Minecraft Hardcore, But All Mobs Attack You (ft. ConnorEatsPants)

20 sep 2019
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Me and Connor play Minecraft hardcore mode except every mob (even passive mobs) are hostile and will try and kill us.
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me:twitter.com/WilburSoot
ConnorEatsPants: www.twitch.tv/ConnorEatsPants
Data Pack by: seworld.info/tv/T_drzuYCUjVXufAaEoIb3Q.html
Thumbnail: twitter.com/scivious_
Edited: me
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • Everytime i read "ConnorEatsPants" I can only remember " *LAUGH* EAT PANT CONAR "

    Generic_ User.mp3Generic_ User.mp3Dag sedan
  • You died to sheep multiple times. I hope you never go to a farm ever.

    Zinzella CherryZinzella Cherry2 dagar sedan
  • Don’t put technoblade in this gamemode

    Animallover2053Animallover20533 dagar sedan
  • How does the audio change when he’s under water???

    Lilly The PersonLilly The Person6 dagar sedan
  • SEworld be like 2019: Nah 2020: Still no ready Late 2020: Lets recommend this video because that totally makes sense.

    spurplespurple7 dagar sedan
  • why did i read "connoreatspants" as "connoreatspandas"

    thimothythimothy9 dagar sedan
  • So this is just the mod where all the llamas have “berserk llama syndrome”?

    KingOfTheOstrogothsKingOfTheOstrogoths13 dagar sedan
  • M

    Mason RossMason Ross14 dagar sedan
  • Connor is like a less devilish Jschlatt lol

    Ember GamerEmber Gamer15 dagar sedan
  • While watching this video in the TV my father came in and said "oh the what's popping guy!" I dont know where he saw that but I'm nor happy nor sad -_-

    Max is tiredMax is tired16 dagar sedan
  • Those are techno pigs.

    Ender KiryukiEnder Kiryuki23 dagar sedan
  • conner sounds like hiccup from httyd

    /jo\/jo\28 dagar sedan
  • How to make someone vegetarian

    DefiniteMinkDefiniteMink29 dagar sedan
  • omg its *conar eat pant* !!1!!!1!!!!1!1!1!!!!!!!

    M a r r sM a r r sMånad sedan
  • the cow did a whole 360 and I almost started laughing in the middleof the night

    Moon404Moon404Månad sedan
  • Welcome to animal geographic😀 Today we'll be observing a COOOOOOWWWWWW!!! RUUUUUUNNN!!!

    Queen CrystalQueen CrystalMånad sedan
  • so bassicly you are living in australia

    dajskajdajskajMånad sedan
  • the new goat mob is looking really cool ngl.

    belugaval14belugaval14Månad sedan
  • Sometimes comes sounds like jshlatt

    The guiinz kegThe guiinz kegMånad sedan
  • Why is Connors minecraft so pretty wth

    Emily GibsonEmily GibsonMånad sedan
  • "the pig is by far the scariest thing here" I'm not sure if he's referencing to Technoblade or not

    don't know what to put here yesdon't know what to put here yesMånad sedan
  • I wanna see Connor and shlatt communicating

    CroopzyCroopzyMånad sedan
  • so is he gonna show us the mod pack or not


    smol Boismol BoiMånad sedan
  • Did... did Wilbur call a pig a chicken... I feel like that’s happened before

    Potoo_God_Blesses_YouPotoo_God_Blesses_YouMånad sedan
  • Technically everything in minecraft can kill you... think about that for a while

    Potoo_God_Blesses_YouPotoo_God_Blesses_YouMånad sedan
  • this gives the saying When Pigs take over reality

    Marisa FutscherMarisa Futscher2 månader sedan
  • Jurassic park vibes

    Sheryl LiuSheryl Liu2 månader sedan
  • People in comments: Connoreatspants is Jschlatt with helium. Me: Connoreatspants is badboyhalo's old acc :////

    Rouan Lai BaloRouan Lai Balo2 månader sedan
  • The pigs are techno cause they are both aggressive

    pastelkitty bellpastelkitty bell2 månader sedan
  • conar eats pants

    m i am i a2 månader sedan
  • “Wilbur Soot tried to swim in lava to escape a llama”

