Twitch Chat Sends Me Videos at 4am (ULTIMATE YLYL)

26 nov 2019
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it was 4am somewhere when this was streamed get off my case MUM
Filmed Live on Twitch:
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • 3:10 let me translate that face expression to words: "help me"

    Pop4484Pop44842 timmar sedan
  • Timmy ears a hamburger for the first time - 13:52

    Mr MillsMr Mills2 timmar sedan
  • wilbur tearing up at the roaches made ME tear up

    ghostscantdieghostscantdie2 timmar sedan
  • No so you can actually build a filtration system with PBC pipes but it does not just require a PBC pipe

    Amber AndersonAmber Anderson4 timmar sedan
  • 5:33 I winced

    Lord Bucket2036Lord Bucket20369 timmar sedan
  • UWU

    Ethan BayerEthan Bayer10 timmar sedan
  • Yes

    Surprised Pikachu But VampireSurprised Pikachu But Vampire10 timmar sedan
  • @WilburSoot one of your rules should be that your laugh has to be directly related to a video sent and not something you said.

    krusty gamingkrusty gaming13 timmar sedan
  • And then there's Chunky! *He's dead.*

    AxelAxel16 timmar sedan
  • yee

    wolfboyandclankwolfboyandclank19 timmar sedan
  • 10:00 “He plays Terran all terrans are like that” that broke me

  • *Y’all gotta remember that this guy who literally cried over roaches on a live stream is the same man who a few days ago blew up his nation that he just won back and told his own father figure to stab him and became a ghost*

    SuckmypotatoSuckmypotato20 timmar sedan
  • 10:58 at that moment he started crying...NUUUUUU :'(

    Rytuu SomaRytuu Soma20 timmar sedan
  • I don’t laugh because of the videos, I laugh because of Wilburs reactions much more hilarious

    Vivi_AftonVivi_AftonDag sedan
  • 1:43 meet my british cousin

    le monkele monkeDag sedan
  • We are going to play ylyl f#ck you

    Robert StatonRobert StatonDag sedan
  • A man has fallen into the river in LEGO city

    Draco ObsessedDraco ObsessedDag sedan
  • "zoomers and weebs out of my chat." me: *sad neko noises*

    the ahegao man for funthe ahegao man for funDag sedan
  • *me being a zoomer and a weeb* ;-;

    the willoweebthe willoweebDag sedan
  • this is the guy that blew up L,manberg

    NukosNukosDag sedan
    • Yes...yes it is

      Peyton BrycenPeyton BrycenDag sedan
  • wheal bear soot d

    turnip manturnip man2 dagar sedan

    KitsungekiTheFoxKitsungekiTheFox2 dagar sedan
  • 4:30 This is where we see Wilbur's psychopath come out... WE SHOULD'VE SEEN THE SIGNS-

    Brote McABrote McA2 dagar sedan
  • Mr Typing On Golgle Willbur Soot Girlfrind and 0

    Kayvon BrownKayvon Brown2 dagar sedan
  • 3:05 is a time that makes us all wanna die

    cDragoncDragon2 dagar sedan
  • 👌

    XpoZe WavesXpoZe Waves2 dagar sedan
    • 👌

      Peyton BrycenPeyton Brycen2 dagar sedan
  • 11:07 So,Wilbur wants to be a simp too?

    Mini CrewmateMini Crewmate2 dagar sedan
  • You Live you lose

    TBHNotHardTBHNotHard3 dagar sedan
  • 9:38 the dominance has been asserted

    Paladin LoafPaladin Loaf3 dagar sedan
  • 1:23 i was eating.....

    AyCee HDAyCee HD3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: thats a good one,didnt get me tho Also Wilbur: *laughs without realizing*......NO

    AyCee HDAyCee HD3 dagar sedan

    Daniel HughesDaniel Hughes3 dagar sedan
  • That cat really said: 🙀➡️💧

    iSleepyiSleepy3 dagar sedan
  • why...did he get emotional over...roaches?...that's hella cringe....

    yaoidreams 2yaoidreams 23 dagar sedan
  • The cockroach video was holsome and then splat

    Hadi yeetmanHadi yeetman3 dagar sedan
  • Okay but can we talk about the fact that when someone put a jack stauber vid he was so “:D” and when it ends he stays like “aw :(“ Edit: also look at the little smile-

