Schlatt and Wilbur Talk About Hot Pockets for 15 Minutes

15 apr 2020
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Edited: me
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • Alternate Title: Minx slowly loses her mind while Schlatt and Wilbur sensually talk about Hot Pockets

    Echo HeartzEcho Heartz2 timmar sedan
  • To be fair you can fill a hot pocket with anything

    WitchyWitchy5 timmar sedan
  • so what your saying here is: is we can actually l o w e r the boredom?

    Ethan DiestaEthan Diesta6 timmar sedan
  • I want hotpockets

    Hank AndersonHank Anderson11 timmar sedan
  • This is fantastic asmr

    CrypticSavage 04CrypticSavage 0413 timmar sedan
  • It's way past my bedtime and I watched the entire 15 mins of this shit

    CrypticSavage 04CrypticSavage 0413 timmar sedan
  • They speak so sensually about hot pockets that it made me want one

    Clarissa SmithClarissa Smith15 timmar sedan
  • *F O K I N*

    Boloro BBoloro B18 timmar sedan
  • I love how this guy made thousands because of this video

    GoldenSheepGoldenSheep19 timmar sedan
  • It sounds like Jack stauber made this

    CalamityioCalamityioDag sedan
  • boys be boys...

    Lord Lame LemonLord Lame LemonDag sedan
  • Alternative title: American flute player and British guitarist torture two women by quietly talking about hot pockets

    Flaming LynxFlaming LynxDag sedan
  • 10:08 yup this part

    MusicZemyx2MusicZemyx2Dag sedan
  • this make me wanna go to the states to order a pretzel bread hot pocket

    JustAdiJustAdiDag sedan
  • i legit no joke almost fell asleep listening to this

    Trash BoiTrash BoiDag sedan
  • This video brings me so much joy

    Sexy HedgehogSexy HedgehogDag sedan
  • and months later there twerking to each other

    MikaelMikaelDag sedan
  • Who else is linda mad about her yelling when youre listening to the hotpockets

    Girlscout In a freezerGirlscout In a freezerDag sedan
  • I saved this to my asmr playlist lmao

    Lilyane MarshallLilyane MarshallDag sedan
  • Hot pockets are good

    JunebugJunebugDag sedan
  • I watch this video every time I have hotpockets. I gotta say, this video is the best video for eating hot pockets with.

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  • God this is hot.

    hakaihakaiDag sedan
  • so then judging from what they said at the beginning, schlatt and wilbur didn’t know eachother at this point? which means their first conversation was seductively talking about hot pockets for 15 minutes straight

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  • Pot Hocket ASMR

    Pink HoodiePink Hoodie2 dagar sedan
  • this is the only asmr i enjoy

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  • I actually unironically enjoyed this video so much.

    MicxhMicxh2 dagar sedan
  • I just realized that this video was released on my birthday!

    Fahad AbdullahFahad Abdullah2 dagar sedan
  • i’m listening to this in class and i’m unironically enjoying it-

    dxmbxssdxmbxss2 dagar sedan
  • If this was an actual hot pockets ad I’d watch the whole thing.

    Insecure.AnxietyInsecure.Anxiety2 dagar sedan
  • Why I am watching this for 10m whyyyyyy

    Carlos AyonCarlos Ayon2 dagar sedan
  • 11:08 I felt like I was watching a disrupt video XD

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  • Quality content

    InsificeInsifice2 dagar sedan
  • I've come back to this video way too many times in the past 7 months This feels like a elaborate commercial for hot pockets that gets broadcasted every night at 00:00 and at the end they tell us we all die in the end

    Bianca IoanaBianca Ioana2 dagar sedan
  • *...this reminds me of that one south park episode where Randy calls a food hot line to talk dirty with.*

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  • This is my favourite video.

    Name Namerson SrName Namerson Sr3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur has bananas and Schlage has hot pockets

    Christian WagnerChristian Wagner3 dagar sedan
  • I want a hot pocket now.

    CapelCapel3 dagar sedan
  • This is more entertaining than seeing a drunk person wobble over a side of a cliff

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  • Men will be men

    VON IMANILVON IMANIL3 dagar sedan
  • When the teacher tells you there isn't enough words in the essay

    a persona person3 dagar sedan
  • “Disrobing the hot pocket” is what finally broke me

    infinityscarvesinfinityscarves3 dagar sedan
  • wait- os this how u guys met or- if this is how you guys met that is just- amazintg. lmao

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  • This is so relaxing what the heck.

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  • this is so relaxing

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  • i swear to god i made captions to this video months ago and they are still not on the actual video

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  • I saw this and i needed to watch it

    Kitty GamerKitty Gamer3 dagar sedan
  • My god minx went on way too long on the hot pocket, like jesus christ. Anyway, does anyone wanna hot pocket?

    Omar FloresOmar Flores4 dagar sedan
  • It's 4:20 and I have nothing better to do than listen to this again. What am I doing with my life?!

    Vivimon The QueenVivimon The Queen4 dagar sedan
  • Honestly the bacon egg and cheese hot pocket is the best 🤚

    *Gàçhã•Gōrł**Gàçhã•Gōrł*4 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to weird wilbur pocket. This theme: hot pocket .

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  • God this would be so much better if MINX WASN'T INTERUPTING IT.

    Dustin CumminsDustin Cummins5 dagar sedan
  • I actually agree with jschlatt. I hate the ham and cheese flavor.

