Skyblock Randomizer Challenge #5

12 sep 2019
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The fifth installment in my challenge where every 30 seconds I get given a random block. On a single block of bedrock, I am expected to survive with one item spawning every 30 seconds. I own a fish called New Milo, a void-loving parrot called Peter and a traitor called Jim-Jum
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • From hating disks and throwing them in the void till liking the disks and playing them. He sure has changed.

    PhazerPhazer5 timmar sedan
  • If only wilbur started jumping and moving so peter doesnt die 😔

    Claiirey_Claiirey_13 timmar sedan
  • Wilber: traitor for killing barnaby Wilber in lanmanberg blowing up everything

    Abzdragon 272Abzdragon 27221 timme sedan
  • Pizza died because you had him in your view distance Will :(

    HexanilixHexanilixDag sedan
  • Wilbur really has a reputation of blowing up things he loves

    Evan The KattEvan The KattDag sedan
  • Something I can grow something in gives mule let that sink in

    John JakeJohn JakeDag sedan
  • Willbur makes me so mad because he’s the most idiotic being in the world In this series a d uses no common sense

    Gavin StrangeGavin Strange2 dagar sedan
  • Why would you blow it up

    Matt DufnerMatt Dufner2 dagar sedan
  • I saw gameode survival in chat what

    XxXAndrei XxXXxXAndrei XxX2 dagar sedan
  • Yooooo 5:58 'set own game mode to survival mode' you cheating bro?

    Ella DeanElla Dean2 dagar sedan
  • 5:59 did he just set his gamemode to survival? o.O

    Fariz RayyanFariz Rayyan3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur has a habit of blowing things up, I guess

    Christina M.Christina M.3 dagar sedan
  • “Where’s the black shucker box?!” Dude u just blew it up. Ur fault.

    Julia KurnickiJulia Kurnicki3 dagar sedan
  • he should have said hous

    Impact YTImpact YT3 dagar sedan
  • They teloport when you don't look at your pets at a certain distance but if you look at your pet then it will not teloport

    Jacob KJacob K3 dagar sedan
  • Normal peoole: Thank you. British people and Wilbur: *Fank yOu*

    Rose HaberkinRose Haberkin3 dagar sedan
  • Wilburs last words to Peter: look at him go

    Kat-does- StuffKat-does- Stuff3 dagar sedan
  • Never give Will TNT.....we have learned that from a few series

    Frankie BowlesFrankie Bowles3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur...your losing itv

    Pasta SoupPasta Soup4 dagar sedan
  • The TNT was a test and wilbur failed

    L3m0n41d OfficialL3m0n41d Official4 dagar sedan
  • o7

    Themccreeper14Themccreeper145 dagar sedan
  • u how to be moving for parrots to tp to u

    Blaž JeršeBlaž Jerše5 dagar sedan
  • since a minecraft day can last 20 minutes, wilbur could get 40 items every full minecraft day.

    Joaquin EsquivelJoaquin Esquivel5 dagar sedan
  • Wilur you had to move so he could tp to you

    GuccigamingurdadGuccigamingurdad5 dagar sedan
  • 8:11 first thing I thought of when I rewatched this was the dream smp..

    Annie SanchezAnnie Sanchez6 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur crying about Peter made me very sad

    just an anonjust an anon6 dagar sedan
  • “It’s a new day, its a new dawn.... and I’m feeling good” 👀 did someone else get that

    Janna CJanna C7 dagar sedan
  • this man, who has played minecraft for longer than me, does not understand the laws of teleportation of pets

    Emma GibbonEmma Gibbon7 dagar sedan
  • wait, the parrot's name was Peter, not Peta?

    Death Aid KitDeath Aid Kit7 dagar sedan
  • o7

    Sanictnt VlogsSanictnt Vlogs7 dagar sedan
  • The tnt.. that didn’t age well 😄

    gaydinoosaur 22gaydinoosaur 227 dagar sedan
  • I thougt his name was Pizza😅🤣

    Game FoxGame Fox7 dagar sedan
  • it’s weird to see wilbur without his lmanberg suit.

    i’m stinkyi’m stinky7 dagar sedan
  • “YOU TRAITOR” -The Traitor

    i’m stinkyi’m stinky7 dagar sedan
    • @i’m stinky I KNOWW I JUST COMMENTED “The tnt.. that didn’t age well 😄”

      gaydinoosaur 22gaydinoosaur 227 dagar sedan
    • the sky gods gave him tnt 😭🤚

      i’m stinkyi’m stinky7 dagar sedan
    • WARNING SPOILERS OF THE DREAM SMP, if you don’t understand and you watched the dream smp click read more. if you don’t understand wilbur was the traitor of lmanberg idk how else to say it lol.

      i’m stinkyi’m stinky7 dagar sedan
  • he died because u were crouching

    Banana gamesBanana games7 dagar sedan
  • Name of the bird : Peter What I hear is his name: Pizza

