Who Can Get the Most Deaths in 1 Hour?

20 nov 2019
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Minecraft challenge where I asked people on my server to try and get the most not living in 1 hour
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
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Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

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    Wilbur SootWilbur SootÅr sedan
    • Ok. Yes. Ok. I will.

      TheFlosser919TheFlosser9196 timmar sedan
    • Whoops

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    • i just wanna comment here :,D

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    • Of

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    • seworld.info/will/gLGtmJ7dj55ikok/video

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  • This video has been recommended to me 3 fucking times and I’ve fully watched it every time

    TranzitronTranzitron38 minuter sedan
  • why alsjeblieft its dutch bruh

    JTE youtubeJTE youtube51 minut sedan
  • Can we just talk about how mjopa has never left Wilbur?

    OmineptOmineptTimme sedan
  • 13:56 why is that in Dutch lmao Alsjeblieft is Dutch for please

    iCqmboYouiCqmboYou3 timmar sedan
  • I'm proud of xaeriene

    Grim reaper 7Grim reaper 74 timmar sedan
  • The daEEest.

    ThePiter :PThePiter :P6 timmar sedan
  • Brah i would win at this I would use minecart or boat entity cramming after I set my spawn with a bed

    Ultimate PowerUltimate Power7 timmar sedan
  • 13:56 Why is that please dutch?

    GameScapeGameScape8 timmar sedan
  • 8:17

    Weather HaydenWeather Hayden10 timmar sedan
  • 14:00 when he says please there is typed on the screen alsjeblief in Dutch is he ducht

    ToverwaterToverwater14 timmar sedan
  • Forsen joined the game...😃

    Try hard_ Win hardTry hard_ Win hard14 timmar sedan
  • (dr 1 spoilers) no one: junko enoshima after mind controlling everyone:

    Natalie Fita Diane P. OsenaNatalie Fita Diane P. Osena15 timmar sedan
  • ahh, i never thought i would say it, but the osund of mass injury in minecraft is satisfying

    Aarav B.Aarav B.15 timmar sedan
  • no one: the captions: DIE YEAST

    shiyarihshiyarih17 timmar sedan
  • sponser clip

    Lexington WingfieldLexington Wingfield20 timmar sedan
  • now people know where you live dude

    Lexington WingfieldLexington Wingfield20 timmar sedan
  • 00:09 anyone notice the clock lights turned on when Wilbur snapped

    RustyDawgRustyDawg21 timme sedan
  • Did anyone notice joschi on 100000 for a moment there

    MarUshanka CatMarUshanka Cat22 timmar sedan
  • I would just make a bed and stack up high and sleep when it comes night so I always respawn in an instant death spot

    Thomas SmithThomas SmithDag sedan
  • Alsjeblieft?! Thats dutch

    Casper HoetinkCasper HoetinkDag sedan
  • Is everyone going to ignore that fact that when he snapped the clock light turned on

    Ultimate BrickUltimate BrickDag sedan
  • so british he has a natural monicle

    Chloe SibillaChloe SibillaDag sedan
  • 13:57 for the dutchies out there

    jamie meijerinkjamie meijerinkDag sedan
  • Wilbur

    Happy BanjoHappy BanjoDag sedan
  • Majopa won in our hearts

    Kevin Svan sonKevin Svan sonDag sedan
  • Technoblade is the worst person for this challenge

    Kevin Svan sonKevin Svan sonDag sedan
  • 13:58 did the words just say alsjeblieft? Which is a word from the Netherlands. Thats really epic cus i life there XD

    Finn Van EckFinn Van EckDag sedan
  • the fact that sniperassin has a caesar skin

    Jotaro KujoJotaro KujoDag sedan
  • 27:59 the death counter what!!!!?

    Matthew AaronMatthew AaronDag sedan
  • 4:25 SHIZAaAAAAAaa

    Narzsa GolinNarzsa GolinDag sedan
  • 12:26 no lobbie no

  • Ah yes, Beefstew, our favorite femboy, dying in holes, classic

    Kit CervantesKit CervantesDag sedan
  • Wilbur should cosplay as waldo

    Boopergoober HoomanstoniganitonBoopergoober HoomanstoniganitonDag sedan
  • anyone see that bean guy was xraying

    Box MxBox MxDag sedan
  • Wow, its been a year and his chaotic energy has just gotten stronger

    M&M sM&M s2 dagar sedan
  • Wilber:we have a mine by the looks of it here Also Wilbur: *trying to get into the vibe shack* *player blocks door*

