Wilbur Soot - Internet Ruined Me

25 maj 2020
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    Wilbur SootWilbur Soot6 månader sedan
    • Depression

      Gene PullinGene Pullin3 dagar sedan
    • Whats poppin

      Football talksFootball talks5 dagar sedan
    • I love your song

      skylar polandskylar poland6 dagar sedan
    • Aueiagsias I fucking love this song so much I'm doing it for my music gcse

      mycatsabitchmycatsabitch12 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      Angelo DerechoAngelo Derecho13 dagar sedan
  • I love his 90s windows aesthetic

    Kirst enKirst en2 timmar sedan
  • mans said mental cabbage

    urmum FLATurmum FLAT3 timmar sedan
  • Ngl Wilbur's singing voice is astonishing

    scatman's worldscatman's world7 timmar sedan
  • This is a beautiful mix of perfect imagery, song writing, mental health awareness, social relevance, and awareness of social media's effects on our society and especially its effects on children and teens. Beautiful work of art. Well done Wilbur. Well done.

    Jacob WaisnerJacob Waisner8 timmar sedan
  • No searously.. what does Mental baggage mean

    h ih i9 timmar sedan
  • Now, if anyone could song this in Japanese, this would a cool anime opening song.

    Kiefer Angelo R. CAELIANKiefer Angelo R. CAELIAN10 timmar sedan
  • Mate you alright?

    Swedish MonkeeSwedish Monkee10 timmar sedan
  • bro cool song bro

    Job FiredJob Fired11 timmar sedan
  • "I'ts all because of the damn phone"

    KIM YAMINTSKIM YAMINTS12 timmar sedan
  • Tommy made this but still i owo you

    Ken VallesteroKen Vallestero15 timmar sedan
    • What

      Chris Iz KingChris Iz King10 timmar sedan
  • Gotta love the xylophone tapping solo

    Alligator on a stickAlligator on a stick17 timmar sedan
  • 1:05 But im scared, pissed off, and lonely. but then h o r n y ~

    _0_BA N A N A B O A T_0__0_BA N A N A B O A T_0_17 timmar sedan
  • I have never seen someone play guitar on a xylophone

    OGBAB ytOGBAB yt18 timmar sedan
  • Really nice 80s / 90s aesthetic. Lyrics are also good. Really like it.

    RussiansideRussianside19 timmar sedan
  • Music used: *Me*

    Wolfie_123Wolfie_12319 timmar sedan
  • 🖤🖤🖤I Love this so much 🖤🖤🖤 Good Job 🖤 I look forward to wanting other also beautiful songs 🖤✨

    Upośledzona_GonsienicaUpośledzona_Gonsienica19 timmar sedan
  • It's funny because the internet actully ruined me by gaming so much to the point of destroying my body

    FuZyFuZy20 timmar sedan
  • He’s actually good

    Jacksonr789Jacksonr789Dag sedan
  • there is just something about wilburs songs that just make you feel happy. :)

    BleachBleachDag sedan
  • This might seem reused but, I genuinely think if will gets serious about being a musician he would be really good at it

    Some KiddoSome KiddoDag sedan
  • I love how he does kinda what charlie did and captures a boy band feel without hitting every cliche but still hitting most

    Zeek TotoZeek TotoDag sedan
  • Wilbur: internet ruin me Tree: em i a joke to you

    BB Duort •BB Duort •Dag sedan
  • Can we just see that this is so freaking relatable?

    Destiny's Disciple of CheeseDestiny's Disciple of CheeseDag sedan
  • please make more music.

    Dwayne The Rock JohnsonDwayne The Rock JohnsonDag sedan
  • POV: Your a female on twitch

    Ashton CooperAshton CooperDag sedan
  • Wilbur I’m waiting for the CD

    Will PerryWill PerryDag sedan
  • "one more feet tall" wil ur already taller that my house celling, pls dont become a giraff

    eriashueriashuDag sedan
  • Who’s the female voice on this track? Is it Niki?

    Logan BrownLogan BrownDag sedan
    • I don’t think it is, but I don’t know for sure

      Samantha HannaSamantha Hanna20 timmar sedan
  • Can we pay respect to that tree at the start

    loe with nodsloe with nodsDag sedan
  • The first clip of him hitting the tree i said "*wilbur why r u hitting a tree with a tree*"

    NatnotfoundNatnotfoundDag sedan
  • 0:30 gun sounds pog

    RoboticGooseRoboticGooseDag sedan
  • "We used to sleep" yeah, I know.

    Tuc0Tuc0Dag sedan
  • I remember my ex sending me this when it first came out, I never wouldve thought I'd be a fan of him months later lol (When I found his channel again I was confused because I already knew this song but didn't know he was the one that sung it lmaoo)

    SeanaSeanaDag sedan
    • Your his ex?

      Emi :PEmi :PMinut sedan
  • okay,who dislike the video?

    Kefas MakavelaKefas MakavelaDag sedan
  • ily wilbur ur loved muah

    Kai ArmijoKai ArmijoDag sedan

    roi nunagroi nunagDag sedan
  • Anyone else have Wilbur as their gay awakening? No? Just me? Alright then

    CookiCookiDag sedan
  • 0:00 What an Irony, huh.

