Twitch Chat Has 4 Hours to Make Me Laugh (YLYL)

15 jul 2020
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no-one is laughing today.
Filmed Live on Twitch:

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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • POV: You're the only guy who over slept and is about to get piled on top of - 03:45

    Mr MillsMr Mills3 timmar sedan
  • at 9:24 Wilbur's nose really went ○○ |○ ○○

    Moon404Moon4046 timmar sedan

    Average OneAverage One7 timmar sedan
  • 13:38

    Robo PorkRobo Pork7 timmar sedan
  • Im sorry wilbur I broke the rule Im a weeb

    Gargarita RanyshabelGargarita Ranyshabel10 timmar sedan

    LilyWasSlainLilyWasSlain11 timmar sedan

    Mr XMr X11 timmar sedan
  • My friend showed me one video and I was dying of laughing it’s called bunny.mov1

    Hammy VlogsHammy Vlogs11 timmar sedan
  • Can we add a few rules 1: old people getting hurt is funny 2: midgets getting hurt is funny 3: old midgets getting hurt is funny 4: any and all people falling down stairs is funny This is my personal opinion no hate please

    Dream Team. simpDream Team. simp13 timmar sedan
  • Im legit trying no to laugh.... Im in school......

    Savannah ZellersSavannah Zellers13 timmar sedan
  • Oops I'm the one

    Purple PicklePurple Pickle14 timmar sedan
  • 5:36 are you fundy

    PilotsparkPilotspark14 timmar sedan
  • If I was him I think the YLYL stream would last until I physically couldn’t laugh

    Beat CD MainBeat CD Main15 timmar sedan
  • Who the fuck said you were my friend?

    Very DescriptiveVery Descriptive16 timmar sedan
  • The real reason Wilbur whent insane is the geese

    Kitkatproductions DawnKitkatproductions Dawn18 timmar sedan
  • 8:52 he makes the poggers face lmao

    PotatoeGaming47PotatoeGaming4720 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur: that is right cats stand me: you are right

    Becket FlynnBecket Flynn20 timmar sedan
  • Going for 4 hours???? SCAMMED

    Howl 8733Howl 873320 timmar sedan
  • “I forgot cats can walk.” Nice

    Moose McsonMoose Mcson21 timme sedan
  • 4:56 what does the title say?

    Matt The GamerMatt The GamerDag sedan
  • Tommyinnits ylyl content is terrible

    YeeT my guy ;-;YeeT my guy ;-;Dag sedan
  • 12:44 “Toto will remember that”

    Marko Leon GuerreroMarko Leon GuerreroDag sedan
  • i like how when will said rule 3 sum in the chat said rule 34 and will didnt even see if he did he wouldent even understand lmfao

    saj 21 gamingsaj 21 gamingDag sedan
  • fact he had to bribe his neighbors to not get kicked out

    gamer chadgamer chadDag sedan
  • 5:19 ghast Sound From WILBUR

    Jackseptic1232Jackseptic1232Dag sedan
  • good

    Max L.Max L.Dag sedan
  • Im eating and choking thanks wilbur

    Emilen TonesEmilen TonesDag sedan
  • So if you are the one person not subscribed... *FIX THAT......* **OBJECTS THAT IVE SHOVED UP MY ARSE**

    Cas WCas WDag sedan
  • Wilbur: It's all GEESE!! Me: always has been

    Chais GamingChais GamingDag sedan
  • Wilbur's reaction to the monkey brightened my day. We stan the fuzzy British boi

    TheSleepy BusTheSleepy Bus2 dagar sedan
  • 14:00 Momento Mori

    Gogesans AlexwolfGogesans Alexwolf2 dagar sedan
  • Why is no one talking about how hot Will looks with a beanie, like seriously 😳😳

    kIrRaLlYkIrRaLlY2 dagar sedan
  • I love how he said Stan Loona but immediately said No Kpop right after

    Spirit Does ArtSpirit Does Art2 dagar sedan
  • reminder: no more saying cuss words guys

    evie-lynnevie-lynn2 dagar sedan
  • I love how he laughed so many fucking times

    qazzzy qazqazzzy qaz2 dagar sedan
  • #3 no weebs (underpenalty of death{im looking at you phil}) look whos dead now

    snowysnowy2 dagar sedan
  • wilbur you have the perfect smile when you try not to laugh it’s priceless

    Isabella HamiltonIsabella Hamilton2 dagar sedan
  • Soooo, No ones goin to bring up that he said Africa by Toto, which is a AMAZING song, s was sh*t. That’s messed up

    DharleemDharleem2 dagar sedan
  • One of the few places to see a small glimpse into Unus Annus and what it was.

