The Trial of Technoblade (SMPEarth 7)

7 jan 2020
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The people of SMPEarth vs Technoblade, Ph1lza and VoiceOverPete
Filmed Live on Twitch:

Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • We not gonna talk about the fact that he didn't mention the 'First person to leak the IP gets their kneecaps-stolen' Written on the signs next to the new rules..? (17:01)

    hello! Zhello! Z2 dagar sedan
  • sleepy bois inc

    KizumieeKizumiee4 dagar sedan
  • do more smp earth it was a good series

    Timothy ThomasTimothy Thomas5 dagar sedan
  • Quack

    A DuckA Duck7 dagar sedan

    Miles StuffMiles Stuff8 dagar sedan
  • Well, I finished this series in like 4 hours, would have loved to see every project come to be, what a shame things didn't go as planned, but hey, Wilbur is still here making videos and streams, so the fun hasn't really ended.

    Riopol ZaurusRiopol Zaurus8 dagar sedan

    Fuzzlyn_Yt GamingFuzzlyn_Yt Gaming9 dagar sedan

    Fuzzlyn_Yt GamingFuzzlyn_Yt Gaming9 dagar sedan

    Fuzzlyn_Yt GamingFuzzlyn_Yt Gaming9 dagar sedan

    Fuzzlyn_Yt GamingFuzzlyn_Yt Gaming9 dagar sedan

    Fuzzlyn_Yt GamingFuzzlyn_Yt Gaming9 dagar sedan
  • please bring these series bacckkk!!! pleaseee We just Love it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Vookie FoxVookie Fox9 dagar sedan
  • me waiting for episode 8 after a year: 👁👄👁

    annika almquistannika almquist10 dagar sedan
  • Find diamonds, make weapons and armors, just in case it break, make bows and arrows and, finally, create a war!

    Flint & Fire BRFlint & Fire BR11 dagar sedan
  • Watching this again with the knowledge of sleepy bois inc forming months later is really interesting tbh

    Cosmo LyCosmo Ly11 dagar sedan
  • i want ep 8 please wilbur

    AirlessHorizon GamingAirlessHorizon Gaming11 dagar sedan
  • Visiting to pay respects for this series. It was a wonderful idea while it lasted.

    Jr. JackrabbitJr. Jackrabbit11 dagar sedan
  • please continue

    Jarle.Stop.MotionsJarle.Stop.Motions11 dagar sedan
  • Bring back SMP

    Robbie AitchisonRobbie Aitchison13 dagar sedan
  • Me: patiently waiting for episode 8 like 👁👄👁🔫

  • We need the series back

    Blue ABlue A14 dagar sedan
  • i miss this

    Emma WilkinsonEmma Wilkinson16 dagar sedan
  • Being this back please

    Mia AbapoMia Abapo18 dagar sedan
  • So much potential why was it abandoned so earlyyyy

    Adam WilsonAdam Wilson18 dagar sedan
  • "Did someone just try to kill God?"

    Nikolas SchwinnNikolas Schwinn19 dagar sedan
  • How do you join

    Willow KeayWillow Keay19 dagar sedan
  • Yes bring it back

    michael farwigmichael farwig21 dag sedan
  • When is the next one coming!!???

    Ducks _quackDucks _quack27 dagar sedan
  • A Time techno didn't get peer pressured

    Matt From wii sportsMatt From wii sports29 dagar sedan
  • Bring this back plzzzz

    TheHyperjack 03TheHyperjack 03Månad sedan
  • 5:10 get rekt (sr tecno)

    Filip SebastianiFilip SebastianiMånad sedan
  • Some say after this day Wilbur never wanted to come on this server again,.

    Cutie MochimCutie MochimMånad sedan
  • i want MORE

    T Fran Dino FanT Fran Dino FanMånad sedan
  • Please bring back the series :

    faiz alifaiz aliMånad sedan
  • Please keep going with the series plzzzzz

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  • what happened to smp earth? this feels unfinished

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  • More please

    Tea Bro44Tea Bro44Månad sedan
  • the guy that is sideways

    Mauro GuzmanMauro GuzmanMånad sedan
  • Why does it look like he's handling Hitler

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  • Can you bring this back

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  • please bring this siris sss backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....................................................k.

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  • now me no likey wilbur wilbur bad

    Mylo ColeyMylo ColeyMånad sedan
  • The rest of this series said:

    Jacey BoswellJacey BoswellMånad sedan
  • “Hippity hoppittty get off my propert” is the best thing EVER writtin

    Ellie TieEllie TieMånad sedan
  • Where's ep 8?

  • “Is that your defense? Taxing us?” Techno may be American but that defense made him sound British

    jonathan Bjorkmanjonathan BjorkmanMånad sedan
  • Hello- what happened to this series? I love this sm pls continue it :(

    X unfinishedX unfinishedMånad sedan
  • “I’m l happy to say it probably is a war crime” was probably the funniest part of it

    TrainboiTrainboiMånad sedan
  • L

    Cara CoyneCara CoyneMånad sedan
  • “I used to rule the world”

    fellow weebfellow weebMånad sedan
  • Can you bring this back?