    SadPanda H.GSadPanda H.GDag sedan
  • i cant tell if wills guitar is tiny, or he's just massive

    GenDenGenDenDag sedan
    • @oofensive jokez he seems 6'7 tho he beeg boy

      yeetybois69yeetybois6922 timmar sedan
    • @yeetybois69 6'5

      oofensive jokezoofensive jokezDag sedan
    • hes like 6,7 hes giant

      yeetybois69yeetybois69Dag sedan
  • Wilbur blown up L'manberg but i still love him.

    EimantasEimantasDag sedan
  • Wilbur please put the ‘horny’ in the song on spotify it gives me so much serotonin and to know that whenever I listen to it on Spotify I won’t hear it makes me sad.

    Just JackJust Jack2 dagar sedan
  • 2:45 Mental bandage

    MeatiorGameMeatiorGame2 dagar sedan

    ッExotic VibesッExotic Vibes2 dagar sedan
  • Here’s the video of Wilbur seeing tommy sing this song on stream: m.seworld.info/will/monbmdydjZqKyIE/video

    Crochet ElephantCrochet Elephant2 dagar sedan
  • As much as this is a meme its low key a bop

    SketchySketchy2 dagar sedan
  • _i have trouble talking to women unless their 2d or hight definition_

    plxiity-on-ytplxiity-on-yt2 dagar sedan
  • 0:06 *Hits book with a paper*

    Artist WannabeArtist Wannabe2 dagar sedan
  • y is no one talking about all the referances in this sont to im inlove with an Egirl?! It's beautiful

    Indecisive AIndecisive A2 dagar sedan
  • Why does this song hit different.

    •S m o l B e a n••S m o l B e a n•2 dagar sedan
  • Shit, this is really damn good song!

    SHDU StudiosSHDU Studios2 dagar sedan
  • this series of songs is weird and creepy as hell but they're all bops.

    Shyden PierceShyden Pierce2 dagar sedan
  • My keyboard's like my heart It shines in RGB and it's full of blood I don't know what is wrong with me But I'm scared, pissed off and lonely I have trouble speaking to women Unless they're 2D or high definition Spend all my time on social media This is the state that I'm in My Twitter feed's like my brain 'Cause I have it on dark mode Memorise everything she says So I can use it to guess her passcode She's beauty, she's grace She has a profile picture of her gorgeous face To try and get more sponsors To try and get more sponsors But why don't you care? I have spent the past ten years of my life Making you prepared You're political enough but not contrary Sexual enough but not enough to scare me Give me a reason not to be on my knees The internet has ruined me Look, I know I must sound insane But that's part of the package If she can't handle me at my worst She don't deserve my mental baggage I know you want six foot four But one foot more and I'd almost be tall enough To reach the high shelf, be your incel I think I might be a threat to myself A threat to myself But why does she run? When I'm monthly giving her fifty percent of my income It feels like my ideas of affection Are based around artificial perfection I just want to appease The internet has ruined me We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep (together)

    Mackensie BissenasMackensie Bissenas2 dagar sedan
    • Somebody already did this...

      ZedokZedok20 timmar sedan
  • -Regular Wilbur -Glasses Wilbur -Beanie Wilbur

    Seeven SeesSeeven Sees2 dagar sedan
  • I feel really happy because this was premiered the day before my birthday:)

    Jay WoodardJay Woodard2 dagar sedan
  • o_o

    Rico Gaming And More!Rico Gaming And More!2 dagar sedan
  • song grew on me, i love it.

    sheenosheeno2 dagar sedan
  • wilbur at the start of the video bad tree >:(

    just katieejust katiee2 dagar sedan
  • I’m straight, but Wilbur...

    Brady DulinBrady Dulin2 dagar sedan
  • I really like the instrumental or background music of this song

    Handsome Man Eating SandwichHandsome Man Eating Sandwich2 dagar sedan
  • I think i'm addicted to this song

    Severi SukuvaaraSeveri Sukuvaara2 dagar sedan
  • I also love beating things with their own severed limb and then singing :)

    makenna shutermakenna shuter2 dagar sedan
  • We used to sleep on call together LMFAO

    Dragon AnimationsDragon Animations3 dagar sedan
  • The internet has ruined me and I regret it every day of my miserable life

    Austen CAusten C3 dagar sedan
  • I see noone talking about the gunshot in the begining.

    Jonathan KonstigJonathan Konstig3 dagar sedan
  • The lips on screen are weird

    SlinkySlinky3 dagar sedan
  • My keyboard like my heart it shines in rgb and its full of blood so true

    SimpletinYTSimpletinYT3 dagar sedan
  • only boomers have bad experiences with the internet

    JalinJalin3 dagar sedan
  • To(m)(m)yinnt

    k.y.s isn't goodk.y.s isn't good3 dagar sedan

      k.y.s isn't goodk.y.s isn't good3 dagar sedan
  • The inter(n)et ruin(ed) him

    k.y.s isn't goodk.y.s isn't good3 dagar sedan
    • Ned

      k.y.s isn't goodk.y.s isn't good3 dagar sedan
  • Oh fuck, looks like I found an artist (who conveniently is one of my favourite Minecraft ytbers) who’s songs I like and relate to. Goddammit.

