamalsarp Mamal13 timmar sedan
  • oh actually at 10:15 he laughed at that video at 10:15

    Mr. OofMr. Oof14 timmar sedan
  • nobody going to say anything about how he said privacy at the start?

    Byron ThompsonByron Thompson14 timmar sedan
  • *mlem*

    RennivenレンRennivenレン14 timmar sedan
  • My the inner mechentictions of his mind are a inigma

    Aloun PhoulavanAloun Phoulavan15 timmar sedan
  • Dash lane: hehe you want privacy nahhhhhh you have to buy it

    Nathan WalkerNathan Walker17 timmar sedan
  • POG '

    Sven HedinSven Hedin20 timmar sedan
  • at 2:45 he laughed hard

    Joen Stagnell Nosabyskolan 7B2 TEJoen Stagnell Nosabyskolan 7B2 TE20 timmar sedan

    Adrian YoungAdrian Young21 timme sedan
  • He laughed at 10:15

    GreenTubeGreenTube21 timme sedan
  • 4:34 replay button

    Lolly The CatLolly The Cat22 timmar sedan
  • at 7:42 to 7:48 wilbur was like:wilbursoot.exe has stopped working.

    *xBill_Cipher_Wolfx* **xBill_Cipher_Wolfx* *22 timmar sedan
  • He do be having Cheeto mail doe

    TheCoolGamerBro YTTheCoolGamerBro YTDag sedan
  • I'm litchrely laughing

    Napoleon Bone-ApartNapoleon Bone-ApartDag sedan
  • oh wow your good at the harmonica

    Dag sedan
  • yea when you suck on it it makes a different note and I am not talking about a harmonica

    MaxG_BOI666MaxG_BOI666Dag sedan
  • dis makes me happy when there is no reason to be. :)

    Trexton HaldemanTrexton HaldemanDag sedan
  • 3:08 oha türk marşını çalmışlar ctrl + v

    iMalonyiMalonyDag sedan
  • 6:11 pls he's so wholesome

    Bokuto KotaroBokuto KotaroDag sedan
  • 24:13 why is your expression so funny? I would not go through this, I laugh from all over x}

  • Rigged (idk how)

    MrChe !MrChe !Dag sedan
  • hi this makes me happy emma if u see this hi 6:10

    creative name uhcreative name uhDag sedan
  • This is definitely a man child right here

    BunnyFab473 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔBunnyFab473 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDag sedan
  • he already lost at the start of video

    Sum1Sum1Dag sedan
  • ✨crotch cam✨

    chocolate puddingchocolate puddingDag sedan
  • 5:48 "Im not gonna last 5 minutes" Me: *yeah, like you ever last 30 seconds...*

    MxrtalzMxrtalzDag sedan
  • 17:11 *I do...I laugh at that...I started crying XD*

    •Killer Sans••Killer Sans•Dag sedan
  • 25:52.. *Wilbur smoking the harmonica*

    L1ama_UniverseL1ama_UniverseDag sedan
  • Wilbur: "Wtf was that? Who laughs at this??" Also Wilbur: *aggressively exhaling through nose*

    Speckles&Kitty :DSpeckles&Kitty :DDag sedan
  • 6:06- wait till he hears about AVPM

    Sequoia GibsonSequoia GibsonDag sedan
  • at 16:30 he made a noise but apparently it does not count (put very high volume to hear it)

    ian zeronian zeronDag sedan
  • 17:00 i laughed at it for a while..

    ArtsyMayaArtsyMayaDag sedan
  • 18:57 that dog is a girl you aaassummed her genser!!!11!!1!!!!!11111! let s cancejl willbur guys!!!!11!!!1111!!

    cammiecookiescammiecookiesDag sedan
  • The voice crack at 2:14 is immaculate

    Milana IvanovaMilana IvanovaDag sedan
  • Omgggg 😤

    lynnie buidonglynnie buidongDag sedan
  • You

    lynnie buidonglynnie buidongDag sedan
  • Wow

    lynnie buidonglynnie buidongDag sedan
  • Nooo

    lynnie buidonglynnie buidongDag sedan
  • No

    lynnie buidonglynnie buidongDag sedan
  • 15:50 It's one of my favorite insusisise-

    thomadashthomadashDag sedan
  • he laughed at 10:15

    DrxpDrxpDag sedan
  • mlem

    Lara JayeLara JayeDag sedan
  • Wilber Soot, I know where you liiiiive

    Mxeek_ ARTMxeek_ ARTDag sedan
  • wilbur having no clue how to put a harmonica in his mouth is a mood

    Patton BarnettPatton BarnettDag sedan
  • i was laughing so hard i cant- its so funny at the start-

    *xBill_Cipher_Wolfx* **xBill_Cipher_Wolfx* *2 dagar sedan
  • I laughed at the very beginning when you put the harmonica in your mouth 👁👄👁

