I Asked 55k People "Would You Rather" Questions. Here's the Results

18 nov 2019
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Ah, here's some Would you Rather questions and me reviewing people's answers. Would you rather is a vocal game you can play with your friends where you ask a series of questions with only two possible answers. It's used a lot in psychology.
Survey: docs.google.com/forms/d/1RSuFxt8IT7TZweEuSd6JD3WK3KAlq8KG8_GJhitPutY/
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  • For the wage question- I personally picked the 'work for someone else' option because I'm the greatest procrastinator alive. I know that if I had the responsibility of managing an entire business (assuming that I'm now an entrepreneur of some sort), I'd frick up my life so quick- I would just... do nothing at all apart from maybe binge watch Wilbur Soot videos- _oh wait-_ However, having to answer to someone else who trusts me and gives me tasks makes me work SO much faster- basically, as long as I'm not working for my own benefit, I'll be okay.

    Melodie MillsMelodie MillsTimme sedan
  • if i knew everything i will ever know i would bet on sports and become a billionaire EZ claps

    EightyHD96EightyHD962 timmar sedan
  • I'd honestly take the magic shower. 1 shower a week instead of 4-7 would save you a massive amount of money from both your water bill and toiletries and saves time in your week. Whereas getting all the sleep I need in an hour means a massive spike in energy bills, would be restricted on what I can do in the extra waking hours due to other people/society being asleep and would also have to face more time being lonely if you're having a bad time. The "sleep more if you want" argument falls flat. When the brain doesn't need anymore sleep, it wakes you up. And it would be VERY hard to get back to sleep if you're fully awake when you get up. I can take an extra shower/bath if I just want to relax

    BookloverlollyBookloverlolly2 timmar sedan
  • Oh boy.

    --5 timmar sedan
  • if i gave my parents a book of every bad thought i had, Im fucked up.

    Concrete MinecraftianConcrete Minecraftian8 timmar sedan
  • If ur deaf you can get that little implant thing to hear

    JEISKOJEISKO9 timmar sedan
  • I didn't take the quiz but if i did I would have to choose hamburger bcs not a fan of soda and after drinking any other drinks i need to drink water 😂.

    Game ThingsSSGame ThingsSS9 timmar sedan
  • the second question really got me because of 2020.

    Gianna hfGianna hf9 timmar sedan
  • I would definitely do every bad thing I’ve done because some of the worst things I’ve done are just like, cursing and minor stuff like that. But I’m in the closet so...yeah Same reason for going back to age five with all my current knowledge. I had my sexuality crisis at the same time I moved across the country and that was the lowest point in my mental health record.

    NightJay107NightJay1079 timmar sedan
  • isn't every bad thought including thinking about how you did a bad thing?

    cammiecookiescammiecookies9 timmar sedan
  • I'm ok with admitting that me wanting 250k a year but working under someone else is just my greed

    Linus ChristianLinus Christian10 timmar sedan
  • the only reason i would get a job 250k per year is to help my family

    Linda LandsLinda Lands11 timmar sedan
  • people who said magic shower are depressed

    beckybecky11 timmar sedan
  • Live in a tiny home, move back and fourth between two cities close to job and family.

    Raccia CrackRaccia Crack11 timmar sedan
  • Dadza.......

    allie bellallie bell11 timmar sedan
  • When Wilbur said he was going to skip 1 year, and this video was published near exactly 1 year ago, I felt that

    Lucas VetterLucas Vetter13 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur you don’t understand how dark and disgusting my thoughts are :| Like what have you done that’s so bad you would do it over thoughts

    Jasmin MajznerJasmin Majzner14 timmar sedan
  • I said safe because I wanna have a safe life

    WaterDuckWaterDuck14 timmar sedan
  • Hey Wilbur. Being skinny is a gift. My best friend is literally skin and bone but hey- be who you are. Some people are more skinny while others are more.... bigger-? (Was that still offensive...? Idk-)

    Skylar Storm7Skylar Storm715 timmar sedan
  • 15:55 I see which one Unus Annus chose

    De’Angelo EnriquezDe’Angelo Enriquez15 timmar sedan
  • I would have loved to skip 2020

    DarthfireballDarthfireball16 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur:Maybe if we all just 69 each-other the world would be a batter place Me: I'll drink to that bro

    SuperD3clan _SuperD3clan _17 timmar sedan
  • omg this duse is so lucky on 2nd queston

    PandaPanda17 timmar sedan
  • Live without wealth or live without music if you choose live without wealth you won’t be able to afford the music

    Impact YTImpact YT18 timmar sedan
  • 7:11 you are the funniest

    Impact YTImpact YT18 timmar sedan
  • "Ain't no tits on an almond."