    Xxx_Rose _xxXXxx_Rose _xxX2 dagar sedan
  • It doesn’t matter now but the fastest way to die is to collect wool and tower up with a bed so you can respawn at the TOP of the tower Edit: lmao nvm I just finished the video

    T. V.T. V.2 dagar sedan
  • 13:57 WHY IS IT DUTCH😿

    Alex The BaconAlex The Bacon2 dagar sedan
  • Place a bed by lava

    Abram BinghamAbram Bingham2 dagar sedan
  • Place a bed up high= infinite deaths

    Abram BinghamAbram Bingham2 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes The Death Pole The Death Pool (of lava) and The Death Bed

    BL4Z3 MUSICBL4Z3 MUSIC2 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone Else ser zachbeans chat at 26:50

    Magne NeubertMagne Neubert2 dagar sedan
  • Daihiest? Daihi nogla?

    Nicko AngeloNicko Angelo2 dagar sedan
  • Alternative title: Minecraft but it’s just birdbox

    anh slavvyanh slavvy2 dagar sedan
  • If i were in that I would get a bed and tower up, set my spawn, and just keep dying and respawning Edit: mjopa had the same idea

    Omega ForeverOmega Forever2 dagar sedan
  • Ah the beautiful sound of DEATH

    abrar almuwaliabrar almuwali2 dagar sedan
  • “What do you do for a living?” “Force people to commit mass suicide”

    ghost tghost t2 dagar sedan
  • I am die eeee ist

    Warpzpeed _08Warpzpeed _082 dagar sedan
  • If these minecraft players had an anime: Ichxgo as the aspiring protagonist who doesn't win Pixelman as the main villain Mjopa as the anti-villain, really only does what they want. JoshA20 as the ex-best friend of Mjopa who tries to convince him to be good, dies because of it. xaerine as the reformed old villain who's now good OGBeefStew as the character who gets roped into chaos when they just want a normal life. Likely comedic relief type character. WitchMana as that one female character who's called useless but is actually the most intelligent character there sniperassin73102 as that one background character that everyone remembers but doesn't contribute to the main plot *WilburSoot as the god playing with his puppets.*

    Aizawa Shouta The Caterpillar TeacherAizawa Shouta The Caterpillar Teacher2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur be honest did u sponcer this for money or bc its good

    Caio PontesCaio Pontes2 dagar sedan
  • That's our first death, dogsthetic SirSheepe:"Am I a joke to you"

    Jan GoldgaberJan Goldgaber2 dagar sedan
  • 8:36 Bed destroyed you will no longer respawn

    Primeire PhantomPrimeire Phantom2 dagar sedan
  • did anyone notice that the clock lit up as he snapped

    zoloxite YTzoloxite YT2 dagar sedan
  • Even the doom guy is impressed

    Aloun PhoulavanAloun Phoulavan2 dagar sedan
  • Alsjeblieft 🤔

    iraj22iraj222 dagar sedan

    King DogKing Dog3 dagar sedan
  • I would’ve made a bed on a pillar and just ran forward and die constantly

    noah connorsnoah connors3 dagar sedan
    • Oh shit I just got to the part where someone had the same idea

      noah connorsnoah connors3 dagar sedan
  • Mjopa was hilarious

    Dark CrusaderDark Crusader3 dagar sedan
  • 9:07 "Not gona lie, my wife kinda vibing tho."

    Random rushRandom rush3 dagar sedan
  • Ghostbur

    Tacocat KingTacocat King3 dagar sedan
  • when you did like the slap audio look in the background the clock lights up

    T R X S HT R X S H3 dagar sedan
  • Only i see The clock turn on when Wilbur spanps The fingers?

    AlinFTWAlinFTW3 dagar sedan
  • mi oupa is a fucking monster.

    Miguel GYBRMiguel GYBR3 dagar sedan
  • when wilbur says dogstethetic died first after watching sir sheepe die and looking at the chat bar

    Ivita sprogeIvita sproge3 dagar sedan
  • 0:10 his clock turned on as he clicked :D

    I need a blankie AgainI need a blankie Again3 dagar sedan
  • i dropped my new livid dagger in skyblock after having it for an hour so im watching ur vids to get me in a better mood

    Sync DuskSync Dusk3 dagar sedan
  • 8:58 ah yes, salmon. that's how Fundy was born in the smp

    Tyto tenebricosaTyto tenebricosa3 dagar sedan
  • I love how in the intro his clocks went on the same time he snapped

