Random Item Skyblock Challenge (with Pyrocynical)

26 okt 2019
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This is Season 2 of my million dollar skyblock idea (disclaimer, it was not one million dollars) we kick it off with pyrocynical and our favourite new friend; tax spider
SEASON 1 EP 1: seworld.info/will/rKHdx5isn5ifzIk/video&
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me:twitter.com/WilburSoot
Thumbnail: twitter.com/scivious_
Pyrocynical: seworld.info
Edited: instagram.com/elodie.gif/
Datapack creators:
Ziplaw (seworld.info/tv/T_drzuYCUjVXufAaEoIb3Q.html)
Roarkcats (twitter.com/Roark_Cats)
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • is nobody going to point out the fact that you bounce higher if you put the slime block on the piston

    EggEgg15 timmar sedan
  • tip, use the woo to make slabs, 2 wood makes 4 slabs.

    Ryan FordRyan Ford16 timmar sedan
  • Pyro looks like one of the guys from stampy"s world

    Hjonk_ am_gooseHjonk_ am_goose23 timmar sedan
  • m i l o

    Sup I'm SummerSup I'm SummerDag sedan

    Bone8 -_-Bone8 -_-Dag sedan
  • sub to me plz lol

    flipfloplad 2flipfloplad 2Dag sedan
  • sub to me plz lol

    flipfloplad 2flipfloplad 2Dag sedan
    • No

      T H E M O T H K I N GT H E M O T H K I N G4 timmar sedan
    • No

      Thanos CarThanos Car7 timmar sedan
  • in my laguage (danish).... Far means..... dad

    Emma StyrupEmma Styrup2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur has gone way downhill since he was British

    CookedCodCookedCod2 dagar sedan
  • Pyrocynical:falls off the edge twice and then proceeds to get an elytra and keeps it on instead of putting it away in the shulker box. Me:BOI

    Pacha MorrisseyPacha Morrissey2 dagar sedan
  • Season three?

    Taco1234Taco12342 dagar sedan
  • The cross over nooooooo!

    Raging RangerRaging Ranger2 dagar sedan
  • everyone w pyro drama now

    JoesSalsaJoesSalsa2 dagar sedan
  • Pyro: *kills tropical fish* Wilbur and Viewers: **war flashbacks**

    draw_ydraw_y3 dagar sedan
  • You probably won't see this but LETS US SEE MILO 2 AGAIN

    The Davidson9696The Davidson96963 dagar sedan
  • Omg he is dead

    YyouMad ThoYyouMad Tho3 dagar sedan
  • Rip Season 2 Milo 3.0

    ware wolf_boy21ware wolf_boy213 dagar sedan
  • this is the 4th time ive rewatched this series and im still hoping for you and pyro to collab again and do something like this :C

    nozunednozuned3 dagar sedan
  • Imagine this in real life...

    Titouan BriereTitouan Briere3 dagar sedan
  • Pyro: **sets fish free** Wilburs pov: atleast he's free in heaven

    arkadiusz kozyraarkadiusz kozyra4 dagar sedan
  • That was new new milo

    Mary Ann BrownMary Ann Brown4 dagar sedan
  • We want season 3

    Tony and Mundo animationsTony and Mundo animations4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur with a fish: grows the fish and after a long time giving him a whole universe to swim in Pyro with a fish: ziggity Zoe to the abyss you go

    That hazbin fanThat hazbin fan4 dagar sedan
  • *pyro existing* Me looking at his skin: “Lee Bear??”

    Kitty AwesomenessKitty Awesomeness5 dagar sedan
  • Is that lee from stampys wonderful world

    Skylar ReedSkylar Reed5 dagar sedan
    • Its prince oedward, Prince of Aldovia.