    Shawry BoiShawry Boi19 timmar sedan
  • 7:25 you wouldn’t be the least funny you might be the second funniest and the smartest so you know my choice. Also the one on working for other people is fine for me because it doesn’t say how long you have to work for the person. For the world I would rather be the world end I just want to see the world or even humanity burn (writing this made me see how fucked up I am.) neck down for me I am fat irl.

    Manuel Castillo72Manuel Castillo7220 timmar sedan
  • I Would pick peeing a dog out because I would have so many puppies and I love dog like free dog 2 times a day

    enjoy shrekenjoy shrek21 timme sedan
  • But havent you thought about the bad things youve done before you do them?

    AdvisorIncarnate [Lukas]AdvisorIncarnate [Lukas]Dag sedan
  • 1)id shoot myself i would litterally die if they found out what i did or whats in my head 2) skip 3)the nice realationship,i dont want to spend my whole life with someone,id go for the 5 years 4)taste 5)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa id go deaf,i already know a bit of sign language and its easier to learn than braile 6)music 7)free 8)for myself,75 k is a fucking great deal,im bad at keeping everything in the same flow,i can start out my work enthusiastic and over the year i would be the worst worker in the office,id get kicked out so,id better work for myself and be more relaxed but more productive and bish 75K IS A HELL OF A DEAL 9)back to age 5 10)the end 11)dance,i love dancing :) my voice is horrible 12)soda 13)MOVE MOVE MOVE

    #-Kate Hawk-##-Kate Hawk-#Dag sedan
  • “Singing along to every song quietly is kinda cute” Me who is currently in a Corpse phase: *aggressively sweating*

    _Inkysnow __Inkysnow _Dag sedan
  • i think he wants to push someone in the front of a train

    Brock AltepeterBrock AltepeterDag sedan

    Lpslover 636Lpslover 636Dag sedan
  • Actually because of the way our taste buds work, if you had no sense of smell you would only be able to taste 5 flavors. Sweet, salty, savory, sour, bitter. So technically no matter what you choose you would be losing your sense of taste.

    Karen paunKaren paunDag sedan
  • I thought I would also pick funny over intelligent but think about it this way: If you were to keep your lEvELs of “funniness” but you were intelligent it could be useful. Let’s say you’re with your friend group but you don’t know the topic they’re making jokes about that well, well if you’re already okay at making jokes and just being funny then being intelligent can help you add to the conversation ya know :D

    Lpslover 636Lpslover 636Dag sedan
  • For the book one, if you have abusive parents or Just dont like yours, and you have like wished death on them. Or like if your mentally unstable and though about diffeent ways to end yourself, I could go on

    Katsuki BakugoKatsuki BakugoDag sedan
  • I’d skip 2020 tbh

    Sonic Ba11erSonic Ba11erDag sedan
  • Dude. If you do something. You need to think about doing it. If you pick giving them thoughts it will be both just thoughts and acts.

    VungaVungaDag sedan
  • him: maybe ill do a boys and girls quiz next time non-binary people: *breathes in enby*

    ۵Cat Opal۵۵Cat Opal۵Dag sedan
  • Wilbur: I AM NOT PUSHING A DOG OUT OF MY URETHRA hyenas: wait you have a u don’t do that

    Big Boy billBig Boy billDag sedan
  • with the jumping vs walking question, you would make around $100 a day, and at the most about $200 (if you were REALLY dedicated), however like Wilbur mentioned, you could still go to work. On the other hand, you could make $1 per jump. Let's say you jump once every 5 seconds. that's $12 per minute, which is $720 (p.s the average pay per hour is $21.16). Let's say you do this for 2 hours a day (keep in mind you can still watch youtube or something while doing this) you'd be making $262800 yearly, and even more if you jumped every 1 seccond instead ($1,314,000) and you jumped for 5 hours a day ($3,285,000). Basically, would you rather be a millionare while getting fit or make 5000 a year extra onto your current job.

    Peachy 3.14Peachy 3.14Dag sedan
  • 12:49 So when u live in los angeles 75 aint gonna cut it rent is hella high

    YaBoiMammonYaBoiMammonDag sedan
  • i mean i chose to work for someone else not because of greed but that I'm not good at organizing my time for open to interpretation things such as art, music or in your case SEworld and i find it a bit more calming to know what to do so you know if your doing something wrong.

    thatguythatguyDag sedan
  • i would have loved to skip 2020

    Elliott PurserElliott PurserDag sedan
  • Trust me it sucks being the smortest guy in the room JK

    DiggerDoodleDiggerDoodle2 dagar sedan
  • I really don’t think you’d want to know what I thought about my parents..

