The Top 5 Minecraft Horror Maps (Are they scary?) ft. SeaPeeKay

24 sep 2019
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Me and Callum (SeaPeeKay) decided to find out whether the top 5 rated Minecraft horror maps were actually scary or not
Filmed Live on Twitch:
Music used:
Pop Food - Jack Stauber
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • 2:45 "I slapped you. I think I'm sorry"

    wyattstuntmanwyattstuntman2 timmar sedan
  • r/scary

    Tr My Ng NgocTr My Ng Ngoc6 timmar sedan
  • This is a weird version of Fnaf, someone getting stuck in an animatronic suit and needing to specifically "burn" down a dinner

    Darth GriffinDarth Griffin14 timmar sedan

    Dave JimenezDave Jimenez15 timmar sedan
  • Am I the only one who got this a year later?

    OwO_BensonXD_OwOOwO_BensonXD_OwO17 timmar sedan
  • When he turned his lights off omg

    Rimmy T69Rimmy T6921 timme sedan
  • is no one gonna talk about how wilburs clock went off and on on game 3 irl

    Martti KattaiMartti Kattai23 timmar sedan
  • 11:29 Wilbur: I'm going to burn this place. For good. Well this aged well...

    Brote McABrote McADag sedan
  • Tbh the smiling prince actually seemed pretty decent.

    K3ynanK3ynan2 dagar sedan
  • "A night with Billy" Ron: Oh no, I might fall down again but this time, Fall in despair.

    ししろ赤髪ししろ赤髪2 dagar sedan
  • THis is A scAry MoD -Stalker Creeper.

    EpicNoobEpicNoob2 dagar sedan
  • ron x james the only ship that matters

    joseph joestarjoseph joestar2 dagar sedan
  • 3PM, the kids all flock in Anyone else wanna do the second line if they know it???? XD

    Samuel TindallSamuel Tindall2 dagar sedan
  • Ron.

    WyrteckWyrteck2 dagar sedan
  • the jump scare of seepeekay's face actually scared me more than the rest of it

    SergentDuckMajorSergentDuckMajor3 dagar sedan
  • 8:59 Alright but why did that actually scare me?

    IItZ_InfactIItZ_Infact3 dagar sedan
  • I AM RON

    Arjun GaikiArjun Gaiki3 dagar sedan
  • i cant believe i fall for that jumpscare at 8:59 HAHAHAH

    Non ExistenceNon Existence3 dagar sedan
  • 18:01 Did y'all just completely ignore a block person hanging themself over the pond

    Reen the Sad SardineReen the Sad Sardine3 dagar sedan
  • OWO

    BoB -BoB -3 dagar sedan
  • OVVO

    BoB -BoB -3 dagar sedan
  • O\/\/O

    BoB -BoB -3 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know the horror game where you were at a church and at the end you had to decide to open the gate or not and if you chose one of them it would have a really scary jumpscare? that was scary as shit but i cant remember what it was called

    XbdcpXbdcp4 dagar sedan
  • Map: "some sort of underground facility" Me:Sister location?????

    The BowShooterThe BowShooter4 dagar sedan
  • the thumbnail looks like a chicken

    DarkJGamingDarkJGaming4 dagar sedan
  • when you pause the video but the background music doesn't stop ._.

    Hero SmithHero Smith4 dagar sedan
    • Bro I’d already be dead by then 💀💅

      Klio RoseKlio Rose4 dagar sedan
  • "look its a button" yeah Wilbur, im sure you love buttons.

    Endie GorlEndie Gorl4 dagar sedan
  • RoN

    Michelle PetieMichelle Petie4 dagar sedan
  • Hey Ron hey billy. That hurt.

    Dylan and SnowyDylan and Snowy4 dagar sedan
  • I aM .............. rOn

    Tom SandersTom Sanders5 dagar sedan
  • Something brown? Maybe some brown bricks in Minecraft?

    ShlooperdooShlooperdoo5 dagar sedan
  • I watch Supernatural so I don't scare very easily, so yeah

    NightNight5 dagar sedan
  • The second map was so familiar it hurt. I think Pat and Jen played it once but I could be imagining it...?