    Landon StoneLandon Stone2 dagar sedan
  • I literally die every time you slap yourself when you are trying to not laugh 🤣

    Dream SMP Super fanDream SMP Super fan2 dagar sedan
  • 3:15 *door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal door reveal*

    Grand_DemandGrand_Demand2 dagar sedan

    Ethan OBarrEthan OBarr2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur soot: almost everyone is subscribed except for *you* My internet: *shut’s down* Me: wtf?

    Mubasshir HossainMubasshir Hossain2 dagar sedan
  • I just came for the funny monkey.

    Jillian AdamsJillian Adams2 dagar sedan
  • all it would have took is cheeto cheeta

    Thomas GibbinsThomas Gibbins2 dagar sedan
  • For those who didnt know: “Dick” is a nickname for Richard.

    Gacha InsomniacGacha Insomniac2 dagar sedan
  • "Get this child out of my ears!!" Wilbur soot 2020

    Rainer CogginsRainer Coggins2 dagar sedan
  • Idea: If you dont laugh. You lose.

    Gacha InsomniacGacha Insomniac2 dagar sedan
  • For the Phil on Someone (i can't make out who it is): phil what are you doing Phil:I'm watching I'm waiting

    Miajane TrebyMiajane Treby2 dagar sedan
  • 12:47 Understandable, have a nice day.

    SuNaru69SuNaru692 dagar sedan
  • 6:17 The room movie reference

    SuNaru69SuNaru692 dagar sedan
  • On google earth their is a kraken island near the South Pole

    Aiden KochAiden Koch2 dagar sedan
  • Im so sorry i was the one that wasent subscribed sir soot

    GuestwhoGuestwho3 dagar sedan
  • Wilber: I forgot cats stand Me: unless there paralyzed

    Elijah SteckiElijah Stecki3 dagar sedan
  • 8:45

    ARcakeARcake3 dagar sedan
  • Title:you have 4 hours to make me laugh The video: *is 16 minutes long* *this is big brain time*

    David KlemenDavid Klemen3 dagar sedan
  • 9:08 that part is from call of duty black ops1 zombies mode. then a zombie brakes thru the door then president John f Kennedy pressed a button that turns a wall into a rack of guns. if you play it its awesome.

  • The cheese one got me I did not expect that

    AstrobellaAstrobella3 dagar sedan
  • Ima bout to unsubscribe Wilbur soot

    WFLlezgoWFLlezgo3 dagar sedan
  • 2:05 *may I ask what you almost said there? And if I guessed right... I'll take some too*

    AcceAcce3 dagar sedan
  • 7:36 i thought ad was coming right up

    ザカリアイルダンザカリアイルダン3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur’s face was very poggers

    The Quiet KidThe Quiet Kid3 dagar sedan
  • I'm sure a mcyum upside t skit would make him laugh

    Beans'n ØakBeans'n Øak3 dagar sedan
  • " its all geese! i cant even hear them. and thank God i cant even hear them. " -Wilbur Soot 2020 (( i really dont know why i found this funny lmao))

    kaylie-kaylie-3 dagar sedan
  • wil is 24 which technically means that he is a zoomer what does that mean?

    carson stockwellcarson stockwell3 dagar sedan
  • Italians who knew that meme 13:23 before??

    Adam BenjeddouAdam Benjeddou3 dagar sedan
  • yeet

    Ahmad ProgrammingAhmad Programming3 dagar sedan
    • I didn't know what to type in the comment section so.