      Yeetus DefeetusYeetus Defeetus4 dagar sedan
  • Its

    Skylar ReedSkylar Reed5 dagar sedan
  • Belle Dolphine just RKO’d the hell out of gubson

    Monsieur BacteriaMonsieur Bacteria5 dagar sedan
  • Casual players: The first season of this Speed runners: 2:11

    A. PersonA. Person5 dagar sedan
  • 8:59 Suicide Dolphin attacks skeleton horse

    GuerraGuerra5 dagar sedan
  • 8:59 Suicide Dolphin attacks skeleton horse

    GuerraGuerra5 dagar sedan
  • Now i wa Tch this for the 600th time i think should've build the dolfin a tank

    DarkMuffinDarkMuffin5 dagar sedan
  • We Stan Gubson

    Jacob Grimwood-LongJacob Grimwood-Long6 dagar sedan
  • nooo the fish looked like the original milo jshdy

    Renzo FrancoRenzo Franco6 dagar sedan
  • The tropical fish gave him milo the first flashbacks oh noooo

    Random HumanRandom Human6 dagar sedan
  • HELP i cannot watch this video without thinking 'furry' anymore

    выохда нетвыохда нет6 dagar sedan
  • I miss milo I cried when he was set free...😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Colleen KomoraColleen Komora6 dagar sedan
  • Only OGs understand the fish moment.

    Ashley KwanAshley Kwan6 dagar sedan
  • pyro are you Lee bear from stampy?

    jaxwell 4jaxwell 46 dagar sedan
  • 8:56 hitman dolphin... seems familiar :thonk: if ykyk

    Break The SkylineBreak The Skyline6 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/gLGtmJ7dj55ikok/video

    Emma CashEmma Cash7 dagar sedan
  • 00:00 strangest thing I've heard all day

    Blacked out BoarBlacked out Boar7 dagar sedan
  • wilbur: gives fish more care than himself pyro: *yeets one off the edge*

  • L for lee ;-;

    Monica :3Monica :37 dagar sedan
  • i need to a milo 2 2.0........or a pet i can get emotionally attached to so i can cry like i did when wilbur let milo 2 go at the end of season 1

    Local Russian ManLocal Russian Man8 dagar sedan
  • Can we get a new milo

    Camaira HickeyCamaira Hickey8 dagar sedan
  • I don't like your Buddy decision you should've gone with Fundy or Halo or Techno or someone

    Claire MClaire M9 dagar sedan
    • +ivory lied about their age

      symbolicsymbolic8 dagar sedan
    • this was a year ago

      andyandy8 dagar sedan
  • Not gonna lie I thought Pyro was Lee bear from Stampy's lovely world for a second

    EvelynLikesToDrawEvelynLikesToDraw10 dagar sedan

    ClasticPlaysClasticPlays10 dagar sedan
  • pyro not knowing about milo-

    Lyla Rose CoeLyla Rose Coe11 dagar sedan
  • The pure enthusiasm at the start is beautiful

    Haka KishiHaka Kishi11 dagar sedan
  • "You've got something to play with I've just got a hoe" -Wilbur

    NoNo11 dagar sedan
  • im sad because they couldve used mooshroom for infinite food...

    YeetMCYeetMC11 dagar sedan
  • alternate title: virgin collaborates with a furry

    Teuku KeanuTeuku Keanu12 dagar sedan
  • But honestly...that "far" disc was an amazing taunt, Minecraft...

    Emily JonesEmily Jones12 dagar sedan
  • 4:56 Oh god-

    Snowed WhisperSnowed Whisper12 dagar sedan

    Adela RiosAdela Rios13 dagar sedan
  • Trying to convince myself this isn't l for lee

    Eddi The BossEddi The Boss13 dagar sedan
  • Wait they are the same petson

    Ds ProductionDs Production13 dagar sedan
  • I did this with my class and it was really fun

    TrainRider RailfanTrainRider Railfan13 dagar sedan
  • Oh god he reminds me of lee the bear, you know the guy from stampy that left and never returned 😔

    Mrs. BoxMrs. Box13 dagar sedan
    • :(

      Michelle PittmanMichelle Pittman3 dagar sedan
  • pyro: (kills fish) me: (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

    Angela SturgeonAngela Sturgeon13 dagar sedan
  • This video: Me watching grown men kill their pets

    ExtraOrdinaryExtraOrdinary14 dagar sedan
  • No milo

    SuperDy13 gamingSuperDy13 gaming14 dagar sedan
  • Pyro and willbur are basically the same person

    Trace DavisTrace Davis14 dagar sedan
    • @M4A3E8 Sherman pyros a furry and Wilbur's a pyro :p

      symbolicsymbolic8 dagar sedan
    • Except Pyro's a furry and Will's well I have no idea what will is

      M4A3E8 ShermanM4A3E8 Sherman12 dagar sedan
  • You monster pyro 😡😡😡😡😡

    Riley WILSONRiley WILSON15 dagar sedan
    • @Casper :] they are talking about milo

      Pika nimaPika nima3 dagar sedan
    • The allegations were proven false.

