We Win These.

15 maj 2020
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wilbur, tommyinnit, philza and technoblade in minecraft championships
Techno: seworld.info
Philza: seworld.info
Tommy: seworld.info
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me:twitter.com/WilburSoot
Edited: twitter.com/WeirdFsh
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • Hope you're happy with this video. Took a while as I wanted to make sure it was of the highest quality. Join me, Techno, Phil and Pete this time tomorrow on twitch.tv/wilbursoot to see us win again

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    • seworld.info/will/gLGtmJ7dj55ikok/video

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    • Why are you so mean to tommy

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    • Ok

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  • FBI open up we have officer technoblade Wilbur soot philza and Tommyinnit fighting in the scene

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  • "Tommyinnit giving Wilbur Soot a headache for 41 minutes and 59 seconds"

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  • The traitors shall always be scum

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  • What how was techno crouch walking at a sprinting speed

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  • uh- anyone notice that hole in the wall is battle box again? 29:11 also wilbur u sound like a dying chicken at 30:35

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  • Things Wilber did this season 1. Punch chuck norris

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  • 22:51 12:20

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  • Alternate Title: Dad plays video games with his children

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  • You guys are talking a lot of shit, Tommy did better than Wilbur in this tournament.

    Father NagicFather Nagic3 dagar sedan
  • lmao he cut out the part where he said he had a crush on Shubble as a kid

    EggandRegretEggandRegret4 dagar sedan
  • nice copying technoblade for a title

    Tristin SmithTristin Smith4 dagar sedan
  • not him winning in my birthweek and me obsessing over him so much to rewatch this video at least for the 6th time-

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  • 4:15 *I cant see anything where am I* best part of the vid

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  • Techno in mcm: GIVE ME CLOUT TECHNO NOW: STILL GIVE ME CLOUT (but also he is the clout)

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  • 21:33 is it me or does "sherbil" look a lot like niha?

    Hutt EHutt E5 dagar sedan
  • back when tommy was an annoying child

    Your friendly Neighbor DanYour friendly Neighbor Dan5 dagar sedan
  • Pig carries 2 Simps and an old man in tournament

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  • Wilbur: Purple is such a bad color Me, whose favorite color is purple: :( Also can I just point out at 37:15 someone in the game said: DONT LET THE PIG KID WIN. I feel bad for Techno...

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  • 23:30 Joe biden LOL

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  • _We Win These - Sun Tzu_

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  • the production quality on this is good for a casual video

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  • he still winning these

    Wolfgang RichterWolfgang Richter6 dagar sedan
  • This was the best MCC and you can't change my mind

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  • for future reasons 22:50

    avmyvaavmyva6 dagar sedan
  • Idea:trap ur fans in a glass container and turn them small

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  • "Im inside my childhood hero" -The Smash community

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  • 12:21 swat Pog

    berna ramirezberna ramirez7 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or did Wilbur say lava it weirdly in sky blockle

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  • “YOU’RE DEAD WILBUR” could not be more true right about now

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  • seworld.info/will/gLGtmJ7dj55ikok/video

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  • Why wilbur and techno why you guys are the traitor why

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  • 8+6=14 my fellow minor Tommy

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  • Lulw

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  • We know Tommy is the annoying child but like damn Wilbur hates him so much

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  • That Cheeky Soviet Anthem....

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  • This video hits different after Tommy became a sleepy boi

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  • I love how Tommy's the one falling thru the ploor lmao

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  • "just killed a women *feeling good* " -Tommyinnit 2020

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  • Pog

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  • 18:05

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  • Weh :D

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  • twenty ohhhhhh

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  • 8:10 UHMMMMMMM

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  • it made me sad to see everyone hating on Tommy, he was just excited :(

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  • this has become my comfot video. ive been dealing with a lot of stress on top of normal highschool drama bs, and this video never fails to cheer me up. so i just wanna say thank you, wilbur.

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  • 12:25 got me dead

    Mardi JeuxMardi Jeux13 dagar sedan
  • False nooooo

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  • Wilbur: I hate purple. It's such a bad color. Me: Your annaliticts are about to be 0.02% good sir.

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  • Wilbur's indignant "ThAt's noT AerOdynAMiC" at 20:24 LMAO

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  • 35:35 the last one is beat women

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  • Wow dud u blind are wft dud

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  • go to 31:10 and just listen to the sound Wilbur does

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  • Jeff

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  • 2:52 is this some kind of rap music?

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  • i just realized technoblade and i share a birthday

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  • 12:21 anyone gonna talk about this part?

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  • Techno: “I’m gonna use this egg on Joe Bidden” Everyone: *visible confusion* Me watching this in November 2020: “well this aged well”

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  • And this is how Sleepy Bois Inc came to be.. To be continued...

    E t h e r e a l. F l o w e r s.E t h e r e a l. F l o w e r s.16 dagar sedan
  • ( 22:50 ) , little did they know how truly ICONIC that quote would become.

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  • I watch this as Biden won the election and techno made a Biden reference 1

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  • everyone calls them sleepy boys but no one talks about sleepy swat

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  • Techno used his egg on joe Biden... this explains everything

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  • I literally feel bad for Tommy. I mean, yeah, he can be annoying sometimes, but he was just really excited he was playing with his friends and they were literally bullying him. What broke my heart was when he commented “Please unmute me I’m sorry”. He is literally younger than me, he’s a kid, a kid who only wanted to play with his friends, who are people who he admires. I love Wilbur, Philza and Technoblade, but it really makes me angry they treated Tommy like this.