    Zu ChanZu Chan8 dagar sedan
  • "I'm so proud of that bird" That bird: *dies*

    Busteren McflusterenBusteren Mcflusteren8 dagar sedan
  • 4:57

    Diamond UnicornDiamond Unicorn8 dagar sedan
  • Every single pet of wilburs has found a way to kill itself except the fish that is confined in a tank (keep in mind the first one even found a way to get out as a literal fish) and the evil jim jam

    Fyre BlazeFyre Blaze9 dagar sedan
  • ''TRAITOR"

    aarush chughaarush chugh10 dagar sedan
  • "We got our traitor hanging for his crimes" funny, the recents events of l'manburg make you and the sheep are same lmaooo

    PhynoxTheGreat XxPhynoxTheGreat Xx10 dagar sedan
    • @PossiblyCori YEAH

      PhynoxTheGreat XxPhynoxTheGreat Xx8 dagar sedan
    • and the whole tnt bit of blowing up his home-

      PossiblyCoriPossiblyCori8 dagar sedan
  • Rip peter

    SFblairSFblair10 dagar sedan

    death warriordeath warrior10 dagar sedan
  • So wilbur has always been this fucking insane huh

    MimicyuMimicyu11 dagar sedan
  • .... I thought the parrot ‘s name was Pita.... like the chip

    Leaping LlamacornLeaping Llamacorn11 dagar sedan
  • is this not an animal drama show

    OofOof11 dagar sedan
  • I thoroughly enjoy the Fraser reference. that show was so funny ngl

    Molly BogleMolly Bogle11 dagar sedan
  • I thought Peter was peta

    William ColsonWilliam Colson11 dagar sedan
  • oh my god the music about gave me a heart attack

    Eli DybvigEli Dybvig11 dagar sedan
  • "Yes, bounce, that's all you're good for, that's all you're good for, sheep" my dirty mind thought he was going somewhere else with that

    Local Russian ManLocal Russian Man12 dagar sedan
  • the tnt...... this didn’t age well

    Leah ColtonLeah Colton12 dagar sedan

    Ördögh KrisztianÖrdögh Krisztian12 dagar sedan
  • (Spoilers btw) Wilbur: uses tnt to destroy the land he owned in a fit of crazed despair and madness after losing nearly everything he loved (in this case, Peter, Barnaby and others) _Oh, never change, do you..._

    Anika HuangAnika Huang12 dagar sedan
  • R.I.P Peter the parrot 2019 - 2019

    Haunted HeroHaunted Hero13 dagar sedan
  • the tnt at 8:28 was a glimpse of the future * insert sad l'manberg noise *

    Sofie HäggströmSofie Häggström13 dagar sedan
  • I Was Having A Panic Attack While Wilbur Was Staring At Peter.. My Family Thinks I’m Crazy Because.. I Was Screaming: “WiLbUr YoU HavE ToO MoVe!!” “NoO IF YoU DONT MoVe hE IsS GoiNg ToO DiE..!” Oh I Almost Forgot, It Was At 2:00 AM *IN THE BLOODY MORNING*

    Chloe ChocolateChloe Chocolate13 dagar sedan
  • Why does this remind me of another SEworldr who made a Minecraft series where every pet dies except one and who hates a sheep

    Inke MoensInke Moens13 dagar sedan
  • This entire series is like a gritty historical drama Hangings, people pushing people off of rooves, murder, Hangings, posh talk, Hangings, bad housing etc

    Claire MClaire M13 dagar sedan
  • Peter you will forever be known o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7

    Lalnunhlimi RalteLalnunhlimi Ralte14 dagar sedan
  • PETER THE PARROT RIP. 2019-2019

    olivia notfounddreamnapsootinnithachuolivia notfounddreamnapsootinnithachu14 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur started loving Peter more than New Milo, the sky gods punished that.

    Holy HaggisHoly Haggis14 dagar sedan
  • Your dumb

    Knight LancernKnight Lancern14 dagar sedan
  • When dirt is most common block in game and sky gods are like no I’m sky god not land god

    dolliez c:dolliez c:15 dagar sedan

    Xavier GaribaldiXavier Garibaldi15 dagar sedan
  • bird: Peter Wilbur: peter me: PiZzAh

    BlueTeaBlueTea15 dagar sedan
  • *CLEAN MY ~~~ JIM JAM* _________==========______

    Muntaha khawar._.Muntaha khawar._.15 dagar sedan
  • Rip Peter We love you even in heaven He is on to a better place now He’s just going for a fly -me and my friends

    Wanna beWanna be16 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur watching Peter die is me every time one of my wolfs die. I get so attached that I force myself into a state of mind where they still exist.

    Madison KingMadison King17 dagar sedan
  • 8:42 New Milo's pool is open did this give anyone else anxiety?