    Gh0st ijzGh0st ijz2 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe its still in his bio

    AceAce2 dagar sedan
  • I’m shocked that people would want to be deaf instead of blind. Not being able to listen to music or hear anything at all would be debilitating.

    Zoe CanizaresZoe Canizares2 dagar sedan
  • I wish I could skip 2020

    Silver StaffSilver Staff2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur forgetting Soda streams or whatever exist, meaning if he bought one of those he could have carbonated water and it'd technically be soda.

    Chanman DeathChanman Death2 dagar sedan
  • #youcankillthepeedogbutyoucantkillthedogpee

    Sir. Pig LatinSir. Pig Latin2 dagar sedan
  • gonna be totally honest wilbur, 1 shower every 7 days is the norm for me, so it had to be the bed. (but also the bed is just objectively more time saved) ps. Water is genuinely disgusting, and i have successfully replaced it with tea and milk for over a decade.

    DinodogstDinodogst2 dagar sedan
  • Oh my god it's actually in his bio

    Senida RobisonSenida Robison2 dagar sedan
  • I'd go deaf cause I watch things with subtitles

    Just a paper airplane With a mental conceptJust a paper airplane With a mental concept2 dagar sedan
  • I love this so much Lmao hi

    Leah WilmotLeah Wilmot2 dagar sedan
  • the people that chose to share their thoughts are probably straight

    mak_is_strangemak_is_strange2 dagar sedan
  • My answers to each question: 1. Bad things. Because i dont do many bad things. But i dont want people to know my thoughts. Privacy reasons 2.Probably skip. Im too young 3. A bland relationship is a bad relationship 4. Taste.i hate so many foods so i think it would be better 5. Be deaf. But i cant choose easily 6. Same as you 7.FREEDOM 8. 75k lets go! 9. More knowledge for now i dont wanna be a smoll child again 10. The end 11.does bouncing my leg count as dancing? Cuz my singing voice sucks 12. Soda 13. Never move. I hate change 14. Neck down 15. Funny, why not 16. Probs how. 17. Be loved 18. 1 cent baby 19. Magic bed pls i wanna stay awake till 3 AM and record vids. Cuz i never record lol 20. You can kill the peedog but you cant kill the dogpee

    Ágnes Petzné GordosÁgnes Petzné Gordos2 dagar sedan
  • 14:18 this face... it haunts me

    Haha LaughHaha Laugh2 dagar sedan
  • those who said "skip the next year" must've known what was coming lol

    Becca GrossmanBecca Grossman2 dagar sedan
  • Here 2020 haha! Let mr skip this year!!!

    Itz_Alexa 6Itz_Alexa 62 dagar sedan
  • 9:00 Yes

    ThePandaOrbThePandaOrb3 dagar sedan
  • Wha

    deadworld 666deadworld 6663 dagar sedan
  • The reason I would want to be safe is that my anxiety causes me to not be able to sleep, I am so tired, I can't ask for help, my parents won't believe me.

    SheHadMeAtLeave 1SheHadMeAtLeave 13 dagar sedan
  • I feel like wilbur is a murder, hes a awfully nice and caring person and sometimes can out of nowhere be really scary....

    pastelkitty bellpastelkitty bell3 dagar sedan
  • I would do a book of bad things because the bad things I have done aren't really that bad, but I have though about some SERIOUSLY messed up SHIT

    cycodude boicycodude boi3 dagar sedan
  • i mean my parents a super realiges so thoughts are the same as doing the thought

    basil birthiselbasil birthisel3 dagar sedan
  • 19:04 It's Dutch! "Hou van je, je bent echt een knapperd" loosely translates to "Love you, you're amazing". Wilbur answers with "Bedankt, dankuwel mevrouw of meneer. Ik ken niet" (btw Wilbur the last part should be "Ik ken je/u niet" or "Ik weet niet wie je/u bent", both meaning "I don't know you" :) ), which translates to "Thanks, thank you ma'am, or sir. I don't know [you]". Your pronunciation never fails to surprise me Wilbur! Especially the "bedankt" was spot on!

    TazariaTazaria3 dagar sedan
  • The knowing when or how you die just hits differently after Unus Annus. Memento mori. My answer is when

    TazariaTazaria3 dagar sedan
  • 250k for someone else, this implies they cant fire you so just like... *fuck around for 8 hours a day*

    Che GuevaraChe Guevara3 dagar sedan
  • If I could go back to age 5 I might actually be able to fix my life and start getting help earlier before I broke

    Made to Watch 18 videosMade to Watch 18 videos3 dagar sedan
  • Look the question about working for yourself or someone else, guess what? With that much money you just save up and then you can retire early and you don't have to work! And the shower vs bed? I gaurentee you at least half of the people who wanted the shower have long curly hair, ITS A BITCH TO CLEAN I HATE IT. I love long baths or showers but I hate doing my hair. Also I like sleeping it's a respite from adhd

