PYRO'S MASTERPIECE ~ Random Item Skyblock Challenge (#4) with Pyrocynical

29 okt 2019
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This is Season 2 of my million dollar skyblock idea (disclaimer, it was not one million dollars) in this pyro abandons Wilbur and we return to a simpler time.
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Ziplaw (
Roarkcats (
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • no one has noticed that the beds were the colors of the pan flag.

    Chris VargasChris Vargas13 timmar sedan
  • I heard a creak. I thought it was a mincraft sound then I wasn’t AND IT WAS SCARY AS F**K

    Pacha MorrisseyPacha Morrissey4 dagar sedan
  • Pyro hates women 13:52

    Blue BeowolfBlue Beowolf5 dagar sedan
  • Thought he was gonna call the llama Karen

    AbsoluteAbsolute5 dagar sedan
  • A pufferfish *proceeds to chuck it off the edge* *tubbo crying*

    Brownie the Boba :3Brownie the Boba :36 dagar sedan
  • 5:27 Funniest part ever

    Fish youtubeFish youtube7 dagar sedan
  • Quack

    A DuckA Duck7 dagar sedan
  • 11:22 he then proceeds to put it in the same spot

    Davis CuretonDavis Cureton8 dagar sedan
  • *Then* Pyro:*places tnt* Wilbur:No no no no no *Now* MY L'MANBURG, MY UNFINISHED SYMPHONY, IF I CAN'T HAVE IT, 𝙉𝙊 𝙊𝙉𝙀 𝘾𝘼𝙉

    screaming georgescreaming george8 dagar sedan
  • Cantabury died

    youlick1820youlick18208 dagar sedan
  • Wilber making sure pyro doesn’t explode the base is kind of ironic now due to the fact Wilbur just blew up a country

    Panic MassPanic Mass9 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone realize the beds look like a pan flag

    PrestiePiePrestiePie14 dagar sedan
  • U guys just have to duplicate Woods

    JMG AnimsJMG Anims15 dagar sedan
  • Something that kept irritating me was that Wilbur would never put anything in a CHEST like he could easily make a chest and put the shit in there instead of losing it when he dies (I literally kept screaming at him through my phone to put it in a chest the time he was like “phew if the llama pushed me off I would’ve lost all my stuff” Put it in a chest for Christ’s sake (sorry if it sounds harsh not hating on him just something that irritated me)

    Lo-ong FrogLo-ong Frog16 dagar sedan
  • “ a puffer fish I remember what you did” he endangered new milo

    Addison MichaelsAddison Michaels17 dagar sedan
  • Pan bed pan bed pan bed

    Whitney PoulinWhitney Poulin17 dagar sedan
  • In both series wilber is a murderer

    Bryce ScottBryce Scott18 dagar sedan

    Ron KoffRon Koff19 dagar sedan
  • Can someone link the datapack or a similar datapack below, I have one that gives random items, but i want the custom end fight and the command block stuff as well. If anyone has, can they please provide? I want to play this ith some friends

    Mahi MukatiMahi Mukati20 dagar sedan
  • E

    Akiotoh 1Akiotoh 120 dagar sedan
  • oh my fucking god at 1:37, DIAMOND PICKAXE DUMBASS

    Daniel RowlandDaniel Rowland21 dag sedan

    Rapid SlothRapid Sloth22 dagar sedan
  • 4:26 Holly- I just realized something- Pansexual Beds.

    HeartWarmLucyHeartWarmLucy23 dagar sedan
  • where can i find the mod

    taart gamingtaart gaming27 dagar sedan
  • Happy Birthday this video is exactly *1 years old*

    ColdCold29 dagar sedan

    Itz_fabsta69Itz_fabsta69Månad sedan
  • Why have I not turned on notifications?

    person who plays things 2 lolperson who plays things 2 lolMånad sedan
  • -review on episode four best part: PRYOS CRIBB worst part: barrier block :(

    damaris escalondamaris escalonMånad sedan
  • Why didn’t they multiply the diamond pic

    Oliver TobeyOliver TobeyMånad sedan
  • mmm my channel have hardcore parkour but its not parkour

    HyperWolfLHyperWolfLMånad sedan
  • 3:25 I was really hoping he would advocate for Palestine but it cut out :(

    Faisal AlKhatibFaisal AlKhatibMånad sedan
  • why did u not multiply the diamond pic???

    mill muhammadmill muhammadMånad sedan
  • It's just sitting there...Generating...Menacingly...