    Miiweri ChanMiiweri Chan3 dagar sedan
  • 3:45 me

    Leon AlariestoLeon Alariesto3 dagar sedan
  • Im trying so hard not to laugh but the objects that i shoved up my arse always hits hard

    Connor NelsonConnor Nelson3 dagar sedan
  • what happened at 6:11 i was dying

    xX_TOASTER_XxxX_TOASTER_Xx4 dagar sedan
  • I'm watching this at 5 am and I was legit crying over the roaches and I have no idea why, and I looked over and saw Wilbur ALSO crying over the roaches and I started crying harder- what just happened

    KingKing4 dagar sedan
  • Willbur can you PLS do a cover of buttercup you are so good at singing and i know that you also like jack stober

    JSG IwabuchiJSG Iwabuchi4 dagar sedan
  • He laughed over 10 times

    icey siclesicey sicles4 dagar sedan
  • Uhn

    Laughter CreamLaughter Cream4 dagar sedan
  • 10:22 Explaining She Was 18 To The Fbi

    JamesJames4 dagar sedan
  • 10:52 please no, not ageian, I dont want to cry

    simple guysimple guy4 dagar sedan
  • holy shit at 2:10 that girl looks like my cousin Taylor! same hair style same wheelchair but a different living room ... hold up imma ask if this is her edit: OMFG IT IS HER LMAO THIS WAS IN HER OLD HOUSE HAHAHHA

    KINwasSleepyKINwasSleepy4 dagar sedan
  • The one man that you wanted to kill, was quackity.

    lineup2019 robloxlineup2019 roblox4 dagar sedan
  • Thats literly my profile pic 8:10

    cheesetouch gamingcheesetouch gaming4 dagar sedan
  • "How many of you at home are doing ok" Me after the 2nd wheelchair cat: AHAhahAhAHHAhahAh

    Connor SmithConnor Smith5 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur+toy story= Love

    Jane BrindleJane Brindle5 dagar sedan
  • This almost fills the Soot House shaped hole in my heart.

    Reagan SimsReagan Sims5 dagar sedan
  • 1:30 that feeling when you see something funny, expect something even more funny becasue you think you know where its going to but then it doesnt come

    ToriTrakToriTrak5 dagar sedan
  • Its benny wor- oh...

    Jack NoonanJack Noonan5 dagar sedan
  • The No Pomegranates meme was actually in an acting class, it isn't an actual reaction

    Radigan 777Radigan 7775 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur Slimecicle would beat your ass

    That Guy AlexThat Guy Alex5 dagar sedan
  • 11:28 WHY NO. rip roach family

    Maxwell HaynesMaxwell Haynes5 dagar sedan
  • The “no pomegranates” thing was fake. It was a social experiment to see if any kids would bring in pomegranates.

    Grigori RasputinGrigori Rasputin5 dagar sedan
    • @Serial Player like 5 people brought in pomegranates so there’s that

      Grigori RasputinGrigori Rasputin5 dagar sedan
    • My delusion is immeasurable and my day is ruined

      Serial PlayerSerial Player5 dagar sedan
  • 8:55 u need to higher volume to hear it and also unplug ur headphones

    Kyro SteelixKyro Steelix5 dagar sedan
  • Sad wilby 10:43 Monke y 12:34

    VulpixoVulpixo6 dagar sedan
  • Okay, I lost it at 11:58

    VincenzoRozanovVincenzoRozanov6 dagar sedan
  • 4:08 Keemstar is officially dead. I repeat Keemstar has fucking died.

    ESCapist WasNotTakenESCapist WasNotTaken6 dagar sedan
  • wilbur genuinely fucking cried

    NotPetya AKA,Wolfo BoyoNotPetya AKA,Wolfo Boyo6 dagar sedan
  • First meme has me dead

    Holy Shit SheaHoly Shit Shea6 dagar sedan
  • man that cockroach video rlly got me. Im actually crying rn im not lying

    Lps TwixLps Twix6 dagar sedan
  • 1:00 Thank me later.