      Ahmad ProgrammingAhmad Programming3 dagar sedan
  • how it chews to gum five feels gum gum

    Maxwell HaynesMaxwell Haynes3 dagar sedan
  • 12 years from now: If I laugh I will spend 37 years in a dark pit in the ground where I will only be fed 20 pounds of broccoli every month...

    Connor SweetConnor Sweet4 dagar sedan
  • I'm the one that's not subbed

    Demian spillerDemian spiller4 dagar sedan
  • 5:00 it hit a add break just before it said die and the add said "download a free audio book at audible"

    no stranger dangerno stranger danger4 dagar sedan
  • Too many ads dude

    whomst've'ed thiswhomst've'ed this4 dagar sedan
  • Why does wilbor lok liek morgsz in imag utoob?

  • An ad came on while I was doing something else and I thought it was supposed to be a video submission for a minute. I was confused and lost faith in chat for a sec.

    Carol Ann MeadowsCarol Ann Meadows4 dagar sedan
  • 14:33 Think that counts

    Josh NunyaJosh Nunya4 dagar sedan
  • I forgot there was an Unus Annus clip in here...

    Anna GrebenyukAnna Grebenyuk4 dagar sedan

    FilthyFilthy4 dagar sedan
  • I laugh at loud s*it it makes me DIE

    Canadian BallCanadian Ball4 dagar sedan
  • 0:31 no

    Mr. MADDN3SSMr. MADDN3SS4 dagar sedan
  • “How to become a fossil” Ad: If you vape you could be inhaling toxic metals into your lungs Well it’s not wrong-

    KerfufflePuffKerfufflePuff4 dagar sedan
  • My life is a lie. It’s all geese... ITS ALL GEESE

    ApolloApollo4 dagar sedan
  • 14:24

    Galxay KnightGalxay Knight4 dagar sedan
  • "if your a brand then you cant be funny" wendy's twitter: hold my beer

    UnYeetedUnYeeted4 dagar sedan
  • My grandparents are leaving tomorrow and ur vids cheer me up

    HelocorpianHelocorpian4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur laughing at a Griffin McElroy vine really fuckin shrinks my plane of media consumption

    Dorie BixbyDorie Bixby4 dagar sedan
  • Dislike just for toto africa

    BreiflabbBreiflabb4 dagar sedan
  • 7:36. 3 Words sprite = GOOD SINGING REEEEEEEEEEE

    oddbjorn26fiberoddbjorn26fiber4 dagar sedan
  • 13:25 me seeing there is a Italian video on this YLYL be like :. :O

    ꧁Alyssa Animation꧂꧁Alyssa Animation꧂5 dagar sedan
  • 12:50 what do you mean!! I liked this song before I knew it was a meme

    Hedgiethe HogHedgiethe Hog5 dagar sedan
  • 14:00 The last memories of unus annus are in this video... Godspeed.

    David FergusonDavid Ferguson5 dagar sedan
  • When it said 99% subscribed 1% not subscribed He said one of us... Does he have only 100 subscribers

    Smg3Smg35 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how great the feeling must be to send the video that makes Wilbur laugh like frrrrrr

    demure_ penguundemure_ penguun5 dagar sedan
  • Because nobody asked, here's everyone's favourite clip from this video: 8:44

    Grassy MintyGrassy Minty5 dagar sedan
  • Cat: *falls down stairs* Wilbur: NOOOO~! Oh, he's- oh, he's fine. He got up. He's a cat. I forgot cats stand up.

    HalfFilledCupHalfFilledCup5 dagar sedan
  • Unus annus

    Magic Hamster 36Magic Hamster 365 dagar sedan
  • no way!

    DuqcDuqc5 dagar sedan
  • "I forgot cats stand up" -Wilbur 2020

    wiggle poopwiggle poop5 dagar sedan
  • Stan loona 😂

    ZeroOneZeroOne5 dagar sedan
  • "GET THIS CHILD OUT OF MY ROOM" wilber soot, 2020

    Edwardo PastorsEdwardo Pastors5 dagar sedan
  • Dude just visited my country

    Nathan TarNathan Tar5 dagar sedan