    Bob Ross69Bob Ross693 dagar sedan
  • Strategy idea: get some wood, kill (or shear, if you have shears or the needed iron handy, but if not it'd take longer to find some) some sheep, and make a bed. Build a tower (or find lava pool) and have a platform or a little place for the bed next to it. Place bed, set spawn and just go right on from there. Every time you die, you respawn at your bed and can easily access the jump or lava pool over and over again, no need to walk all over to find the lava pool again or tower up multiple times Edit: y'know sort of like Mjopa did

    Tyto tenebricosaTyto tenebricosa3 dagar sedan
    • I just realized I'm a year late but hey if anyone does this minecraft challenge again there you go

      Tyto tenebricosaTyto tenebricosa3 dagar sedan
  • Bird box all over again

    andawhoa a ha haandawhoa a ha ha3 dagar sedan
  • 00:10 *Everyone notice the clock turned on with perfect timing*

    Sugar rushSugar rush3 dagar sedan
  • And theirs that one guy who's speedrunning the game

    Renofeels GoodRenofeels Good3 dagar sedan
  • Screw you willbur

    Christina HempenChristina Hempen3 dagar sedan
    • Whoever wants to apply with me has to say something better about Wilbur soot

      Christina HempenChristina Hempen3 dagar sedan
  • Mjopa is the saying “Anybody can weather adversity. If you really want to see someone’s character, give them *power.* “ made manifest.

    ReaperReaper3 dagar sedan
  • Mjopa stole my tactic even tho I came up with it a year later

    Mr KiwiMr Kiwi3 dagar sedan
  • 27:55 I like how he doesn’t notice joshchiii with like 100000 deaths and then he gets kicked

    Timothy FariesTimothy Faries3 dagar sedan
  • Immediately as I started watching, I thought of what I’d do: Get a bed Nvm just saw what mjopa did and it’s what I’d do

    My channel's nameMy channel's name3 dagar sedan
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    xGingxGing4 dagar sedan
  • 0:09 that was perfect time with the clock

    Minecrafter SethMinecrafter Seth4 dagar sedan
  • "Salmon kinda vibin' tho" one of them is Sally

    PeskyBirdPeskyBird4 dagar sedan
  • *guy makes death pole* Kid: wow that’s big Other kid: hold my honeycomb Kid: that’s bigger-er

    Noodle PlayzNoodle Playz4 dagar sedan
  • *Bed*

    MakeMaggaraaa [GD]MakeMaggaraaa [GD]4 dagar sedan
  • for the people confused what mor means it "I'm dying !" in Romanian

    radu Ilie-Gogaradu Ilie-Goga4 dagar sedan
  • 13:37 belike alsjeblieft All dutch viewers: "NANI"

    WildWild4 dagar sedan
  • They are try to kill each other to stop them from dying but if you think about it they are just helping the other person

    Andrew FarnsworthAndrew Farnsworth4 dagar sedan
  • My mans a meme god

    ryanthomas04ryanthomas044 dagar sedan
  • If only Wilbur had given beds to everyone.. :(

    --4 dagar sedan
  • 12:09 mmmm ✨Cwispy✨

    Faith The Pirate WolfFaith The Pirate Wolf4 dagar sedan
  • Hey woah

    Aviel MartinezAviel Martinez4 dagar sedan
  • 13:57 don't think I didn't see the casual Dutch "alsjeblieft" instead of please Wilbur (alsjeblieft means please)! Always love it when you show off your Dutch skills

    TazariaTazaria4 dagar sedan
  • mom said its my turn on the death pole!!

    Eris VurekEris Vurek4 dagar sedan
  • K no one gonna talk about the fact that that beanz dude just casually dug *straight to pool of lava* How? *xray maybe*

    Ellie NatEllie Nat4 dagar sedan
    • Could have heard the sound of lava and dug to there I can do that too I have some good hearing skills

      Sea ThunderSea Thunder4 dagar sedan
  • I actually that of that bed idea when I saw the title then I saw the guy use it and I was like YESSSS

    CloakwalkerCloakwalker4 dagar sedan
  • The one time wilburs server is not hardcore lmao

    Oliwier JesionowskiOliwier Jesionowski4 dagar sedan
  • Mjopa shouldve given himself a repeating command block

    Depression,Depression,5 dagar sedan
  • Why did no-one camp lava with a bed

    Frey wilinsFrey wilins5 dagar sedan
  • mjopa; return of the king

    Emperor ToxicEmperor Toxic5 dagar sedan
  • 3:54 (insert skeppy)

    XcrazzycookieXXcrazzycookieX5 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/section/PLryjtzj0E4uydghf1KpYRZV84zy91EOJO.html

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