    DreamSMPsimp_DreamSMPsimp_2 dagar sedan
  • Him:this is so hard this is going to be the shortest stream ive ever done 25:48

    Jaxon HanjinJaxon Hanjin2 dagar sedan

    that one random gay band kidthat one random gay band kid2 dagar sedan
  • 8:09 LMAO

    Fatt Space DucksFatt Space Ducks2 dagar sedan
  • SHARKBAIT UH Ohohoh oHUh 4:23

    Su EmaSu Ema2 dagar sedan

    Gaurav GuptaGaurav Gupta2 dagar sedan
  • our bicth NIOW\

    Julius AbaldeJulius Abalde2 dagar sedan
  • “You know some people think it’s silly to be friends with a piece of pizza” “oh that wrong tofu that wrong.

    Arlo c.Arlo c.2 dagar sedan
  • someone should've sent the BUGERNKING FOOT LETUS

    serena angserena ang2 dagar sedan
  • 4:34 😯

    Legititself2743Legititself27432 dagar sedan
  • It didn't play the whole clip of the tuba. In the full clip he accidentally drops the microphone in the tuba.

    Soli SamperioSoli Samperio2 dagar sedan
  • Ah- so this is the classic video with the panic attack

    Lxnl3y Sk3l3tonLxnl3y Sk3l3ton2 dagar sedan
  • wilbur saying "aww" is my new religion

    cricket lockcricket lock2 dagar sedan
  • mLem

    unflavored 17unflavored 172 dagar sedan
  • At 0:25 you can visibly see him swearing

    Emele BarlowEmele Barlow2 dagar sedan
  • I thought he was gay for the egg 😂😂

    Libby HillLibby Hill2 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t laugh at anything, I laughed at ur reactions to it 😭👋🏻

    StellathepotatoPLAYZStellathepotatoPLAYZ2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: How many lifes should i get chat? Chat : *C O C K*

    Connor NelsonConnor Nelson2 dagar sedan
  • the kid with the symbol that fell, i know the feeling of. i had it happen during a football game, im lucky i didnt hit anyone, so i got to use a new pair of symbols after that because the straps needed replacing and we didnt have extras

    deadloxetedeadloxete2 dagar sedan
  • me getting livid that wilbur didn’t know who elmo was

    dandelionsdandelions2 dagar sedan
  • Love how happy he was for the gay Lego man :)

    Peachy_Xx 06Peachy_Xx 062 dagar sedan
  • Heee does like, the *Harmonica noise for Bannana

    Arnesh ChatterjeeArnesh Chatterjee2 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think I’m laughing at the videos instead I think I’m laughing when Wilbur is laughing 😂

    Mariana BruntMariana Brunt2 dagar sedan
  • 4:36 that’s the comment. That’s it.

    Leah RachelLeah Rachel2 dagar sedan
  • 5:50 that's what he said

    Kian KianKian Kian2 dagar sedan
  • 18:56 the way he smiled kills me

    Priscilla Aruh :DPriscilla Aruh :D2 dagar sedan
  • can someone please link the video at 8:38

    Niklas NeunzigNiklas Neunzig2 dagar sedan
  • 17:08: "WHO THE FUCK LAUGHS AT THAT" Me fucking dying: not me thats for sure

    Isla DuncanIsla Duncan2 dagar sedan
  • God. Hes so....british

    Isla DuncanIsla Duncan2 dagar sedan
  • wilbur is always handsome

    FIN SakalFIN Sakal2 dagar sedan
  • 10:15 he laughed lol

    the eye in a tuxedothe eye in a tuxedo3 dagar sedan
  • 5:50 “Im not gonna last 5 minutes” Wilbur

    Maksym ZherukhaMaksym Zherukha3 dagar sedan
  • 13:48 chat made E

    Hank AndersonHank Anderson3 dagar sedan
  • In Roleplay: "IF I CAN'T HAVE IT, NO ONE CAN!" Not roleplaying: *harmonica panic attack*

    Uni BeastUni Beast3 dagar sedan
  • Pls start making 1080p vids Wilbur

    Kavyam KhannaKavyam Khanna3 dagar sedan
  • Wiblur Soup

    Coopai NuseCoopai Nuse3 dagar sedan
  • My friend reccommended you and I laughed before you started lol.

    Charlotte RobertsCharlotte Roberts3 dagar sedan
  • when you watch the part that Wilbur says "im your bitch" without context, it just sounds wrong, very wrong xD

    lulu cake uwululu cake uwu3 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or did you not love when wilbur smiled and eaised his arms when it said, "A man has fallen for a man in lego city."

    Buggy loves youBuggy loves you3 dagar sedan
  • 17:00

    Lily MullenLily Mullen3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: watching the cat that likes the banana My mind: Wilbur: can I steal that cat sir. Can I steal him from you~?

    Dakota RodriguezDakota Rodriguez3 dagar sedan

    Proto_DodoProto_Dodo3 dagar sedan