Skyblock Randomizer Challenge #6

13 sep 2019
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The sixth installment in my challenge where every 30 seconds I get given a random block. On a single block of bedrock, I am expected to survive with one item spawning every 30 seconds. I own a fish called New Milo and a traitor called Jim-Jum
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • the fact that Wilbur posted these one day after another is the only consistent thing in my life.

    alex pattersonalex patterson7 timmar sedan
  • Rabbit in a boat, a raboat.

    Saw KooSaw KooDag sedan
  • He already insane

    Aizer Jayven Dela CruzAizer Jayven Dela CruzDag sedan
  • CleaN It CLeAN It!!!! I will hear it in my nightmares

    Julia KurnickiJulia KurnickiDag sedan
  • "Because you want the rabbit to die, the rabbit lives." Also rabbit the moment he said that: 🌟 n o 🌟

    Overthinking_It 0045Overthinking_It 00452 dagar sedan
  • New favorite Wilbur soot quote "I'm fraisias bitch now so-" 😂

    your non-binary palyour non-binary pal2 dagar sedan

    BloXy _ TuLipBloXy _ TuLip2 dagar sedan
  • The Sky Gods do not negotiate with terrorists.

    Thomas SteeleThomas Steele3 dagar sedan
  • Baby is just Jerry 2.0

    Pandemonium productionsPandemonium productions4 dagar sedan
  • its the boots jfk it just you being stupid

    Rileigh ChastenRileigh Chasten7 dagar sedan
    • he just gave a hours a enchant golden apple

      Rileigh ChastenRileigh Chasten7 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur 10 seconds after Peter died: NOOO PETTTERRRR. Wilbur 1 minute after Peter died: Jim jom, clean my carpet.

    Beni DimsBeni Dims7 dagar sedan
  • Starting to think the blood gods and the sky gods are the same thing and they just want him to sacrifice everything be has

    MimicyuMimicyu9 dagar sedan
  • He.. He’s Not Editing The Sound When He Goes Underwater With Milo- *we’ve lost him*

    Chloe ChocolateChloe Chocolate11 dagar sedan
  • The donkey gives me so much fucking anxiety I just adgsjfkfk

    BaeCatBaeCat14 dagar sedan
  • 13:34 Oh Jim Jam! Clean my RABBIT

    Lord of GEESELord of GEESE14 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: I've come to bargain

    ghoul renghoul ren15 dagar sedan
  • wilbur talking to gods that aren't real and killing a rabbit in the process

    caterpillarcaterpillar15 dagar sedan
  • 5:09 *almost invisible? He stole it, Wilbur.*

    BirbBirb16 dagar sedan
  • Mule: Another normal day Wilbur: sKY GoD veSSel

    DJ M&MSDJ M&MS17 dagar sedan
  • the rabbit: hipptiy hoppity time to jumptiy

    Elijah SilverElijah Silver17 dagar sedan
  • Wilburs a dare devil

    Riley WILSONRiley WILSON17 dagar sedan
  • the slime die beacouse is not of the cuerse boots i know iit i pause it where u last see the slime then i pause it realy quick then i saw him out side then he follow u then i thinkk he fall too thank me later

    B02 Alicante Liam GabrielB02 Alicante Liam Gabriel18 dagar sedan
  • I feel like the boots make the floor slippery

    Lish ChaLish Cha19 dagar sedan
  • 5:24 "mMM jIm jAm...... jIm LlLaM"

    Sausagewater AJSausagewater AJ19 dagar sedan
  • Jim Jam is Wilbur's watersheep

    AllusiveJarl690AllusiveJarl69019 dagar sedan
  • The Jim Jam joke has gotten so old at this point... Why does he keep using it. And it was never all that funny in the first place

    I am DogI am Dog19 dagar sedan
  • im milo

    Milo DuhamelMilo Duhamel19 dagar sedan
  • So... You fed your God Apple to the mule? Ok then

    NkattNkatt20 dagar sedan
  • 69k likes on this vid

    Magicalfur3Magicalfur320 dagar sedan
  • There you go *baby*

    Hanns YowHanns Yow22 dagar sedan
  • This Is Squishy 🐙 Don’t let Squishy Sink to the bottom Of the comments

    OwenthecheeserOwenthecheeser22 dagar sedan
  • My ocd is fucked

    ImaqtqtImaqtqt22 dagar sedan
  • its the boots or his own stupidity

    zbigniew klosinskizbigniew klosinski22 dagar sedan
    • zbigniew klosinski both

      NkattNkatt20 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur soot world fraysher vessel of the sky gods My world chuck the chicken the true evil of hell I had to throw all his children in a lava to stop the horde of his evil one time I insulted him and it started to storm

    Zadius LidsterZadius Lidster23 dagar sedan
  • New Milo is the murderer all the animals died closest to new Milo And he got a wet sponge after the cat died water gets things wet and milo was trying to protect everyone dying for their sins which there were none at the time but now he’s fighting the sky God’s trying to give him good items and his parrot was trying to tell him that.