    4lch4lch5 dagar sedan
  • 15 minutes of two guys advertising hot pockets

    ItsNothingRichyItsNothingRichy5 dagar sedan
  • I love vhs style subtitles

    Memphis RainesMemphis Raines5 dagar sedan
  • watching it everyday before going to sleep

    DARLIN' DAYSDARLIN' DAYS5 dagar sedan
  • was so invested in two men talking seductively about hot pockets that my soul left my body when I got an ad

    Pretty Much PaigePretty Much Paige5 dagar sedan
  • I learned of this from the sand eating video Should I be worried?

    LullabyLullaby5 dagar sedan
  • who's the annoying bitch that is interrupting them?

    Lapeez 22Lapeez 225 dagar sedan
  • I like scholars deep voice a lot more than corpses

    DuckBoxDuckBox5 dagar sedan
  • omg minx is so annoying

    Alex V.Alex V.5 dagar sedan

    joshuakillerjoshuakiller5 dagar sedan
  • I feel like I shouldn't be hearing this. I feel like I'm overhearing that one couple flirting at the next table.

    x-virus_gamingx-virus_gaming5 dagar sedan
  • We have those in Canada, they’re called pizza pops.

    Maxwell UnderwoodMaxwell Underwood5 dagar sedan
  • Like in hell she just trapped listening to 2guy talking about hot pocket with a deep ass voice forever

    Riski aditya Cahya diputra No:32 kls:7kRiski aditya Cahya diputra No:32 kls:7k5 dagar sedan
  • Whenever someone asks me what a hot pocket is, I'm going to link them to this video because before watching I had no idea but now I know *everything*

    Benjamin CooperBenjamin Cooper5 dagar sedan
  • Just end me already

    Delta DiamondDelta Diamond5 dagar sedan
  • it fuckin did it again! i'm trying to repair this chipped axe i found embedded in a tree, i frigg off to rock a piss and i come back to 2 homeboys rubbin it out to hotpockets! fuckin stellar youtubes just fuckin mint budd! hahahaha

    WaywardSonWaywardSon5 dagar sedan
  • Лучшее ASMR видео в моей жизни.

    насок судьбынасок судьбы5 dagar sedan
  • "And the last two bites, let me tell you, the last two bites are just *_O R G A S M I C_* "

    TMMASTERTMMASTER6 dagar sedan
  • Love the video, wish Minx could just shut up for ones

    Tim LindebergTim Lindeberg6 dagar sedan
  • Now I'm hungry, fucking thanks

    TinanaffTinanaff6 dagar sedan
  • I imagine after the SMP war they just infinitely discuss hot pockets in the afterlife.

    No.No.6 dagar sedan
  • Minx just sitting there, terrified, is a whole ass mood!

    Onion ProductionsOnion Productions6 dagar sedan
  • Hot pockets reminds me of calzones

    No NameNo Name6 dagar sedan
  • The only reason Minx kept on interrupting them because she's trying to stop herself from getting turned on

    twobiased -twobiased -6 dagar sedan
  • i feel like im listening to an underground form of foreplay

    Wtf SophiaWtf Sophia6 dagar sedan
  • You know my favorite hot pocket is the Alabama hot pocket, it feels- i mean tastes really good!

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  • ASMR

    Eli is te bes vegtableEli is te bes vegtable6 dagar sedan
  • i have never been so interested in a conversation in my life

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  • That awkward moment when your headphones die and everyone on the bus hears an angry Irish women screaming at a buisnessman and an eboy to stop seductively talking about hot pockets

    PizazzPizazz6 dagar sedan
  • Jschlatt: “Hm, think I’ve heard of Wilbur before-“ *Months Later* Jschlatt: **takes L’manburg from from Wilburs reign**

    - Δ S H -- Δ S H -6 dagar sedan
  • I showed this to my dad and I don't regret a thing

    Emotions are hardEmotions are hard6 dagar sedan
  • I now know what a hot pocket is...I kinda want one

    VessieVessie6 dagar sedan
  • If you told me last year that I would actively listen to two men seductively talk about hot pockets in basically an ASMR video for 15 minutes and enjoy it, I would have said that would never happen. But here I am listening to this for the probably 10th time. Only asmr I’ll ever listen to.

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  • I watch this video everyday and I don't plan on stopping

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  • shortest 15 minutes of my life

    itsyafishy boiitsyafishy boi6 dagar sedan
  • This made me eat a hot pocket.

    Emily CowellEmily Cowell6 dagar sedan
  • As someone who has never eaten a hot pocket, this was very informative

    Abrar AsifAbrar Asif7 dagar sedan
  • This is something that men can do, talk about shit like hot pockets for like an hour

    Fabian MeuselFabian Meusel7 dagar sedan
  • Can minx just shut up, and let them speak?

    Darth LynxDarth Lynx7 dagar sedan
  • Nikki: "Do you think they have us muted?" 12:46 LOL

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  • bedroom talk

    stale butterscotchstale butterscotch7 dagar sedan
  • They make well over 9 dollars an hour btw...

    Kai ReyKai Rey7 dagar sedan
  • I sure hope this doesn't waken anything in me

    Julieta AvilésJulieta Avilés7 dagar sedan
  • i feel like i just got high and fucking lost it for 15 minutes

    uwu my dudeuwu my dude7 dagar sedan
  • Ham and cheese is my favorite one lol

    M SchubackM Schuback7 dagar sedan
  • I really just watched two grown men sit for 15 min talking about hot pockets😐this is what my life has became 😶

    Janiyah WilliamsJaniyah Williams7 dagar sedan
  • Schatt's opinion on the pretzel bread is valid, but I personally prefer the pizza version

    Jeremiah SnelsonJeremiah Snelson7 dagar sedan
  • hot pockets are the kinda thing you can buy on the pool breaks for a dollar aha

    izzy uizzy u7 dagar sedan