    Eijiro KirishimaEijiro Kirishima5 dagar sedan
  • I sang walking in the air in school for choir

    SunnySunny5 dagar sedan
  • The night with Billy was more emotional than scarey

    Obama PrismObama Prism5 dagar sedan
  • did someone saw the glowy things at 17:12 ?

    Hoi_It's_Meh :PHoi_It's_Meh :P5 dagar sedan
  • 17:12 WHAT ARE THOSE??!!

    xXAoiXx OffxXAoiXx Off5 dagar sedan
  • willy

    gaming with esmgaming with esm6 dagar sedan
  • Oh hey this was posted on my birthday

    Jacey BoswellJacey Boswell6 dagar sedan
  • not me rewatching this a year later

    23Marion Hess23Marion Hess6 dagar sedan
  • Dude seakeepy single handedly cured my dyslexia. I understood every word he said when he read

    Magic TacosMagic Tacos6 dagar sedan
  • 10:27 hey it's wilbur suit

    itbemario5itbemario56 dagar sedan
  • 8:57 That actually kinda scared me

    Mud CupMud Cup6 dagar sedan
  • You need a different fox that plays Minecraft for the code room

    Aiden HamiltonAiden Hamilton6 dagar sedan
  • "Hope, That's Hope Callem!" -Wilbur But tbh I think wilbur is the new Nagito Komaeda-

    ꧁e v e n i n g X p r i m r o s e꧂꧁e v e n i n g X p r i m r o s e꧂6 dagar sedan
    • @【Minty Mellow】 aw hecc-

      ꧁e v e n i n g X p r i m r o s e꧂꧁e v e n i n g X p r i m r o s e꧂4 dagar sedan
    • W H O S U M M O N E D M E

      【Minty Mellow】【Minty Mellow】4 dagar sedan
  • fuck ron, all my homies hate ron

    suicide is badasssuicide is badass6 dagar sedan
  • I love Wilbur’s Windows 98 aesthetic. Can we just all appreciate the effort the editor puts into that?

    Clarissa SmithClarissa Smith6 dagar sedan
  • 11:30 l'manberg Wilbur?

    Alessia BălanAlessia Bălan6 dagar sedan
  • 8:59 I hate that this scarred me

    NebulamessNebulamess6 dagar sedan
  • AY YO FURRY #1

    Claire DolisiClaire Dolisi6 dagar sedan

    Kira SkitzKira Skitz9 dagar sedan
  • Wait when willbur terns his lights off there was red eyes that ran off into the dark??? Was that just me or was it something else?

    Gracey BirdGracey Bird9 dagar sedan

    kevin thiagokevin thiago10 dagar sedan
  • 21:39 Wilbur: whats that Me: WoAh chickens Wilbur: that's hope -_-

    Emma LoomisEmma Loomis10 dagar sedan
  • Five nights ar billy's is basically fnaf in a nutshell All games= Billy will turn you into "*bloody ron"

    Zofie HoaglandZofie Hoagland11 dagar sedan
  • Imagine being a guy named James anderson, and your only two brain cells are wilbur Soot and SeaPeeKay

    The Melon CrusaderThe Melon Crusader11 dagar sedan
  • 14:23 did that get anyone else? lmao

    D4rKYY xSD4rKYY xS11 dagar sedan

    PineappleBrosPineappleBros11 dagar sedan
  • The best one I’ve played is called scariest map ever by Sapphire Studios

    J_mickey 56J_mickey 5612 dagar sedan
  • you know what scared me it was seapeekays face

    hamad altenajihamad altenaji13 dagar sedan
    • @Fire Star yeeeeeeee

      hamad altenajihamad altenaji6 dagar sedan
    • Same

      Fire StarFire Star7 dagar sedan
  • My name in minecraft is C4RL05YT and i have an AWESOME i said AWESOME skin and seed my seed is.......... The seed is +12_

    C4RL05 PL4YZC4RL05 PL4YZ13 dagar sedan
  • Why does at 17:12 looks like some eyes rushed over to not be seen

    Antonio VargaAntonio Varga13 dagar sedan
  • Wait the meme. There’s a meme where some one falls through the ceiling of a store and he says to the cashier “Hey Ron” and the cashier replies with “Hey Billy”

    FittedBadger137FittedBadger13714 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: Slowly opens the door Me: You wrote like 20 songs but even I could see the fatal flaw.... *It should've been gate.* ^_^ Lol

    Hazel AndersonHazel Anderson14 dagar sedan
  • my names ron ;-;

    Mary Cinnamon Cake_Mary Cinnamon Cake_15 dagar sedan
  • "I AM... RON" absolutely destroyed me

    Alex DunnAlex Dunn16 dagar sedan
  • The scariest part of this entire video was when SeaPeeKay's face came out of no where My heart skipped a beat

    ScrawnyScrawny16 dagar sedan
  • Why am I in the thumbnail?