    Humberto MendozaHumberto Mendoza6 dagar sedan

    Scrub DubsScrub Dubs6 dagar sedan
  • 4:13 it’s benny wo-o-orm

    just a piece of gArBaGejust a piece of gArBaGe7 dagar sedan
  • 3:29

    ʚkx̥ͦlopsiaɞʚkx̥ͦlopsiaɞ7 dagar sedan
  • uwu

    ً ًً ً7 dagar sedan
  • Your crying to a cockroach that is... AN EPIC GAMER MOMENT

    Rok LilekRok Lilek7 dagar sedan
  • (1m s9 col3) Glowing regerds. Gogy

    bryan azka syahrudinbryan azka syahrudin7 dagar sedan
  • wil is the prettiest and sweetest boy i have ever seen *sigh*

    Aindrila MandalAindrila Mandal7 dagar sedan
  • Whats the title of the cockroach video

    Lukas RinguetteLukas Ringuette7 dagar sedan
  • I now have more respect for Wilbur since he likes Jack Stauber

    boopbunnyboopbunny7 dagar sedan
  • "We're fine, I'm a duck." -Wilber Soot 2019

    EoinTheGamerEoinTheGamer7 dagar sedan
  • UwU

    Jitske JochumsJitske Jochums7 dagar sedan
  • (Spoilers) Rewatching Wilbur before he went crazy and blew up l’manburg while techno was massacring people.

    Abdullah MAbdullah M7 dagar sedan
  • Gud

    Grand_ BriansGrand_ Brians7 dagar sedan
  • That teacher yelling about pomegranates was putting on a show about how aggressive commands sounds to children or something. She’s not actually that mean

    PhsychopatchPhsychopatch7 dagar sedan
  • 10:43 Me watching the Dream SMP finale

    Kirbus ._.Kirbus ._.7 dagar sedan

    • 👁👄👁 calm down its a game about cubes

      sady morrissady morris6 dagar sedan
  • 4:08 noooooo not the gnome

    kmardisokmardiso8 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur, if youre reading this, keep up the good work. Your videos make me happy, but my sister always spoils the happiness. I love you Wilbur. POG

    Alif SyafiqAlif Syafiq8 dagar sedan
  • As my own editor, I feel sorry for Wilbur’s

    hackermanhackerman8 dagar sedan
  • 56 seconds in and I’m dying

    bonnie668bonnie6688 dagar sedan
  • Who’s here after he blew the fuck out of L’manburg?

    Alexandra BoiardiAlexandra Boiardi8 dagar sedan
  • Me when Chunky's dead: 😔 Wilbur when Chunky's dead: 😆

    Gen 1 PikachuGen 1 Pikachu8 dagar sedan
  • It’s weird how the roach video actually made him cry.

    MrscippyMrscippy8 dagar sedan
  • I managed to not laugh until 13:52 but that goddamn kid video KILLED ME

    Michael EyreMichael Eyre8 dagar sedan

      choc_dchoc_d8 dagar sedan
  • wilber actually cried at dancing cockroach

    shrek ioshrek io9 dagar sedan
  • 13:10 some say thats were wlbur made whas poppin'

    Idontknow_ YtIdontknow_ Yt9 dagar sedan
  • i love how he got a little excited for Toy Story 3

    One Fluffy BoyOne Fluffy Boy9 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact, the teacher was actually doing her job as a development psychology professor and teaching the students how to not teach kids to like something

    Shark82Shark829 dagar sedan
  • Can we agree that Wilbur’s chat is funnier than TommyInnit’s chat

    T O A S T YT O A S T Y9 dagar sedan
  • 3:08 someone made a furry thing with this audio Using a bunny to sing the first few lyrics and then showing furrys dieing in a bloody and gory way

    Connor the wolfConnor the wolf9 dagar sedan
  • looking back on this chat was funny in this one

    CrispyFriesCrispyFries9 dagar sedan
  • The guy who made made the corn sacrifice your newborn, is slimesicle, one of callmeCarson’s friends.

    Itz PaleItz Pale9 dagar sedan
  • *cockroach SMOOSH*

    Itz PaleItz Pale9 dagar sedan
  • The benny worm voice matches wilbers voice well

    daylen spencerdaylen spencer9 dagar sedan
  • I was smiling until Rawr started playing

    Jacob jr BullockJacob jr Bullock9 dagar sedan