Wilbur Soot - I'm in Love with an E-Girl

29 jan 2020
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I'm in love with an E-girl was filmed in front of a live studio Benedict.
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/2IrovQloj4bX8iUnCd0Usp
E-Girl: twitter.com/chiffonhaha
Drums: twitter.com/BendLovejoy
Everything else: me (sorry)
camera: instagram.com/elodie.gif/
Special thanks to Thomas Pearson
Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me:twitter.com/WilburSoot

Edited: me (not sorry B) )
Music used:
it's me. the video is literally my music.

  • On all platforms now: open.spotify.com/album/2IrovQloj4bX8iUnCd0Usp

    Wilbur SootWilbur Soot5 månader sedan
    • The mediley is quite pleasant

      Aaron SmithAaron Smith3 timmar sedan
    • you made me snort to death

      rodnie bunarodnie buna17 timmar sedan

      Red woofwoofRed woofwoofDag sedan
    • I feel like you wrote this about Niki, you guys are sooo cute together!

      Nelson TunNelson Tun2 dagar sedan
    • I wanted to say something before the reply section cap is reached

      Prishes ArtyrovPrishes Artyrov2 dagar sedan
  • In love

    Matas BuivydasMatas Buivydas7 minuter sedan
  • “,lyrics” at the first: -actual lyrics- “Lyrics” at the end: *FUCK FUCK FUCK*

    Aoi OkabeAoi Okabe13 minuter sedan
  • ah yes Carson best girl-

    l a u r e nl a u r e n17 minuter sedan
  • I’m in love with a I’m in love with a I’m in love with a With a Salmon

    SehtarehSehtarehTimme sedan
  • How did my smooth ass brain not notice he wasn't even playing the damn guitar until now

    S.A.F.I AnimoidS.A.F.I Animoid2 timmar sedan

    TCLplayzTCLplayz3 timmar sedan
  • 1:00 Wilbur looks like he's having so much fun doing that-

    Isidora ChicurelIsidora Chicurel3 timmar sedan
  • Simp

    RitariRitari3 timmar sedan
  • Ngl but all my friends and my cousins know that I'm crushing on Wilbur and Tommy even tho I'm 16

    Hanisuke Gamer GirlHanisuke Gamer Girl3 timmar sedan
    • @Eigil's Gaming help me be his gf lmao

      Hanisuke Gamer GirlHanisuke Gamer Girl3 timmar sedan
    • tommy's 16!

      Eigil's GamingEigil's Gaming3 timmar sedan
  • SEworld knows I'm okay I listened to fuyunohanashi twice,listened to line without a hook now this.

    EgbswishiqhsEgbswishiqhs3 timmar sedan
  • My mind is always singing this song from now on. Btw,its a nice song Wilbur Soot!

    Exotic ButtersExotic Butters4 timmar sedan
  • Hkgfgh

    cloudyxaudreycloudyxaudrey4 timmar sedan
  • this guys voice sounds so good

    SellMy AccSellMy Acc4 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur: “I’m in love with an e-girl.” Twitch mods: *I feel your pain.*

    OGEGOGEG4 timmar sedan
  • 3:12 was this the one where wilbur was chilling in vc1 at 2am in a stream with Karl and Quackity

    mayor koopbobmayor koopbob6 timmar sedan
  • blyatiful

    some bodysome body7 timmar sedan
  • Immagine if wilbur was serious all along

    GreatTimes SvGreatTimes Sv7 timmar sedan
  • Loved itttttttttttt

    Kylee’s gachaKylee’s gacha7 timmar sedan
  • the way Wilbur stared into my eyes for half of the song made me *uncomfy*

    ValoreValore7 timmar sedan
  • millennials

    AshtonAshton8 timmar sedan
  • wtf happened to u this is great

    Help MeplzHelp Meplz8 timmar sedan
  • Where is the "A SIMP HAS FALLEN FOR AN E GIRL IN LEGO CITY" comment?

    rodnie bunarodnie buna8 timmar sedan
  • Am I the only one who's laughing bc he's always looking at the camera 🤣🤣🤣staring at our souls🤣

    Janna Rose m. AngJanna Rose m. Ang8 timmar sedan
  • how did this happen to me after i watched this????? I HATE YOU

    DoneWithYouTubeDoneWithYouTube8 timmar sedan
  • I swear Carson's face alone is a meme, but not to mention, his face is an anime girl's face.