    Me1oncho1y MochiMe1oncho1y MochiMånad sedan
  • As soon as he got diamond pants i said l for leeeeeee

    Kalpesh ChavlaKalpesh ChavlaMånad sedan
  • "I think i placed it too close" Destroys it and places it the exact same place

    Franz LisztFranz LisztMånad sedan
  • Pan beds

    WetNoodleDoodleWetNoodleDoodleMånad sedan
    • Your so cool

      WetNoodleDoodleWetNoodleDoodleMånad sedan
  • he should dupe the shulker box with all their good items in it

    Crewmate 7Crewmate 7Månad sedan
  • In season 1 he didn’t get dirt in season 2 he got dirt instantly *SPOILER WARNING* What if the sky gods were trying to tell him to free milo and not kill him So when he freed milo the sky gods were happy and they’ve stopped torturing him

    smol Boismol BoiMånad sedan
  • Wilburcynical Pyro soot

    smol Boismol BoiMånad sedan
  • 2:44 the pansexual flag lmao

    peppermintpattyopeppermintpattyo2 månader sedan
  • disliked because you killed cantibeerry

    Mr.topphat guyMr.topphat guy2 månader sedan
  • he killed the llama this deserves the death penalty for wilbur

    Trenton AnimationsTrenton Animations2 månader sedan
  • 19:09 Pyro sacrificed himself to link the flame to prolong the age of antiracism

    BryfrywelchBryfrywelch2 månader sedan
  • The poem of true freedom. - "new milo, when i brought you into the world i said to you "this is the world". i showed you my one-by-one block and i said "this is the world, this is all there is. just a single block of existence and you will live here forever." new milo, i may have fabricated the truth slightly. new milo, there's a lot more to the world. and you may be thinking like ah, there’s so much more to this world that you wish you could go explore, well i’ve got good news for you, new milo. you can go and explore it. you can go and explore this world. this is all yours, every square inch of ocean, is yours. that’s all i want to do. that’s all i’d like to do. i want new milo to swim forever.” -Wilbur Soot

    nerdnerd2 månader sedan
  • J

    AntkuAntku2 månader sedan
  • Step away from the bomb.

    ISIS AssociationISIS Association2 månader sedan
  • British have a bunch of accents, us un-colonized folk only know three: Bri ist, cockney and oi bruv

    Peter the PrussianPeter the Prussian2 månader sedan
  • Wilbur: I think I've put this too close Also Wilbur: **Puts It Closer.**

    DandelionDandelion2 månader sedan
  • 19:13 I will sacrifice my life for pakistan Grape

    Aeons MLGZAeons MLGZ2 månader sedan
  • 15:09 so guys, we did it we reached a quater of a million subscribers, 250,000 subscribers and still growing the fact that we reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal i-im just amazed, thank you all so much for supporting this channel and helping it grow I-I love you guys, you guys are just awesome. so as you can probably tell this isnt really a montage parody, this is really more like a kind thank you / update video so in this video im quickly gonna go over two things: firstly advertisements, and more importantly : the future of this channel and what kind of direction its headed. okay so firstly, the advertisements. believe it or not but montage parodies are actually a copy right minefield new content is getting claimed every day. we could use something from.. lets say.. 5 years ago, and tommorow a huge company could come along

    BreadsterBreadster2 månader sedan
  • How was Wilbur able to upload the entirety of lost without getting copyright striked?

    MechapugzillaMechapugzilla2 månader sedan
  • Here’s a fun drinking game every time Wilbur complains about pyro not building the house take a shot you’ll die of alcohol poisoning in 5 minutes

    Angel CastroAngel Castro2 månader sedan
  • Duplicate the fucking diamond pickaxe

    Aziz the HunterAziz the Hunter2 månader sedan
  • dupe the repeating command_block

    Dark CbeezieDark Cbeezie2 månader sedan
  • Who’s gonna tell him that an architect designs houses, not builds them

    JoelJoestarJoelJoestar3 månader sedan
  • Wilbur Soot 1.66M subscribers thats the bitchboy number

    sad boi 22sad boi 223 månader sedan

    Sultan AlabbasiSultan Alabbasi3 månader sedan
    • calm down sir

      Donovan BlakeDonovan Blake2 månader sedan
  • Ngl the skin that Pyro uses is kinda giving me nostalgia for a certain minecraft youtuber who Was really popular

    Asriel Does More StuffAsriel Does More Stuff3 månader sedan
  • Can someone link the mods he is using

    Patryk LukasikPatryk Lukasik3 månader sedan
  • Canterbury the Llama Canterbury is literally a ten minute drive from where I am lmao

    TmwasterTmwaster3 månader sedan
  • 8:38 penis

    CheshtryeCheshtrye3 månader sedan
  • They should’ve waited to get Ender Frames and duped that instead, and done the same if they got eyes of Ender

    -_- beans -_--_- beans -_-3 månader sedan
  • Can we acknowledge that (I'm pretty sure) they made the pansexual flag with their beds?