    Broken Nightmare bonnieBroken Nightmare bonnieMånad sedan
  • Me watching this 8 months late: Is- is there gonna be another video?.... P-plz? Another vid plz... I sad

    Maria C RamosMaria C Ramos2 månader sedan
  • Techno should have gone to eat with the world and killed everyone

    ipoopedyourpantsipoopedyourpants2 månader sedan
  • Bring this back pleaaaasseeee

    Butterscotch The wolfuButterscotch The wolfu2 månader sedan
  • i miss this series

    Mineblox GamingMineblox Gaming2 månader sedan
    • idk why

      Mineblox GamingMineblox Gaming2 månader sedan
    • @Isabella Merrigan yeah but with series like this and hermitcraft i usually watch from only 1 or 2 peoples point of view

      Mineblox GamingMineblox Gaming2 månader sedan
    • I’m pretty sure Techno has like 2-3 more videos into the series

      Isabella MerriganIsabella Merrigan2 månader sedan

    Warhammer TubeWarhammer Tube2 månader sedan
  • PLS WILBER im begging make more smpearth videos im begging] im bored asf

    Mikko LeiviskaMikko Leiviska2 månader sedan
  • Two videos (on techno’s channel) and hes fucking taken over the world

    CEO of the POGCEO of the POG2 månader sedan
  • techno is sucks hahabhahahahahahah

    Nathaniel RiveraNathaniel Rivera2 månader sedan
    • Wh- what

      Isabella MerriganIsabella Merrigan2 månader sedan
  • “Did someone just try to kill god” i lost it😂

    Sid HSid H2 månader sedan
  • Come back to NewFoundLand 😔💔

    Boopers RibbitBoopers Ribbit2 månader sedan

    SaqredSaqred2 månader sedan
  • u shit vro such a boomer fuck your channel not a hater but just triggered ur such a boomer bit*h

    Unknown!Unknown!2 månader sedan
    • 😳

      Isabella MerriganIsabella Merrigan2 månader sedan
  • Ep 8 plz

    Izzy10xIzzy10x2 månader sedan
  • Bring back the series I miss it come on it’s on of my favorite Minecraft series

    SolarWolvesSolarWolves2 månader sedan
  • wilburness

    KebbisKebbis2 månader sedan
  • The king of the pig is riding a plane😂😂

    Nick jhovan Dela CruzNick jhovan Dela Cruz2 månader sedan
  • Can you bring this back, i like this :/

    KebabiKebabi2 månader sedan
  • I love how this idiots got ticked off when Techno, Phil, and Pete took over the world. Literally that was the point of the entire server. They’re just jealous because they don’t have the mental capacity to do it.

    • it’s a fucking bit....a joke...wilbur is literally techno’s best friend

      Humaira MasterHumaira Master2 månader sedan
  • War criminal to best minecrafter

    Jack GLEISNERJack GLEISNER2 månader sedan
  • Why did this series just suddenly stop

    SuperStainSuperStain3 månader sedan
  • its really sad just founding this series and then founding out theres no more episodes ;(

    Flo uwu :DFlo uwu :D3 månader sedan
    • @Gil watch dream smp it's even better then this

      PersonaDudePersonaDude12 dagar sedan
    • same it's the first smp series i watched and actually could keep up with/enjoy lol

      GilGilMånad sedan
  • Somebody tell Wilbur to bring this Series back ._.

    ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴ Ch.- ランダム投稿ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴ Ch.- ランダム投稿3 månader sedan
  • Where has this series gone?! Are you done with Minecraft forever? It's been 7 months!

    Moth BlazeMoth Blaze3 månader sedan
  • ay when new vid?

    A StrangerA Stranger3 månader sedan
  • RIP SMP earth

    He dededied for your sinsHe dededied for your sins3 månader sedan
  • the british boy: "Is that really your defense? taxing us?"

    WormingsWormings3 månader sedan
  • Was it the end? Since EarthSMP is now public?

    PieterPlayzzz PCPieterPlayzzz PC3 månader sedan
  • Dude when will they have more smp earth vids

    Member boi Jeff MEMEMember boi Jeff MEME3 månader sedan
  • 11:42 this is my favorite part cause it’s just silence and then violence

    Samantha RuffSamantha Ruff3 månader sedan
  • Bring it backkkkkk!

    Emo.Gacha22Emo.Gacha223 månader sedan

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  • Why was this the last episode. So much more happened

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  • hippity hoppity get of ma property

    Abdallah AhmedAbdallah Ahmed3 månader sedan

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  • If I was Techno: Wilbur: “So do you have anything left to say?” Me: *stands up off the seat* “Well, Wil,” *walks up to him to meet him face to face* “as far as I’m concerned, you’re all standing on my land so...” *punches Wilbur off his podium* “You work for me now...”

    Kaptain1337Kaptain13373 månader sedan
    • Cringe

  • British Phineas

    VengefulVermin.VengefulVermin.3 månader sedan
  • It doesn’t get more British than the stolen peroni pint glass filled w water

    Chloe WarnockChloe Warnock3 månader sedan
  • Should’ve actually done treaty of versailles. Return the taken land, excluding Antartica. Pay for all the damage and compensate the ones with properties stolen, and maybe steal his armour lmao.

    MysticxxMysticxx3 månader sedan
  • waiting for part 7

    Over BucksOver Bucks3 månader sedan
  • Will there be a 8th episode soon

    Matthew MillerMatthew Miller3 månader sedan
  • Please bring this back it was so goooooooooood

    Artic IceArtic Ice3 månader sedan
  • Wilber why did you quit this series

    Stickmen ProductionsStickmen Productions3 månader sedan
  • Still reminds me of the trial of Charles I. Kangaroo court. Tut tut.

    Pengu of the WestPengu of the West3 månader sedan
  • Go watch the end of techno’s video because will didn’t show something and I am not going to say it here

    Kizako With applesKizako With apples3 månader sedan

    Lava_Lord 712Lava_Lord 7123 månader sedan
  • Bring the series backkkkk

    Aisha ManzoorAisha Manzoor3 månader sedan
  • he was just OVER on the BENCH

    doutsje harstadoutsje harsta3 månader sedan
  • remember: *this was a distraction for the potato war*

    ꧁ IceKittyDragynn ꧂꧁ IceKittyDragynn ꧂3 månader sedan
  • What did I just watch lmfao

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