    Edmund LeeEdmund Lee9 timmar sedan
  • 1:22 1:59 3:56 *SMOOTH*

    Harlene Jaen CalaurHarlene Jaen Calaur9 timmar sedan
  • I was signing this song for 2 months straight and I won’t stop still

    Itz_moonItz_moon10 timmar sedan
  • Pog

    Elathan BartosElathan Bartos10 timmar sedan
  • It’s stuck in my head

    RaVeNRaVeN11 timmar sedan
  • im in love with an *eagle*

    remarema11 timmar sedan
  • His eyes going crosseyed mate, Time stamp: 2:32 if your curious

    Northern_Lights OwONorthern_Lights OwO11 timmar sedan
  • If it’s loons it’s fine

    Samuel ColeSamuel Cole12 timmar sedan
  • me sitting here at 2am trying to decide if he’s saying pooping or popping: 👁👄👁?

    Big ChungusBig Chungus12 timmar sedan
  • this is a work of art

    Fruity TuityFruity Tuity12 timmar sedan

    ღ 1tzLynx ღღ 1tzLynx ღ12 timmar sedan
  • Okok.. so I may or may not listen to this and cry in the bathroom and just walk out like "uuUHhhH I waNt t0 pLaY MinEcRaFT L0L".. it's two in the morning.. if you stumble upon this I hope you sleep well :)

    Mini Raindrop491Mini Raindrop49112 timmar sedan
    • i slept like ass but thanks anyway

      RemnantsactualPvPRemnantsactualPvP5 timmar sedan
  • Best part 1:51

    Thanos6400Thanos640013 timmar sedan
  • why am i simping for this man

    LexieDoesWhateverLexieDoesWhatever13 timmar sedan
  • hey he's a great singer, he should blow up L'manberg

    t e at e a14 timmar sedan
    • Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha

      Eividas Mačėnas!Eividas Mačėnas!10 timmar sedan
  • 8mil pog

    caticati14 timmar sedan
  • How to create an anime villain: 1st Step: I'm in love with an E-Girl 2nd Step: ??? 3rd Step: E-girls are ruining my life

    Astaaa!!Astaaa!!15 timmar sedan
  • is no one going to question the guitar???

    bluestang2811bluestang281115 timmar sedan
  • big poggersssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pyntox 1216Pyntox 121616 timmar sedan
  • Finally watched it after everyone talking about it and it being recommended 70 times, definitely worth it, what a hilarious piece of absolute art, you're a genius Wilbur

    Stella GSStella GS16 timmar sedan

    Abigail StholeAbigail Sthole16 timmar sedan
  • this really blew up just like l'manberg ( i'm so sorry)

    Olivia V KroekerOlivia V Kroeker17 timmar sedan
  • masterpiece

    Morri UnderscoreMorri Underscore17 timmar sedan
  • Completely relatable

    rodnie bunarodnie buna17 timmar sedan
  • He looks like elvis

    Kyle Borboran MainKyle Borboran Main18 timmar sedan
  • 2:04 the best part

    Cameron WeldonCameron Weldon18 timmar sedan
  • Talking about l'manberg- 98% Talking about carsons face showing up- 3%

    Dannielle BeveridgeDannielle Beveridge19 timmar sedan
  • Aw! Wilbur Simp!

    • StrxBerryZ Muffinz•• StrxBerryZ Muffinz•19 timmar sedan
  • "of an anime girl's face" *callmecarson*

    spacebread7spacebread719 timmar sedan
  • More like I’m in love with a her/she girl

    BastonBaston20 timmar sedan
  • This gave me karen bring the kid back vibes

    Nxus ScubaNxus Scuba20 timmar sedan
  • SIMP

    Žaneta HráčkováŽaneta Hráčková20 timmar sedan
  • I have listend to this like every-night before i sleep because i want merch and i’m scared my parents r gonna ask me to sing the song

    ScarlettO IVScarlettO IV20 timmar sedan
  • CallMeCarson is my favorite anime girl

    Golden LillisGolden Lillis21 timme sedan
  • Ur in love with mini ahi

    ChaoticSZNChaoticSZN21 timme sedan
  • Is this song about Niachu?

    Michael RowlandMichael Rowland21 timme sedan
  • i'm a e-girl, can i be with you wilbur....?

    Kiss Me.Kiss Me.22 timmar sedan
  • How tall is his celling?