    Yeeters YeetYeeters Yeet24 dagar sedan
  • Him saying baby is the only thing i needed

    •Rose Chan••Rose Chan•24 dagar sedan

    LarryS91 _LarryS91 _25 dagar sedan
  • Never test the sky gods!

    Jimothy CardothaJimothy Cardotha25 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: Rabbit. In a boat. Me: RABBOAT

    Otaku CoconutOtaku Coconut26 dagar sedan
  • The animals are just the sky gods, visiting, judging, and leaving. Wilbur is obviously toying with them by trapping them and making them his pets.

    Infinite PlanesInfinite Planes26 dagar sedan
  • I think it’s becoming quite a trend for Wilbur to slowly go insane...

    MorelloMorello27 dagar sedan
  • Frasier has to be near the void in order to hear the sky gods wishes

    Sam BlightSam BlightMånad sedan

    Siobhan ReynoldsSiobhan ReynoldsMånad sedan
  • He’s slowly going insane like in Dream SMP

    Nova Smith12Nova Smith12Månad sedan
  • “Frasier, you’re huge! Can I ride you?” Ah yes, taking things out of context.

    PartyPenguin78PartyPenguin78Månad sedan
  • tbh everytime he wore boots he died

    WarpedWarpedMånad sedan
  • it’s nice to see wilbur at the mercy of a god instead of being one for once

    Cora RolfesCora RolfesMånad sedan
  • 0:19 General Kenobi

    Tango MangoTango MangoMånad sedan
  • Wilbur: (builds shrine to sky gods, talks to fish, hangs sheep and tells him to clean objects, thinks boots are cursed, gives enchanted golden apple to mule, tries to negotiate with sky gods) Wilbur: ah yes, perfectly reasonable. Wilbur: (decorates house) Wilbur: oh god I’m going mental

    First FactionFirst FactionMånad sedan
  • 4:14 "you dont even want my carrot!? its fine, i'll let you come in your own time!" then a minute later, "i am fraiser's bitch"

    Felino MeFelino MeMånad sedan
  • "You don't even want my carrot, i'm gonna let you come on your own time." -WilberSoot, 2019

    LevlixxLevlixxMånad sedan
  • Him with a saddle in his inventory: Me: PUT IT IN THE SHULKER BOX OH MY GOD COME ON SNSJSND

    HoodieGurl21HoodieGurl21Månad sedan

    the monster under your bedthe monster under your bedMånad sedan
  • NOT FRAJA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SadBurrito FilmsSadBurrito FilmsMånad sedan
  • *leaves holes everywhere* *falls* ItS ThE BoOotS

    David GonsalezDavid GonsalezMånad sedan
  • this is basically pewdiepie's minecraft series 1. pew cares for a dog and wilbur cares for a fish 2. they sad when animal gone. 3. *THEY BOTH HATE BLOODY SHEEP*

    Ricey22Ricey22Månad sedan
  • This series has the best comedic timing I’ve ever seen

    Jacey BoswellJacey BoswellMånad sedan
  • the way he says baby makes me 😳🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

    orange gorange gMånad sedan
  • He looks like Elon musks secret love child

    AngrilyhitstreeAngrilyhitstreeMånad sedan
  • 1:45 cLeAn mY BoOtS JiMjOm

    Santiago GuillenSantiago GuillenMånad sedan

    Nicola MitchinsonNicola MitchinsonMånad sedan
  • the boots can give u baby and it can take it away

    Raid gamingRaid gamingMånad sedan
  • 4:42 he said frayzer like an angry mother

    MarshmishmowsMarshmishmowsMånad sedan
  • "Fraijer you like the enchanted golden apple?" Fraijer: nods Wilbur: *yes good*

    Kozia CodesKozia CodesMånad sedan
  • Every time he says clean it Jim jam it makes me laugh

  • "This is only temporary baby" -wilbur soot talking to a slime while going insane, 2020

    Luna SpenceLuna SpenceMånad sedan
  • When he was threatening to kill his self for dirt every single thing the sky gods gave him we’re a sign they didn’t want him to die like the wood to make the path longer fence to stop him and the turtle helmet to help him from damage

    India ArrillagaIndia ArrillagaMånad sedan
  • This is just footage of an insane man. Change my mind.