    ZillmoPigZillmoPig3 månader sedan
  • You can destroy the end portal Frame and maybe other unbreakable blocks by growing mushrooms.

    Nolan BennettNolan Bennett3 månader sedan
  • Watching this at 1AM in quarantine be like

    Skidi !Skidi !3 månader sedan
  • 3:45 A good course of action would have been: 1. Push him more to the center of the island 2. Kill him but make sure to save all his stuff 3. When he respawns push him over to the void :)) (He'll think he fell into the void with all the items =] ) 4. Eat your cereal.

    Mike FloreaMike Florea3 månader sedan
  • why is no one talking about how they kissed at the same time that was so cute lmao

    adorkablesosadorkablesos3 månader sedan
  • why did that kissing part made me so happy

    adorkablesosadorkablesos3 månader sedan
  • I like how pyro looked like lee bear when he had his pants on

    Epic Big AEpic Big A3 månader sedan
  • They could’ve dubbed the shulker box...

    HyperLyneHyperLyne3 månader sedan

    MrReindeerTheIVMrReindeerTheIV3 månader sedan
  • still waiting waiting for episode 5.....

    Macca - Fortnite And More!Macca - Fortnite And More!4 månader sedan
    • There is an episode 5.

      Bonnie Last nameBonnie Last name4 månader sedan
  • pyro was holding the space bar....

    maistuumaistuu4 månader sedan
  • Wilbur: Hes not done anything to the house he hasnt built any of it! he isnt architecting! Wilbur iu gotta break it to you... he is only doing hakf his job! an architect sits down and *DESIGNS* houses. they dont build them!

    The Time AnimatorThe Time Animator4 månader sedan
  • “I saved your life, fuck off” *proceeds to nearly beat him to death with his fists*

    Fat YoshiFat Yoshi4 månader sedan
  • multi ply the diamond pick

    tremer908tremer9084 månader sedan
  • He built a *H O U S*

    Titano-ManTitano-Man4 månader sedan
  • The Barrier Block ads to the feelury

    Jeff and Jayma EastmanJeff and Jayma Eastman4 månader sedan
  • this video just radiates chaotic sibling behavior

    TheOneWhoKnowsTheOneWhoKnows4 månader sedan
  • Anyone Notice the beds were Pansexual LMAO

    TheRandomAlphaTheRandomAlpha4 månader sedan
  • T H E B E D S A R E I N A P A N S E X U A L F O R M A T I O N

    mushroom lampsmushroom lamps4 månader sedan
  • “Why me I GAVE YOU LIFE” lmao

    ChilledZGamingChilledZGaming4 månader sedan
  • We really need a racism nest right now even more than ever

    Isabel SewellIsabel Sewell4 månader sedan
  • This series is basically Pyro getting items he doesn't understand, placing them, then learning the consequences

    Brigid FarellyBrigid Farelly5 månader sedan

    SquiffyPlayzSquiffyPlayz5 månader sedan
  • 14:53 he kept giving me anxiety being close to the edge with all that stuff. Should have kept grabbing what he needed from the chest

    cry morecry more5 månader sedan
  • You’re bed is the pan flag lol

    Unh4ppy FrogUnh4ppy Frog5 månader sedan
  • 16:08 Jojo's refference

    Aaron BerkAaron Berk5 månader sedan
  • *him on 2018 talking about racism* 2020: (¬‿¬)

    Feet the fourthFeet the fourth5 månader sedan
  • Wilbald Foot

    Flappy 5Flappy 55 månader sedan
  • I watched an ad and it said my name is Karen and I love how aldi does social distancing

    Max NohrMax Nohr5 månader sedan
  • „I‘m gonna jump on the Racism Nest to completely end Racism“ The World in 2020: We’re gonna need a bigger nest

    Feliny , I guessFeliny , I guess5 månader sedan
  • 2:45 why you got the powerpuff girls beds?

    Nick LopezNick Lopez5 månader sedan
  • just say the llama pushed him off

    Izzy CruiseIzzy Cruise6 månader sedan
  • That was a godawful use of dirt.

    Bruna DonđivićBruna Donđivić6 månader sedan
  • Pansexual beds 4:29

    Ari T. F.Ari T. F.6 månader sedan
  • And thus, the concept of racism is mere history now.

    LizaLiza6 månader sedan
  • Pan flag bed

    Nu- broken.markersNu- broken.markers6 månader sedan
  • loved the video but i had to dislike. i did it for 420 dislikes. i knew what i had to do and i had the strength to do it

    Pentagon ManPentagon Man6 månader sedan
  • hey look its the pan flag,, thanks for the accidental representation

    trixgerstrixgers6 månader sedan