If I Find the Bathtub the Video Ends

13 nov 2020
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • well stole from yogscast

    Joe BondJoe Bond10 minuter sedan
  • I should go view this place if I go visit my aunts in Kentucky

    Peachitea subliminalsPeachitea subliminals53 minuter sedan

    SpeedwagonSpeedwagonTimme sedan
  • Everytime I saw the thumbnail, I thought it said: This is a GAY for help.

    Dona NasolDona Nasol3 timmar sedan
  • SCP-1707 Euclid. SCP-1707 is a large house located in Britain. Everything seems normal, though in reality the house is filled with cognitive hazards, along with a teleporting bathtub. The house was built in μΩק∆`♥№· during {/‡†«‚″£×§→ by ÷Π√♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣. SCP-1707-A is a bathtub. A teleporting bathtub that, when detecting any sort of human life, will teleport to a new bathroom farthest away from the human. SCP-1707-B is the group of items that are cognitive hazards that furnish the house. SCP-1707-B has the capability to interfere with the viewers' memory, making the house seem like a maze that stretches for miles and miles. SCP-1707-C are humans, whose mental states have been changed to the point that they are no longer considered sentient. Special Containment Procedures: The house will be under constant surveillance, with a 60 meter exclusion zone. Personnel entering the house are required to wear the needed equipment to become immune to the cognito hazards. There will be no attempts to recover any personnel lost, as those affected by the cognito hazards exhibit signs of brain damage within 24 hours, resulting in practically-unstoppable aggression which could result in further casualties.

    vinkhevinkhe6 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else read "cry" as "gay"?

    Fucking Guillermo I want to die AvendañoFucking Guillermo I want to die Avendaño7 timmar sedan
  • Its not a Bathtub, its a pool. Its in the porn room

    Tina WrightTina Wright8 timmar sedan
  • I have looked at this.

    Haley BarnhillHaley Barnhill11 timmar sedan
  • The House is infinity space and storage

    Ej AngeladaEj Angelada14 timmar sedan
  • this house gives me anxiety

    i love communismi love communism15 timmar sedan
  • 💔 that's all

    acidicangel_acidicangel_15 timmar sedan
  • Having lived in Louisville I don't believe this place exists

    Jurassic PlantJurassic Plant15 timmar sedan
  • wheres the link to tour the house

    AlcorKanissAlcorKaniss16 timmar sedan
  • as someone from louisville, ky, i would like to tell you guys it’s not pronounced “lou-ee-ville” or “louis-ville” or anything, but “loo-vull.” also i would very much like to live there

    · i love you ·· i love you ·16 timmar sedan
  • Welcome to the backrooms

    Raid ShadowlegendsRaid Shadowlegends16 timmar sedan
  • poggers

    Ruby Tries To Do ThingsRuby Tries To Do Things17 timmar sedan
  • Wait no this is the box stairs

    Spaghetti BoarSpaghetti Boar17 timmar sedan

    theabsoluteworsttheabsoluteworst20 timmar sedan
  • "forbidden IKEA" LMAOOOOOOOOO

    AlluAllu20 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur gets stuck in the back rooms

    chloe owochloe owo21 timme sedan
  • Scp 5001 the basement that goes from Louisville to dc

    Gd IXK SA CA MD JackAttackGd IXK SA CA MD JackAttackDag sedan
  • How my mom See's my room:

    duckieowoduckieowoDag sedan
  • The voice was so similar i almost thought he lost it

    Pure GameplayPure GameplayDag sedan
  • No, no, no, no thisnis mightmare fuel, its a hoarders house, burn it, burn who made it, burn who lived in it just BURN.

    Shinobi KaiShinobi KaiDag sedan
  • Wilbur you at the backrooms check your watch before yo-... forget... yourself... what am i.

    AntoniusAntoniusDag sedan
  • The best thing ever said in the world "It's a house, Benedict!

    Samuel PhillipsSamuel PhillipsDag sedan

    gacha Galaxy bene {WGF}gacha Galaxy bene {WGF}Dag sedan
  • My sense of direction after only 8 minutes 💀💀

    Juanpablo MartinezJuanpablo MartinezDag sedan
  • The worst part is that they added the bathtub back into the website...

    C0DC0DDag sedan
  • Wilbur never found the cat

    42onti42ontiDag sedan
  • What is such a house called

    Daniel PondDaniel PondDag sedan
  • Is nobody going to talk about the fact there was a carpet under the second urinal?