    Hachi {Agent 8} {Splatoon manga}Hachi {Agent 8} {Splatoon manga}Månad sedan
  • getting dirt is far far far from chance (I couldn't think of anything)

    David OdomDavid OdomMånad sedan
  • wilbur puts redstone down wilbur: ho yeah it's all comin together

    David OdomDavid OdomMånad sedan

    Galactic GamesGalactic GamesMånad sedan
  • Congrats on 2 Mil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BmanBmanMånad sedan
  • so close to 2 mil a 100 thousand every day I think

    LZ DiamoondsLZ DiamoondsMånad sedan
  • I feel like the less fancy the boots the worse his luck gets

    Noonstar :3Noonstar :3Månad sedan
  • Started to watch the series in my bed in the morning on my phone. Now that I've switched to my pc, I get to experience how awful the weird block constellation really looks.

    JedoJedo2 månader sedan
  • Plot twist: Fraiser fell in love with jim jam and talked to them every day until Jim jam convinced fraiser to try and kill will

    ツPookieツPookie2 månader sedan
  • “I’m Frazier’s bitch” -Wilbur soot 2019

    PiperPiper2 månader sedan
  • curse of binding ban of arthropods curse of boots

    Josiah NguyenJosiah Nguyen2 månader sedan
  • Him calling the slime baby is the hottest thing I’ve ever heard

    Tina NedTina Ned2 månader sedan
  • Wilburs laugh is so kawai XD

    Eva MagnoEva Magno2 månader sedan
  • "because you want the rabbit to die, the rabbit lives" *rabbit commits die*

    dog persondog person2 månader sedan
  • I say, the Moon is nice and the Sun is evil. Whenever the Sun is out, bad things happen Whenever the Moon is out, good things happen. Sunset is the boots. The boots are good and bad.

    -Strawb --Strawb -2 månader sedan
  • Poor Peter well time to make a drawing of peter

    Hermani By the way thats just my baby picHermani By the way thats just my baby pic2 månader sedan
  • Part 6 Wilbur is crazy

    Frayree H2Frayree H22 månader sedan
  • * Anything happens* Wilbur : THE BOOTS!

    Giovanni SimionatoGiovanni Simionato2 månader sedan
  • Vid begins: Wilbur: “hI!”

    Small PotassiumSmall Potassium2 månader sedan
  • wilbur: everything i give to jim jom comes back squeaky clean, like its invisible. soooo whos gonna tell him

    MoonMoon2 månader sedan
  • Someone PLEASE make a “Jim Jon clean my --“

    Sheryl LiuSheryl Liu2 månader sedan
  • “When you has da boot. All ist gut.”

    Sheryl LiuSheryl Liu2 månader sedan
  • 1:23 Time to add that to my collection of “Phrases to yell at politicians”

    Sheryl LiuSheryl Liu2 månader sedan
  • Your Skyness, *I crave the dirt*

    Artsy AndyArtsy Andy2 månader sedan
  • 12:56 was basically an FU from the sky gods

    Nace McAdamsNace McAdams2 månader sedan
  • We have lost many comrades Milo the first, Peter, Barnaby, and now Baby

    Phantom SlayerPhantom Slayer2 månader sedan
  • Jim jam is just prehistoric water sheep

    People Of The WorldPeople Of The World2 månader sedan
  • Wilbur: *gets rabbit egg* Wilbur: owo no thanks pal ❤️

    Ava WAva W2 månader sedan
  • "I'm Fraisure's bitch!" ~Wilbur Soot, 2019

    Maya HeatleyMaya Heatley2 månader sedan
  • “ you are baby? “ I melted!

    Shadow AnimationsShadow Animations2 månader sedan

      Shadow AnimationsShadow Animations2 månader sedan
  • “Sky God” Log. -Wilbur is desperate for dirt, he is still somewhat mentally damaged from Peters death to the point that he doesn’t add the underwater effect when talking to New Milo.

    GamerTrollGamerTroll2 månader sedan
  • The slime's name is Baby... is that because Slimecicle is baby...?

    GhostGhost2 månader sedan
  • Nobody: me when the OTHER music comes on : *sweating intensifies*

    HoneyyyBee __HoneyyyBee __2 månader sedan
    • ꧁Swirlygrapeslolyay :3꧂ yeeee

      Tom KaoTom Kao2 månader sedan
    • Tom Kao ya know... the music that comes on in the middle of the original music

      HoneyyyBee __HoneyyyBee __2 månader sedan
    • What music?

      Tom KaoTom Kao2 månader sedan