I Made 100 Players into Communists in Minecraft

22 jul 2020
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a world without money HMMMMM who'd javge thoguht?
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • when he started singing he lost 99% of his subscribers

    Jack GildeJack Gilde36 minuter sedan
  • Plot Twist: He intended to do this with L'manburg and he was just experimenting.

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  • wilbald

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  • If you already had the 311,040 iron ores and coal to smelt it, it would take 18 furnaces about 5 hours to smelt it. You still need to smelt it, make factories, a bridge, and craft. Dont listen to that capitalist thought. With hard work and communism, everything is achieveable

    Ádám SelyemÁdám Selyem2 timmar sedan
  • yes comrade

    Code GooseCode Goose2 timmar sedan
  • Wait rubenhetschaap in the beginning thats dutch and wilbur translated that in a sec wilbur speaks dutch?

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  • all hail Ruben the forced mascot

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  • I really hope that praising communism is a joke

    Racc OonRacc Oon3 timmar sedan
  • "bribge 2' chicken noodles taste good mMMmmMmMmMmmnMmMmMMmMmMMMMmM JOSH IS CAPITALISM

    Muhammed Savil AliMuhammed Savil Ali7 timmar sedan
  • they work to earn the right to work

    Basher 0Basher 08 timmar sedan
  • Stalin is proud

    Julian VJulian V8 timmar sedan
  • The underlying part where a bunch died from starvation and Wilbur didn't acknowledge them

    Mary KMary K11 timmar sedan

    Panagiotis RakitzisPanagiotis Rakitzis13 timmar sedan
  • 4:56 is the best thing I have ever seen

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  • Communism rises again comrades! OUR communism!

    rodnie bunarodnie buna18 timmar sedan
  • communism pog

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  • My favourite part is the part where this is literally Capitalism

    Dan thebatpupDan thebatpup19 timmar sedan

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  • not sure why but the praise he gives makes me so terribly euphoric

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  • Necesitan a mi general Augusto Pinochet.

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  • 5:42 F and pp’s

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  • Yes this is what WE need

    Isaiah SlatteryIsaiah SlatteryDag sedan
  • Why has the communist episode been the most prosperous?

    Quentin KIleQuentin KIleDag sedan
  • Capitalism: Minecraft Communism: Ourcraft

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  • I love how he just like starts singing Hamilton-

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  • 0:10 “The beast of money” Mrbeast?

    Scott LevandoskyScott LevandoskyDag sedan

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  • "An empire toppled by it's enemies can rise again, but one which crumbles from within, is dead forever." -Sebastian Stan

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  • СССР ЭТО МОЯ ЖИЗНЬ СССР!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Romashka ManRomashka ManDag sedan
  • the rise and fall

    Sam KieferSam KieferDag sedan
  • 6:25 Look! It’s Urchent King Slayer!

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  • I feel bad for that xanoru guy he prob was just using badlion or lunar and did no shadows and full brodgt rip

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  • Wilburt, a tryant

    Reaper LazzyReaper LazzyDag sedan
  • Wilbur isn’t just a communist He’s playing god as commuinist

    Mr GamerMr GamerDag sedan
  • He puts Oreli in a bedrock prison and the man immediately jailbreaks with a boat. What an absolute legend.

    Eli GedzelmanEli GedzelmanDag sedan
  • I like that Wilbur calls fallow64 a “king” in this video, and in the 100 speed bridging Urchent kills fallow and is called “Kingslayer”

    Star FoxStar FoxDag sedan
  • Uh badlion has full bright so he might not have been hacking

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  • you scare me

    Toasty TimToasty TimDag sedan
  • 17:24 look at the bottom left that is true communism

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  • He abuses his powers 😂😂😂😂

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  • *Oreli makes the pro gamer move*

    Alexander AguilarAlexander AguilarDag sedan
  • Why trap them in bedrock? Force them to work in a mining GULAG now that is communism

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  • I like how just messages of people starving to death are popping time to time

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  • 5:00 😏 That Hamilton reference😎✨

    Mercedes go Brmmm brmmmMercedes go Brmmm brmmmDag sedan

    Knock knock ITS A CRUSADEKnock knock ITS A CRUSADEDag sedan
  • Wilbur; communism Me: communist lenin

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  • "Tesco?" "Change the name" "Lesco" "LETSSSSGOOOOOOO 16:31

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  • Everyone was starving and those with an opinion were imprisoned for life. Sounds pretty accurate to me.