    Salamence RobotSalamence Robot3 dagar sedan
  • 1:57 you would be gald if you skiped 2020 #fuck2020

    Ned ScholtenNed Scholten3 dagar sedan
  • Just work at a trampoline park 🤦‍♂️

    Aidan KerriganAidan Kerrigan3 dagar sedan
  • 1:15 pls skip this year

    Mouwas 76Mouwas 764 dagar sedan
  • I shower once a month

    KING SMILEY gamingKING SMILEY gaming4 dagar sedan
  • About 2 days ago this video became one year old, and I'm amazed that Wilbur put You can kill the pee dog but you can't kill the dog pee in his Bio and it still is there to this day. I salute you Wilbur

    Gray DizzleGray Dizzle4 dagar sedan
  • Ummmm, I don’t have a sense of smell

    WavecatzdjWavecatzdj4 dagar sedan
  • i agreed on most before you even said your answer but for the death id have to say when because if i die doing something i do or could do in my daily life i would be so paranoid any time i get close to doing that thing. if i know when i die, i can live my life super freely then say goodbye and do whatever leading to the days i die

    Julia GJulia G4 dagar sedan
  • I chose magic shower, not because I hate showing, but because I actually enjoy sleeping. Does that make me weird 😅?

    Emily CowellEmily Cowell4 dagar sedan
  • what if you thin of sin

    MatildaMakesAUsMatildaMakesAUs4 dagar sedan
  • Dude, I just don't have the motivation to work for myself. I wouldn't do anything.

    Turn of PraiseTurn of Praise4 dagar sedan
  • about the no sense of taste or smell question, i have a disorder that messed up every sense i have, including those, meaning i can barely eat and my nose doesnt work at all, so not tasting anything would just be great so i could actually eat the the first time in 15 years

    StykersStykers4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: i wouldn’t want to give my parents a book of all the bad things I’ve done. Me: you *dirty crime boi*

    S0L4R _S0L4R _4 dagar sedan
  • i will never see wilbur the same after he pressed that button

    Axaam_LolzAxaam_Lolz4 dagar sedan
  • Dude just said that there are more types of soda then there are types of hamburgers. BRUH so wrong. even though thats what I would pick as well.

    Onezero01Onezero014 dagar sedan
  • Well for the bad things and bad thoughts one I gotta not agree with Wilbur man. Bad thoughts doesn't mean that you did them that's true but my bad thought are much worse than the bad things I have done because you usually don't blindly act on your thoughts. Like for instance when someone is fucking annoying and I wanna stab them, I obviously don't it so I would definitely give a book of bad things done to my parent. I don't know it's just my opinion.

    Ayanna SureshAyanna Suresh5 dagar sedan
  • Fun Fact: When it comes to taste, the nose knows more than the tongue

    P1xeledP1xeled5 dagar sedan
  • He says he wants to be breathtakingly beautiful from the neck down, but the question is rigged for him. He's already breathtakingly beautiful everywhere.

    x-virus_gamingx-virus_gaming5 dagar sedan
  • It's still there

    dragon beastdragon beast5 dagar sedan
  • Ngl I got a lot of similar answers to Wilbur

    CyPlaysGames Minecraft Roleplay, Gameplay, And MoreCyPlaysGames Minecraft Roleplay, Gameplay, And More5 dagar sedan
  • "Form no longer available. Try contacting the owner if this is a mistake." Wilbur, I DONT KNOW HOW TO CONTACT YOU

    Jessica GruszkaJessica Gruszka5 dagar sedan
  • Will it’s ok that your lenky. It be like that

    Shadow Waffle332Shadow Waffle3325 dagar sedan
  • Tommy coming to the soda or hamburger question: "Is he joking?" No hate on tommy, I just thought it was funny and wanted to write it down...

    Chloe JonesChloe Jones5 dagar sedan
  • with the taste/smell thing you can't taste without smell and vice versa

    Psycho_Cat_1029Psycho_Cat_10295 dagar sedan
  • who else thought the guy in the door at the beginning was real for a sec

    Psycho_Cat_1029Psycho_Cat_10295 dagar sedan
  • What if the person you work for is your best friend and help him make videos that's a good possibility

    stabby dragonstabby dragon5 dagar sedan
  • I don't really wanna out myself with a book of bad thoughts :)

    Abigail OAbigail O5 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur finally got kicked from his office

    pyro moonpyro moon5 dagar sedan
  • I hate showering. Lol

    Kyler SmithKyler Smith5 dagar sedan
  • Goes back to age 5, buys Bitcoin. This is the way.

    crusader 2113crusader 21135 dagar sedan