    Esperanza GarciaEsperanza Garcia2 månader sedan
  • Conareatpant

    [] N0ODLEZ [][] N0ODLEZ []3 månader sedan
  • eat pant

    Vexillology 4 LifeVexillology 4 Life3 månader sedan
  • Jumanji

    ToasterBathToasterBath3 månader sedan
  • Sapnap made a video where mobs were *_randomly hostile._* Let’s just say... *_Villagers are scary._*

    Wilhem YoungWilhem Young3 månader sedan
  • Connor sounds like the main character from midnight gospel on Netflix 👁👄👁

    Soft CookiieSoft Cookiie3 månader sedan
  • Haha big toe

    Zach VisserZach Visser3 månader sedan
    • Yeah very funy

      Zach VisserZach Visser3 månader sedan
    • Haha so funny

      Zach VisserZach Visser3 månader sedan
  • Uh oh stinky poop, poop funny, lelelelel.

    Milk ModsMilk Mods3 månader sedan
  • "I'LL SHOOT YOU WITH YOUR KIDS!" -ConnorEatsPants, 06:47

    Ian PanequeIan Paneque3 månader sedan
  • Why does conoreatspants' minecraft look better? Can someone tell me how to do that

    Ali Akbar AlmoufadhalAli Akbar Almoufadhal3 månader sedan
  • Some grown ass men being beaten up by farm animals 😎

    Zoey_the_blobZoey_the_blob3 månader sedan
  • When life gives you Llamas, You make tims.

    MarcyAndFriendsMarcyAndFriends3 månader sedan

    PoggersPoggers3 månader sedan
  • Goldfish's slogan to the max. The snack that *FIGHTS* back

    Pastel Orchids XOPastel Orchids XO3 månader sedan
  • funny funny 🥴

    Foxglove BumblebeeFoxglove Bumblebee3 månader sedan
  • Imagine Pokimane Playing Instead : Poki ; Aww How Cute . AHHHhhHhHh FUCK YOU

    GreenToadGreenToad4 månader sedan
  • It’s hysterical watching two grown men get scared of chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, etc. 😂😂😂

    afraidofthedarkkafraidofthedarkk4 månader sedan
  • 2:05 i like the muffled audio

    rainutearainutea4 månader sedan
  • Conar eat pant?

    The Dank And the MemeierThe Dank And the Memeier4 månader sedan
  • Plot twist pigs explode

    RealFakeManRealFakeMan4 månader sedan
  • Wow the live action animal farm is better than I remember

    Tori JaneTori Jane4 månader sedan
  • 2:06 new milo

    chill demonchill demon4 månader sedan
  • Wither: I'm the most difficult boss Ender dragon: no I am ???:fools Wither and dragon: what was that punk? Pig: fools

    Alex EsquivelAlex Esquivel4 månader sedan
  • Connor vs. the Fluffy Warriors

    Leah SLeah S4 månader sedan
  • Just like attack on titan lmao

    _kristis_kristis4 månader sedan
  • I don't see the hardcore 😒

    mmm that's good idkmmm that's good idk4 månader sedan
  • Bro this is not hard core the hearts are not the way they are in real hard core

    Hudson BanaszakHudson Banaszak4 månader sedan
  • Wilbur I want an animal farm Communism allegory intensifies

    Alert PenguinAlert Penguin5 månader sedan
  • Iaugh

    Bread BeingBread Being5 månader sedan
  • i cant explain this but connors voice is the opposite of what he looks like

    chloechloe5 månader sedan
  • Here in mother russia, you dont eat the animals the animals eat you.

    McGregor CrouseMcGregor Crouse5 månader sedan
  • Senpaaaaiiiii

    MoonShineMoonShine5 månader sedan
  • I like Conner's voice

    smol bunssmol buns5 månader sedan
  • Man Schlatt’s really changed!

    Aiden LevasseurAiden Levasseur5 månader sedan
  • imagine if you applied the "all mobs attack" mod and the "blocks attack" Tattletail: Aa!