    Misplay MishapsMisplay Mishaps16 dagar sedan
  • shut up wilbur soot

    The Pleased OneThe Pleased One16 dagar sedan
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    GreeGooseGreeGoose17 dagar sedan
  • "I'm going to burn this place, for good." *dream smp lines have entered the chat*

    LoveWolf2101LoveWolf210117 dagar sedan
  • The first door’s code is my first password

    HembillionHembillion18 dagar sedan
  • "My name is.." "Ron." "*ahh im so scaredd by those realistic eyes and red face aaaaaaaaahhhhhh*"

    I Katcraft II Katcraft I19 dagar sedan

    Amy ErwinAmy Erwin19 dagar sedan
  • - me and my friends playing horror maps - My friends: AAAA WTF- Me: •-• You guys are really scared?

    Aiden -3-Aiden -3-20 dagar sedan
  • jumpscares suck.

    Combine CoreCombine Core20 dagar sedan
  • 8:58 *scared me*

    HypeXHypeX21 dag sedan
  • “What happened to you?” “Just come back from spoons mate” The most British thing I’ve ever heard

    TobiTobi21 dag sedan
  • I was afraid from the edited picture that comes to nowere____

    Bloody brineplayz PHBloody brineplayz PH21 dag sedan
  • You should have played the minecraft map, "late".

    etm18boietm18boi21 dag sedan
  • At the cloud part you can see someone hanging in the video and i think he did not see it-

    Molly GraderMolly Grader21 dag sedan
  • 14:28 why would you need keys for your front door, IF YOUR ON THE INSIDE OF THE DOOR

    Crazyy127Crazyy12722 dagar sedan
  • Im.... RoN WeAsLy

    WihaQwQWihaQwQ23 dagar sedan
  • Like if you want to see wil’s sister

    Gamze DuranGamze Duran23 dagar sedan
  • 17:12 omg the fuck I just saw this 2 'eyes' and I freaked out really hard omg

    littledarklittledark25 dagar sedan
  • the face of the person scared the shit out of me XD

    GreatPanda53GreatPanda5327 dagar sedan

    Rachel ChapmanRachel Chapman28 dagar sedan
  • “Tally Ho” -Wilbur Soot’s final words

    hyper lethal muffinhyper lethal muffin28 dagar sedan
  • me: *sees pop food in the desc* also me: *oh gosh a man of taste*

    Mellow MationMellow Mation29 dagar sedan
  • Right when you pressed the button an extremely loud add came on and I almost pissed myself. 😅

    Jamie WeberJamie Weber29 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: "I don't get easily scared" Also Wilbur: *gets jumpscared by a player's skin*

    The FBI Agent Behind ur ScreenThe FBI Agent Behind ur ScreenMånad sedan
  • seepeekay narating sounds like texttospeech

    C4rdB0ardC4rdB0ardMånad sedan
  • how is the first one scary

    Addison FalcaoAddison FalcaoMånad sedan
  • Funiest crap ive ever seen xD

    GiacomoLoPigoGiacomoLoPigoMånad sedan
  • What the hell

    MineGaby YTMineGaby YTMånad sedan
  • This may be kinda late but... The best horror maps I have ever played are Late and Unsighted Shadow. You should check them out!

    Evie MasonEvie MasonMånad sedan
  • "I slapped you, i think i'm sorry" -Wilbur Soot 2019

    Gustav BorgentunGustav BorgentunMånad sedan
  • Hey wilbur play demon brain it's a good mcc horror game!

    Shirley FranklinShirley FranklinMånad sedan

    FlyingtorchFlyingtorchMånad sedan

    vini gamesvini gamesMånad sedan