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  • “We made 100 players into capitalists

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  • Lol its me that one person who not subscriped

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  • 8:13 WHAT ORELI AND BLOP ARE FRIENDS? THE LEGENDS? SERIOUSLY? (btw if you don't remember Blop from the blind worm vid((appears in 8:43)) or Oreli from the cross the void vid go check them out)

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  • This brings a smile to my face, this is beautiful. ive been re watching it for 5 hours straight.

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  • I literaly have a cup with Stalin

    This is FabaThis is Faba2 dagar sedan
  • when robin hood smokes too much crack :

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  • 0:46 hehehe that one person is ME!

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  • For communist events you should make it share inventory.

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  • there is a capitalist among us

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  • He is trying to make a communist utopia in minecraft also lennin: is smiling

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  • Oreli will forever be the best person in your videos

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  • yuck communist ☠️

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    • non social distancers smh

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  • Everyone talking about how funny this is. Me: "Wilbers a Hamiltin fan!

    Super powersSuper powers2 dagar sedan
    • @God Of all potatoes I know the songs are so good!

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    • Who isnt

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  • He was all nice at first but at the end became MEAN

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  • Wilbur for President

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  • any commies in chat

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  • The efficiency 5 book is just the communist manifesto

    Nikolas MedinaNikolas Medina2 dagar sedan
  • That fact that i can mine stack of iron whitout haste and stone pix in 15 mins while they can do a stack in 1 h 😅😔

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  • comminists dont have integrity

    Jens JohnsonJens Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • this is stalinism! not that i have a problem with stalinism, but its not the best form

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  • "There is a hacker among us"? Those words remind me some stuff. Maybe a game that exploded recently. I dunno. Anyone else have thıse vibes.

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  • Very pathetic communism 0/5

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  • My boy started singing Hamilton song

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  • Well, well, well, how the turn tables....

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  • I was that one person

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  • noooooo he's not a hacker! he just has his gamma turned up :(

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  • dream's boat mlg is too op

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  • Can we have a moment to respect Oreli for being the rebellious madlad they are in all of the experiments we see em in?

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  • 11:38 yumm

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  • :-D

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  • Capitalists: socialism always fails! Chairman soot: r u sure about that

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  • p

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  • Wilbald

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  • This is dictatorship, a dictator trying to create communism. UnU

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  • This nation has Monarchy and Communism.

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  • Laughs in a10 warthog brrrrt

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  • 13:19 A nice summary of what Twitter is like

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  • the amount of iron that was passed hurts me

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  • minecraft commie Pog

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  • It’s better to be dead than red, but it’s best to have a dead red!

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  • Some of this is literally just "capitalist tries to describe communism, describes capitalism" what with the overworking and meritocracy.

    Black Mage AnolisBlack Mage Anolis3 dagar sedan
    • Ikr 😂

      Orcus ¿Orcus ¿2 dagar sedan
  • "What are the workers without a leader?" I think that's literally the exact opposite of what communism wanted.

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  • So I saw biggie cheese and wolf claw gaming in this vid so must be the bird vid all over again

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    • And oreli from void crossing vid

      M.R. IllusionM.R. Illusion3 dagar sedan
    • I saw mushroom man from void crossing video as well

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  • I’m thinking about bugs life and the ants filling up the leaf

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  • E

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  • Dam

    caned beans scaned beans s3 dagar sedan
  • I was in class one day and we were talking about communism in like the 1700s or something and someone said "primitive communism" and someone else said "COMMUNISM NEVER WORKS" really loud

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  • I'm that one person.

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  • "As you new president", little did he know that in the next 4 months he would actually run for president on Dre's SMP

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    • You do know that you can edit a comment right?

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    • you're*

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  • When u realise the c in Communism is capitalised

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