    Jared HoechstJared Hoechst5 månader sedan
  • Why does he sound like Jschlatt jr?

    Aidan LangAidan Lang5 månader sedan
  • This is just animal farm XD

    G GG G5 månader sedan
  • The words "The pigs are coming" has never been more anxiety inducing

    j4ck20n _j4ck20n _6 månader sedan
  • Everyone gangsta until the rabbit blew up

    Roaring Thunder115Roaring Thunder1156 månader sedan
  • That Chicken though

    Roaring Thunder115Roaring Thunder1156 månader sedan
  • bruh did they not get leads from the wandering trader??? just use that, you don't need to try and usher the pig along lmao

    Elizabeth DesRuisseauElizabeth DesRuisseau6 månader sedan
  • "WilburSoot tried to swim in lava to escape a llama"

    JadeitovJadeitov6 månader sedan
  • Those llamas are terrifying

    Alex MylesAlex Myles6 månader sedan
  • "You see the creepers, the skeletons, the spiders, and then you see the pig, which is by far the scariest" - Everyone in a PvP versus Technoblade

    The DragonThe Dragon6 månader sedan
  • Connor sounds like a slightly higher pitched schlatt

    Ccc2020Ccc20206 månader sedan
  • "is it carrots for pig or do they do weed as well" -wilbur soot

    Mr. MateyMr. Matey6 månader sedan
  • everyone gangsta until the rabbit decides to pursue a career as a creeper

    Shivang GulatiShivang Gulati6 månader sedan
  • This video predicted hoglins

    Lillie GreenlawLillie Greenlaw6 månader sedan
  • This is basically just early humans simulator.

    Danny SproutDanny Sprout6 månader sedan
  • it triggers me that in the hardcore mode being attacked by basically every mob wilbur took more than 5 minutes to make a f***ing sword

    nicolas schwabnicolas schwab6 månader sedan
  • Connor sounds like a mini JSchlatt

    ImanoodleImanoodle6 månader sedan
  • when will they realize the animals will chase them without wheat

    Kate DanaKate Dana6 månader sedan
  • Minecraft: Australia Edition

    Micaela FonsecaMicaela Fonseca6 månader sedan
  • Connor sounds like pitched up schlatt

    KingDinoKingDino6 månader sedan
  • Wow, this guys really bad! He doesn’t just try hard Minecraft?

    NumberOneJakeNumberOneJake6 månader sedan
  • 15:20 when you see a spider

    RandomTrouble32RandomTrouble326 månader sedan
  • yoooo 2:07 was that audio edited to sound underwater? That’s so cool

    bananasinfrenchbananasinfrench6 månader sedan
    • he does that in all other videos too

      GamersUniteGamersUnite6 månader sedan
  • lightning strikes a pig and it's not agressive anymore

    smol childsmol child6 månader sedan
  • Connor sounds like jschlatt if his voice was pitched higher

    Better DaysBetter Days6 månader sedan
  • This is basically two primal humans trying to survive because literally everything wants to kill you

    irs bobirs bob6 månader sedan
  • Everyone gangsta till the sheep shears you back

    RivetRivet6 månader sedan
  • Connor shouting sounds like schlatts shouting but in a sparky sped up voice? Just me?

    Rosie PapsRosie Paps6 månader sedan
  • 12:25 when my chemistry teacher tells me to "apply a concept"

    mushroom_brothmushroom_broth6 månader sedan
  • Desperate situations requinre desperate solutions 8:53

    Nilson JuniorNilson Junior6 månader sedan
  • "I want to create a farm" Prehistory for scp foundation in a nutshell

    Александр ПономарёвАлександр Пономарёв6 månader sedan
  • in mother russia, beef eats you

    its_charlseyyyits_charlseyyy6 månader sedan
  • When I first saw this title I assumed it was the same, I even laughed at the stupidity of me thinking it would be the same. Sometimes I think I'm just retarded...

    p-rock-pjp-rock-pj6 månader sedan
  • So basically Monster Hunter

    Victor YangVictor Yang6 månader sedan
  • Don’t feel bad for Wandering Traders

    i am an iguanai am an iguana6 månader sedan