    Sable OrpheusSable Orpheus18 dagar sedan
  • 5:59 that's a bit sus setting your game mode to survival, that means you weren't in survival...

    Sable OrpheusSable Orpheus18 dagar sedan
  • R.I.P Peter

    DJ M&MSDJ M&MS18 dagar sedan
  • wilbur: oop playing with the void again peter. he dose not come up. wilbur: WE ARE GOING TO WAR VOID! *peter comes up* wilbur: nevermind as you were.

    Elijah SilverElijah Silver18 dagar sedan
    • *then dies* *pulls out gun*

      Elijah SilverElijah Silver18 dagar sedan
  • PEEEEEEETERRRRRRRRR! Noooooooooooo! I miss Peter so much he was the best little birdy

    Riley WILSONRiley WILSON18 dagar sedan
  • Here, in National Geographic, we see a wild Wilbur, and- Oh, oh dear. His parrot just died. Oh no, he's having a mental breakdown. Oh-oh dear. Ok everyone, back away slowly. Slowly, slowly, that's ittt. Ok eveyone, RUN. Tune in next time on National Geographic to see the ending.

    Cecile WanCecile Wan18 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: //gonna use TNT Me: //flashback on dream smp war

    Patty_ D.Patty_ D.19 dagar sedan
    • * flashbacks to the 16th *

      PossiblyCoriPossiblyCori8 dagar sedan
    • Yeeah-

      MevdyMevdy19 dagar sedan
  • wilbur:that traitor jimjam sheep:cry willbur realise jimjum was ino

    B02 Alicante Liam GabrielB02 Alicante Liam Gabriel19 dagar sedan
  • Every time i watch peter die i get sad.

    ThatCreativeBrainThatCreativeBrain20 dagar sedan
  • Peeter died because he stared at him. If he looked away he would teleport smh

    The Cardboard BoxThe Cardboard Box20 dagar sedan
  • i could’ve sworn the parrots name was Pita until Wilbur typed Peter

    goose galileogoose galileo20 dagar sedan
  • Why 🐟 New Milo 🐟 trapped 🐟 when 🐟 WilBur 🐟 run 🐟 free 🐟 hmm?

    gaypuffball -w-gaypuffball -w-20 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: What *are* mule things? Me: Probably *dying.* Like all the other animals in this series*

    KaChA HaKaChA Ha21 dag sedan
  • The whole mood changed after Peter died :(

    NkattNkatt21 dag sedan
  • when peter died i started playing sad music lol, lest we forget.

    Isabella MunroIsabella Munro21 dag sedan
  • "JIM JAM CLEAN MY BOWL" I died at that part😂😂

    Applë JüiceApplë Jüice22 dagar sedan
  • I'm late but tbh its his fault that the parrot died

    KK23 dagar sedan
  • peter died because he needed another block to teleport to

    Dylan HoffDylan Hoff23 dagar sedan

    Adomas NagelisAdomas Nagelis23 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: u WaNnA sEe Me SuFfEr?? FiNe Me: He'll regret that Wilbur 5 sec later: Where is the black shulker box?

    diamondruler _diamondruler _24 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur, parrot pet tip. If you look at it, it won’t teleport back to you.

    BitimBitim24 dagar sedan
  • 12:49 will casually quoting michael buble

    Zara Reid HodsonZara Reid Hodson24 dagar sedan
  • F

    Moura OficialMoura Oficial24 dagar sedan
  • New Milo is the murderer all the animals died closest to new Milo And he got a wet sponge after the cat died water gets things wet and milo was trying to protect everyone dying for their sins which there were none at the time but now he’s fighting the sky God’s trying to give him good items and his parrot was trying to tell him that.

    Yeeters YeetYeeters Yeet25 dagar sedan
  • Everytime the parrot fell in the void he only teleported back up once he had taken damage from the void so eventually he died

    ScaryCookieScaryCookie25 dagar sedan
  • So when we hangin Eret?

    Gatget gamerGatget gamer26 dagar sedan

      Gatget gamerGatget gamer25 dagar sedan
    • .... kinda fucked

      Yooo QYooo Q25 dagar sedan
  • bruh this is pretty much quarantine in 2020 he slowly goes insane

    Hugo WestonHugo Weston26 dagar sedan
  • Rip Peter. F in the chat boys...

    •Cry••Cry•27 dagar sedan
  • Every time he gets boots it’s during the sunrise that’s gotta mean something

    Rory SmithRory Smith28 dagar sedan

    Rhiana NavarroRhiana Navarro29 dagar sedan

    Rhiana NavarroRhiana Navarro29 dagar sedan
  • How dare you, Wilbur, you killed Peter..... you were too close to him so he couldn’t teleport... How DARE you...

    Very Thicc Cat S A L A DVery Thicc Cat S A L A DMånad sedan