    Gretchen ShantzGretchen ShantzDag sedan
    • Timestamp 8:09

      Gretchen ShantzGretchen ShantzDag sedan
  • if Tommy went there

  • Hold on let me walk a mile to take a bath

    chicken dogchicken dogDag sedan
  • I found this house the other day, and i havent even watched this whole video, but this house was SO WEIRD AND CREEPY. i did find the bathtub, but there was so much other things that were so concerning. EDIT: just watching him go "THERES MORE" after only the first couple rooms, i was like,,, oh HONEY, theres more, theres so much more EDIT 2: I have finished the video, and i found the house and the walkthrough before the bath tub was closed off, but even without the bath tub, this house feels like an acid trip. Some things i noticed that he didnt point out in the video: stacks of boxes of monster cans in random places, the CARPETS under the urinals (ik he saw that, but he didnt say anything about it), the BOXES and BOXES full of just prescription pill bottles. thats all i can think of rn, but "LAT ME IN THE PORN ROOM" and "not the fucking box stairs" are going to become staples in my list of random quotes. also, as soon as i saw the porn room, i was like. thats it!! PORN ROOM BATHTUB POOL!!!!!

    beeperbeeperDag sedan
  • can anyone tell me what’s the name of the song playing in the background?

    Chicken NuggetChicken NuggetDag sedan
  • The all mighty famous boxy house

    The BaldiesThe BaldiesDag sedan
  • i'm not done the vid but i'm convinced that this is the american catacombs fyi the catacombs is a bunch of tunnels under paris with millions of bodies and bones

    a random annusa random annusDag sedan
  • some1 should make a video game with this as the setting

    lolo is cringelolo is cringeDag sedan
  • This video gave me some kinda of panic attack XD

    Kingdom Come257Kingdom Come257Dag sedan
  • Alternative title. British man exploring kentucky home and tries to go into porn room.

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku MidoriyaDag sedan
  • As a Kentuckian I am pissed you said Louisville wrong

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku MidoriyaDag sedan
  • Actual American houses look better than this this is probably a homeless shelter

    Anthony HuynhAnthony HuynhDag sedan
  • seworld.info/will/j56uxNXYeYd-0qM/video

    Purple JellyPurple Jelly2 dagar sedan

    Layal SalehLayal Saleh2 dagar sedan
  • Literally a horror game layout

    Duneblazer85Duneblazer852 dagar sedan
  • Imagine that you are a firefighter responding to fire in that building with several victims to be found. B R U H

    WOJTAS 998WOJTAS 9982 dagar sedan
  • oh, quick thing that doesn’t matter louisville is pronounced lo- ull ville and of course this is in kentucky my god

    pablo the creatorpablo the creator2 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, this definitely sounds like something from Kentucky

    pikachadpikachad2 dagar sedan
  • How big is this building

    Nathan LykouretzosNathan Lykouretzos2 dagar sedan
  • 9:51 out of all the things he could've pointed out that are weird about the house... He pointed out the fact that it has a library...

    Kamryn EditsKamryn Edits2 dagar sedan
  • Meow

    Anime Boi 65Anime Boi 652 dagar sedan
  • the twist there was no bathroom all along

    gentle cubegentle cube2 dagar sedan
  • "It was all part of my plan Jojo, I deleted the bathtub for you to be trapped inside the virtual house FOREVA."

    Alois TrancyAlois Trancy2 dagar sedan
  • My mum walked in as he was whispering ‘please let me in the porn room’ That was one awkward conversation...

    Ethan AmosEthan Amos2 dagar sedan
  • “Who needs this many boxes in their house!?” Me sitting next to 5 boxes: 👁👄👁

    Abbi TaylorAbbi Taylor2 dagar sedan
  • 10:19 From now on I will call my boxers my pp case

    The breadThe bread2 dagar sedan
  • that cat would have so much fun in those huge warehouse bits

    yag fi hsooowyag fi hsooow2 dagar sedan
  • Yo but imagine playing Hide and Seek in here.

    Marion FrixMarion Frix2 dagar sedan
  • I can only imagine tub-bo rn

    Margie PalmerMargie Palmer2 dagar sedan
  • *ok but like wtf is this house i am so confused and intimidated*

    Oddi-BunOddi-Bun2 dagar sedan
  • Haha pp case funny

    Aloun PhoulavanAloun Phoulavan2 dagar sedan
  • wilbur: i know my way around louisville kentucky like the back of my hand me, from kentucky: not enough to pronounce it right apparently

    CrAzyW3irdoCrAzyW3irdo2 dagar sedan
  • i thought i had the dirteist house . but i waatched this it is 1,000,000 times worse.

    Pixel DinoPixel Dino2 dagar sedan
  • wilbur when he realizes the bathtub isn't in the bathroom: WHAT?! EY EH

    ClaireClaire2 dagar sedan
  • At the start I thought wilbur turned gay and irish

    SentrySentry2 dagar sedan
  • That gave me anxiety

    Ben BrownBen Brown2 dagar sedan
  • *2020 if it was a building.*

    OneEcoOneEco2 dagar sedan
  • "h e y that says I love you in Dutch" okay wholesome nerd moment

    Anna TurnbladAnna Turnblad2 dagar sedan
  • when it is your house so you already know where the bathtub is

    BridgetBridget2 dagar sedan
  • T h e b a c k r o o m s

    Kalistoo's HideoutKalistoo's Hideout2 dagar sedan
  • Why do I keep reading, "This is a gay for help"

    JustATest 01JustATest 013 dagar sedan

    Megan KingMegan King3 dagar sedan
  • I would love to live there.