      Casper :]Casper :]11 dagar sedan
  • Pls new milo 3.0 please come back I’m praying

    Riley WILSONRiley WILSON15 dagar sedan
  • yes name the dead horse gubson just like your cat last season

    emilysavedferrisemilysavedferris15 dagar sedan

    Addison MichaelsAddison Michaels15 dagar sedan
  • headphones Headphones? HEADPHONES!!!!!

    Kyler WieseKyler Wiese15 dagar sedan
  • does anybody know the ip for this server or is it private

    Max TheoretMax Theoret15 dagar sedan
    • Are you stupid? This was a year ago and is now over. Why would they let a random person in in the first place 0-0

      Amythest BedAmythest Bed14 dagar sedan
  • Gubson... that name is familiar... is this Gubsons second life?

    Mochi._.CreamoMochi._.Creamo16 dagar sedan
  • New milo ending kicks in Me: *Crying intensifies*

    Blocky GaryBlocky Gary16 dagar sedan
  • 666 dislikes this is crazy

    Rainbow PetsRainbow Pets16 dagar sedan
  • I called this number (915)#142381 4233

    Dame Da Ne Video'sDame Da Ne Video's16 dagar sedan
  • Wow.... there all almost 666 dislikes....

    JustTamingDragonsJustTamingDragons16 dagar sedan
  • 2:13 he got flash backs to milo

    Dylan FenyesDylan Fenyes16 dagar sedan

    Brady WalpoleBrady Walpole16 dagar sedan
  • pyro legit sounds like pyroincel

    Teuku KeanuTeuku Keanu17 dagar sedan
  • Did pyro work for stampy? His skin is so familiar

    Technos dogTechnos dog17 dagar sedan
  • “Gubson. Gubson” **gets flashbacks from last video**

    -Derpii--Derpii-17 dagar sedan
  • 2:15 me: nooooo

    pinkiepower 134pinkiepower 13418 dagar sedan
  • Ahh, yes, such moist..

    YesYes18 dagar sedan

    Daniel RowlandDaniel Rowland18 dagar sedan
  • I hate when animals die in minecraft.... ;-;

    Ron KoffRon Koff19 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who things pyro and Wilbur sound the same

    James HarrisJames Harris19 dagar sedan
  • milo 3.0

    Student Jenna KirkpatrickStudent Jenna Kirkpatrick19 dagar sedan
  • #JusticeForNewNewMilo

    FPG Doggo.FPG Doggo.20 dagar sedan
  • 8:55 dolphin: COME HERE **** ILL KILL U Gubson: WILBER.....

    Christand DuarteChristand Duarte20 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur thank you for the happiest moments of my life from the smp to any of your other videos thank you

    Jayce RichardsJayce Richards20 dagar sedan
  • The fact that there's so much foreshadowing in this episode... The tropical fish and the cod (milo & new milo) The music disc (far) When the skeleton horse was levitating off the edge (like his donkey) Comment more

    OpalinkOpalink21 dag sedan
    • The banner

      OpalinkOpalink21 dag sedan
  • Alternate Title ; Wilbur Gets Flashbacks Over Everything Pyrocynical Does *

    SnowBellaSnowBella22 dagar sedan

    Fish NoodlesFish Noodles22 dagar sedan
  • 3:31 he held it up so slowly.

    JazzyJazzy22 dagar sedan
  • wilbur says gubson me:the cat

    Ander the NoobAnder the Noob22 dagar sedan
  • Pyro: *drops fish* Everyone who watched the other series: *Vietnam flashbacks intensifies*

    Mr_McDonalds714Mr_McDonalds71423 dagar sedan
  • When everyone forgets that Wilbur already had a cat named gubson...😟

    OrionOrion23 dagar sedan
  • Is anybody seeing this now?

    R1P SN1PEZR1P SN1PEZ24 dagar sedan
    • Me

  • bucket of tropical fish: just vibing in the void wilbur: *ptsd flashbacks*

    Lila Raspberry74Lila Raspberry7425 dagar sedan

    AyeItsBenAyeItsBen26 dagar sedan
  • its been a year poggers

    rainutearainutea26 dagar sedan