    This animatorThis animator22 timmar sedan
  • My new favorite song

    Emily HillEmily Hill23 timmar sedan
  • If you click on the Wilbur Music channel at the end it says "serious songs"... "Karen please come back, I miss the kids"

    Ronald JózaRonald JózaDag sedan
  • I always think of the female Voice as nihachu

    Toby abbott AbbottToby abbott AbbottDag sedan
    • aha i was so sure to

      MM SnyderMM SnyderDag sedan
  • 2:50 r/ihadastroke lol i just had to

    RapidashRapidashDag sedan
  • wilbur this is 10000000000 / 10 i rate that 1000000000000 start

    IAMUIAMUDag sedan
  • Didn't know he could sing but this is the funniest song i ever heard of XD

    Mitzey 101Mitzey 101Dag sedan
  • I just had a very awkward staring contest

    Lost_Lost_Dag sedan
  • When I See this song ( it's wonderfull :3 ) idk it makes me kinda sad to see the Wilbur of a, feew weeks ago? I think... He BLEW UP L'MANBERG and yes idk I just feel kinda sad-

    Lara-Artz OvOLara-Artz OvODag sedan
    • @MM Snyder :3

      Lara-Artz OvOLara-Artz OvO14 timmar sedan
    • @Lara-Artz OvO ahahaha im never wrong :)

      MM SnyderMM Snyder22 timmar sedan
    • @MM Snyder Wtf ur right-

      Lara-Artz OvOLara-Artz OvO23 timmar sedan
    • wilbur in the yellow shirt is ghostbur just my headcanon :>

      MM SnyderMM SnyderDag sedan
  • im not even gonna lie- *who even would reject wilbur soot*

    ItsObviouslyIzzyItsObviouslyIzzyDag sedan
  • i want to throw up

    v!bev!beDag sedan
  • omg that music gave me a good idea for my manga

    KiyomiKiyomiDag sedan
  • 1:15 I LOST IT

    SensayTheGamerSensayTheGamerDag sedan
  • God i love him sm

    natalie campeaunatalie campeauDag sedan
  • She's beauty, She's grace, She has a profile picture of technoblades face

    Dominick AndersonDominick AndersonDag sedan
  • He's the reason y girls have so high standards

    itsmeharyitsmeharyDag sedan
    • Yeah true

      President ObamaPresident ObamaDag sedan
    • bruh

      perlandnemoperlandnemoDag sedan
  • Owww dream

    John Jason IpapoJohn Jason IpapoDag sedan

    Domy_king08Domy_king08Dag sedan
  • who is the other person 👀 IG???

    Hadi Al AzzawiHadi Al AzzawiDag sedan
  • he’s a new joji

    rosa reeserosa reeseDag sedan
  • Will the comments will get mad at me when i call him simp?

    ram dl valleram dl valleDag sedan
    • No he's open about being a simp (unless it was ironic)

      President ObamaPresident ObamaDag sedan
  • It’s 3:00 in the morning and I’ve spent the last 17 minutes wheezing my ass off at the comment section.

    Angelics _Angelics _Dag sedan
  • *mum took away my Ps5

    AtmixAtmixDag sedan
  • That is lonley😢❤️

    Ana BojicAna BojicDag sedan
  • It’s 3:20am and I’m just listening to his songs

    Mixer GeoSagegamer21Mixer GeoSagegamer21Dag sedan
  • I can't believe this is the guy who was the traitor in the SMP war

    FeorgemanFeorgemanDag sedan
  • i cant stop laughing

    DemoplayzANDemoplayzANDag sedan
  • Wilbur you look in depressed you good buddy?

    Crimson DeathCrimson DeathDag sedan
  • I watched this 6 times it never gets old I love it thank you

    Lucius StockLucius StockDag sedan

    Muffin._. DreeMuffin._. DreeDag sedan
  • 5 Stars!!

    Zariah GZariah GDag sedan
  • When call me Carson is an anime girl😂😂

    LaZe Ejoseph2009LaZe Ejoseph2009Dag sedan
  • can we appreciate the little house at the end, that was beautiful man

    strawberry kåtstrawberry kåtDag sedan
  • i’m in love with a knee girl

    chloe worthychloe worthyDag sedan
    • @President Obama mr president wow, what’s ur favourite knee

      chloe worthychloe worthy2 timmar sedan
    • I too am attracted to knees that are of the female gender

      President ObamaPresident ObamaDag sedan
  • Minecraft man make song

    Popcorn_StudiosPopcorn_StudiosDag sedan
  • Dude tf you could just replace the html cable or the connexions cable you absolute buffoon Is the simplest thing

    Ricione2004 pepethefrogRicione2004 pepethefrogDag sedan
  • Yo e girl?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Uziel Rodriguez-AguileraUziel Rodriguez-AguileraDag sedan
    • W Girl

      President ObamaPresident ObamaDag sedan
  • Bro ur so good with ur guitar 👌

    Creamy CrackerzCreamy CrackerzDag sedan