    Beasty 380Beasty 38017 dagar sedan
    • @Neddy470 Gaming yeah, I know, but it’s just that this video is so uncomfortable to watch. I mean, yeah, it’s sometimes funny when they bully him, but this video is different

      Beasty 380Beasty 38016 dagar sedan
    • Well this is in the past now. Tommy is unofficially part of the Sleepy Bois. Most fans consider him part of the group now. And Techno, Wil and Phil invited him on a livestream where him and the boys get to control an event. There was one livestream where Tommy hanged out with Techno the entire time and it was very wholesome There may be times where they would bully him, but it was mainly for fun.

      Neddy470 GamingNeddy470 Gaming17 dagar sedan
  • Can we get a moment of silence for the old Technoblade

    QuackOrangeQuackOrange17 dagar sedan
  • I see wilbur is using Tommys thumbnail plain.

    Darklord 79Darklord 7917 dagar sedan
  • That guy sounds like David Tennant when he's angry about granite

    CloseDoor GamingCloseDoor Gaming17 dagar sedan
  • Guys just act like this comment would be a live chat

    Angelo ObligacionAngelo Obligacion17 dagar sedan
  • 22:51 yr welcome

    steph yaysteph yay18 dagar sedan
  • Just rewatching and noticed for hole in the wall it said Battlebox

  • This cane out on my birthday :')

    Aesthetic HufflepuffAesthetic Hufflepuff18 dagar sedan
  • "Purple is such a bad colour!" *Looks at the channel profile*

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  • At :52 my phone had a notification that made to sound of the triple air horn

    Frank MadisonFrank Madison18 dagar sedan
  • Purple is a great color, unsubscribing.

    Jonah PoppJonah Popp18 dagar sedan
  • it’s like, wilbur is the parent who just tries to keep everything together and techno is the teen who is really good at stuff then tommy and phil are the cousins who are best friends but fight alot

    baby cowbaby cow19 dagar sedan
  • You finally got called good by technoblade... But what did it cost Tommy: being removed from the dream team

    DangerDriveDangerDrive19 dagar sedan
  • 1:40 did you just disrespect my color

    Zach BeanZach Bean19 dagar sedan
  • 15:25 you can hear Techno saying “We win these”

    Daily.CottonCandyDaily.CottonCandy19 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else notice that will used the same intro screen for battlebox and hole in the wall

    Me when theMe when the19 dagar sedan
  • Si Yes Oui

    Dragon KitDragon Kit19 dagar sedan
  • wilbur having 0 patience with tommy will never not be funny to me

    Noelle Almeida SantosNoelle Almeida Santos20 dagar sedan
  • Watching this now. I'm so happy techno voted Joe Biden.. now we can't lose

    arino donichiarino donichi20 dagar sedan
  • They win these

    Mr. TinMr. Tin20 dagar sedan
  • Do you guys want to know why Wilbur doesn't get a lot of girls even though he has awesome looks because they don't want a boyfriend that looks better than them

    totally not sugas childtotally not sugas child20 dagar sedan
  • rip wilbur, tommy got more subs i think

    Ketchup the ketchup lordKetchup the ketchup lord21 dag sedan
  • wait how is techno dream team 1:23

    sravan dwarapudisravan dwarapudi21 dag sedan
    • @Todd Howard oh k thx

      sravan dwarapudisravan dwarapudi19 dagar sedan
    • Dream team wasn't a thing or a term yet

      Todd HowardTodd Howard20 dagar sedan
  • wilbur: i dont like purple. wilbur's pfp: is purple*

    MagmaMagma21 dag sedan
  • do you want to jewel willbur

    GlitchGlitch21 dag sedan
  • 0:49 *the way his whole face just changes.*

    Burco PresentsBurco Presents21 dag sedan
  • be honest... this is not your first or even second time watching this

    Juliet DuffJuliet Duff21 dag sedan
  • Tommy has had so much character development since then

  • 21:34 lol nihachu's face HAHAHAHAHA😂

    BLACK XBLACK X22 dagar sedan
  • "am i on mute?" i relate to him so much....

    SannyquaSannyqua22 dagar sedan
  • Dude at first I could handle Timmy but god damn I agree

    SlothstackdudeSlothstackdude22 dagar sedan
  • techno: "respecting women will help me win." wilbur: "I simp for any pretty woman." tommy: "i just killed a woman." philza:

    Orange JuiceOrange Juice22 dagar sedan
  • i have a feeling the person that disliked did it just to make it 696

    Ruby RobertsRuby Roberts23 dagar sedan
  • 22:51

    lunaticlunatic23 dagar sedan
  • I came at 696 likes pog

    TotalyLegitGamerTotalyLegitGamer23 dagar sedan
  • Little did they know there wasn't going to be a parkour after what Dream did...

    Braydon_FRBraydon_FR24 dagar sedan
  • Video idea: Minecraft video on twitch and youtube when u speak australian accent

    EimisEimis24 dagar sedan