    Raccoon KeurigRaccoon Keurig3 dagar sedan
  • "is this an scp?"maybe"its scp ikea

    Justin VargasJustin Vargas3 dagar sedan
  • They added back the bath!

    MaxiTaxiMaxiTaxi3 dagar sedan
  • “Hey Shitass you wanna see speedrun Minecraft?” 16.42

    Howey StewartHowey Stewart3 dagar sedan
  • found it in 2 mins, wasn't too difficult

    Ben McNuttBen McNutt3 dagar sedan
  • this is the real reason he didn't want americans in l'manburg

    Henry SchoonHenry Schoon3 dagar sedan
  • 16:39 Hey Shitass, whanna see me speedrun out of the house?

    Тсундере 2д храмаТсундере 2д храма3 dagar sedan
  • I heard there was a special place Where men can go and emancipate The brutality and the tyranny of the rulers Well, this place is real you needn't fret With Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, fuck Eret It's a very big and not blown-up L'manberg My L'Manberg My L'Manberg My L'Manberg My L'Manberg Our faith was strong But we lost the crown You burned our flag Brought our big walls down You kicked us out of the nation we created We run constantly as we're hunted down We turn our backs and we look around At the land that we once called our home L'Manberg My L'Manberg My L'Manberg My L'Manberg My L'Manberg But we'll start again, and we'll start anew We'll work together just me and you To found a brand new nation we call pogtopia We'll raise a flag, declare a war From now on forth, we won't lose no more But we will never forget the place we came from My L'Manberg My L'Manberg My L'Manberg My L'Manberg

    yodaburger gonomeyodaburger gonome3 dagar sedan
  • it reminds me of that one scp its a parking thing ive frogoten the name rn but it changes constatly

    Prince SpooksPrince Spooks3 dagar sedan
  • fun fact: i managed to get into the bath just now.

    Hi I'm EmilyHi I'm Emily3 dagar sedan
  • this is SCP-3008 if it wasnt an ikea

    Crystal Wolf RRCrystal Wolf RR3 dagar sedan
  • 5:24 pause right before he moves between the shelves, but he is there-- there are eyes looking at him on the right shelf

    Aidan tungAidan tung3 dagar sedan
  • Stolen idea

    Mason On Da BeatMason On Da Beat3 dagar sedan
  • “If you find the first exit you came through then- “ Wilbur: *Heavy breathing*

    Demisexual PanicDemisexual Panic3 dagar sedan
  • "If I was this Kentucky person, where would I put my bath tub?" Outside.

    1992Xaldin1992Xaldin3 dagar sedan
  • No wait, you'll make the Magnus Archives fandom go feral

    Grace CrawfordGrace Crawford3 dagar sedan
  • i thought the thumbnail said *"this is a gay for help"* instead of *"this is a cry for help"* and i fucking died laughing 💀

    oompa loomp body ass bitchoompa loomp body ass bitch3 dagar sedan
  • wilbur i just went to the house i live by there!!

    Meaghan O'LearyMeaghan O'Leary4 dagar sedan
  • 16:39 “hey shitass, wanna see me escape this hellhole?”

    *half-decent YT name**half-decent YT name*4 dagar sedan
  • Let’s be honest, the video would have ended half way if Wilbur was able to get inside the porn room...

    Sophia BernadetteSophia Bernadette4 dagar sedan
  • Every SEworldr's reaction to this house is the same. Confusion that descends into utter madness as the small idiosyncrasies of the house give way to a larger, more maddening combination of things that have absolutely no right to exist, forcing them to go through all 5 stages of grief as they slowly come to accept the house's existence, giving way into an insatiable desire to want to know more- Why? Who? And more importantly, What? What sequence of events could possibly cause a being such as this to come into existence?

    WaterlemonTheArtistWaterlemonTheArtist4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur you joined on my 15th birthday last year :)

    LollyLolly4 dagar sedan
  • New among us map??

    Brendan CaverleyBrendan Caverley4 dagar sedan
  • this building is definitely a scp

    RobbinRobbin4 dagar sedan
  • i was able to find the bathtub today

    hapichapihapichapi4 dagar sedan
  • Imagine how fun and amazing that house could be if it was clean like it could have so much potential

    txrquoiisetxrquoiise4 dagar sedan
  • Sooo you said you know your way around Louisville.... I live there so when u coming over??

    Meaghan O'LearyMeaghan O'Leary4 dagar sedan