    SeałedVesselSeałedVessel3 dagar sedan
  • teehee, manburg go boom

    gabsgabs3 dagar sedan
  • It wouldn’t be a true wilbur soot song if he didn’t start actually singing until like 40 seconds in.

    Molly FanninMolly Fannin3 dagar sedan
  • oh god the beginning subtitle killed me 😂

    Dumbass PineappleDumbass Pineapple3 dagar sedan
  • 🎸 CHORDS CHORDS CHORDS CHORDS 🎸 DISCLAIMER - These are by ear, and the letters associated with them are only applicable to this song. Recommend to play with a weak ukelele pick for the electric guitar-esque sound * = strum once Intro - Fm - 244222 E* - 0221000 (Once) Emaj - 0221002 Dm - XX0230 A - X02220 The following part is.. difficult to explain; Am - XX022X (danana-danana-danananana) A - X0222X (danana-danana) Asus - X0223X (denenenene) To Mute (X) the e string, rest your pinky on it. Verses - Am and A and a bit of Asus at the end of verses in an unsatisfactory manner. B - 024442 Bm - 024432 Am Bm* " more sponsors.. Am But why don't you care? A I've spent the past ten years of my life Fm* making you prepared Asus A Your political enough but not contrary Asus Am Sexual enough but not enough to scare me Bm A* Give me a reason not to be on my knees B (Cos) The internet has ruined me. *Intro* "We used to sleep on call together" is a mix of A and Am, and the ending is Emaj. For the melody, you need a glockenspiel. (If you try it on guitar it sounds dull af) Hope this helped.

    SnufnikSnufnik3 dagar sedan
  • The longer quarantine goes on the more I understand this song which worries me a bit

    lemonpeacheslemonpeaches3 dagar sedan
  • 5 months ago: “The internet ruined me”. 5 Months later: “It was never meant to be..”

    CheweeweeCheweewee3 dagar sedan
    • Yep

      Fluffy OrionFluffy Orion2 dagar sedan
  • ha not me thinking about how due to parental neglect i spent so much time of my especially young childhood online, specifically in chatrooms with people who i no longer know, and how my personality and attitude even nowadays was shaped by the horrors of the internet in the 2010s. so , yeah! the internet ruined me too.

    gothbarneygothbarney4 dagar sedan
  • bruh i don't usually cry but whenever i listen to this song holy guacamole it hits different

    Lily GraceLily Grace4 dagar sedan
  • Captions: We used to sleep on coats together We used to sleep on coal together

    littlemixlovelittlemixlove4 dagar sedan
  • ok but i literally cry every time i hear this song

    grace mariangrace marian4 dagar sedan
  • is it bad i kinda relate to this llmaoo

    JammieDodger647JammieDodger6474 dagar sedan
  • But he is 6,5

    Cyber AttackCyber Attack4 dagar sedan
  • ...that was a whole BOP

    PastelWastelandPastelWasteland4 dagar sedan
  • “It’s full of blood” from all the tnt in l’Manburg which you blew up

    Kayleigh TatroeKayleigh Tatroe4 dagar sedan
  • There is this one chord in this song and I’m in love with an egirl and I really like it

    Nin KNin K4 dagar sedan
  • not me sitting here for the past hour listening to wilbur soots songs knowing every word to the songs

    Dreams FloorDreams Floor4 dagar sedan
  • “be your incel” pls no 😍

    faectualfaectual4 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I’m just here for his guitar skills lol

    Cruzader GamingCruzader Gaming4 dagar sedan
  • 0:03 - Wilbur playing Minecraft irl

    Cody KCody K4 dagar sedan
  • Dont u just love it when ✨Wilbur ✨

    Emy wasnthereEmy wasnthere4 dagar sedan
  • i can relate so much lmao ha ha haaa :(((((

    taimoor ghauritaimoor ghauri4 dagar sedan
  • Is this song on Apple Music?

    SenseiChickenSenseiChicken4 dagar sedan
  • Honestly we all know that he's talking about Nihachu

    Dacian CoffyDacian Coffy4 dagar sedan
  • i didnt know wilbur did songs.

    HaloGuy26HaloGuy264 dagar sedan
  • *angrilly hits child with belt* - dad

    FlareFlare4 dagar sedan
  • Just scored the most jammy goal on fut champs on fifa just wanted to say

    THE LADTHE LAD4 dagar sedan
  • "He sings about women which I find cool"

    Electro LightElectro Light4 dagar sedan
  • lowkey every time i listen to this i think of tommy and wilbur thing. "*awww tommy*" I just always think of that🤣🤣🤣

    Ellie NatEllie Nat4 dagar sedan
  • **angrily hits tree with branch** You good Wilbur?

    VixieDoesRandomStuffVixieDoesRandomStuff4 dagar sedan