A Geography Nerd Plays Geoguessr

24 apr 2020
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Ten country challenge: I only have to guess the COUNTRY right
I wonder how many people will get annoyed at this thumbnail
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  • he learns from jack ;l

    •It’z me Izzy••It’z me Izzy•7 minuter sedan
  • Suomi pog

    •Lazy_ Lunax••Lazy_ Lunax•39 minuter sedan
  • I just want to see him spawn in Friesland, The Netherlands, look at the flag, and say, "Oh, it looks like we're in Not Quite Gayland."

    Arwin GensemerArwin Gensemer4 timmar sedan
  • POV: your watching on thanksgiving when he says, a little bit of turkey

    Adora Shepherd Animations And SpigettiAdora Shepherd Animations And Spigetti15 timmar sedan
  • This guys that one geography teacher that doesn't know what their doing

    Miehaf.Miehaf.22 timmar sedan
  • I live in Guernsey and knew he was wrong as soon as he said Guernsey

    Anton SwaleAnton Swale23 timmar sedan
  • wilbur speaking in an american accent gives me anxiety

    My chemical green dayMy chemical green dayDag sedan
  • Lol Americans can they even get points in this game? 🤣🤣

    S DeeS DeeDag sedan
  • "sinthier"

    goosegooseDag sedan
  • Greco Roman is the type of building you were thinking of

    IVYkevlarIVYkevlarDag sedan
  • imagine you seeing your home at geoguessr it must be happy and scary at the same time

    sofia c:sofia c:Dag sedan
  • *sees one pine tree* "C A N A D A"

    Matthew ObergfellMatthew ObergfellDag sedan
  • That American accent was dreadful

    Justus ScheetzJustus ScheetzDag sedan
  • The answer was on a silver platter. And he fucking clicked Montana

    LARZMAN -LARZMAN -2 dagar sedan
  • i'm gonna start putting up random flags on my house when the google streetview car comes around, just to fuck around with geoguessr players.

    Spoon3rSpoon3r2 dagar sedan

    Averil TallackAveril Tallack2 dagar sedan
  • me in the first 10 minutes: where the hell is my country me after 5 minutes seeing my apartment in the picture: well sh*t

    dead channel that just watches and commentsdead channel that just watches and comments2 dagar sedan
  • you didn't know the lebanese flag and i'm disappointed

    miffu aaamiffu aaa2 dagar sedan
  • sis just broke out into song like a whole gacha character

    Eazy_PeazyEazy_Peazy2 dagar sedan
  • American accent Wilbur scares me *it just doesn't sit right with me*

    Eazy_PeazyEazy_Peazy2 dagar sedan
  • eyyy this was posted 4 days before my birthday!

    Eazy_PeazyEazy_Peazy2 dagar sedan
  • “You don’t go inside in geoguessr.” *ahem* Wilburs resent geoguessr stream-

    Pixel Wolf56Pixel Wolf562 dagar sedan
  • its so fun when he cant gess your coutry i live in Latvia so it was fun for me to watch that and Liethuania

    ERDX tuERDX tu2 dagar sedan
  • Pro tip if it's in the US find a school or town hall 9 out of 10 times the state flag will be under the national flag

    GiffgiffGiffgiff2 dagar sedan
  • The breakdown of a Man

    Ruby AngelRuby Angel2 dagar sedan
  • As a French lady, I am proud of Wilbers French :)

    SAVIENENSAVIENEN2 dagar sedan
  • I live in ireland and its so good to hear a youtuber saying ireland right instead of "Im A wEe lEpReChAn"

    Oscar ClarkeOscar Clarke2 dagar sedan
  • It's very strange feeling than Willbur don't guess Russia 🇷🇺, and I'm from Russia sooooo .... It's fucking sad. Every russian guess Russia because in video Willbur show letters "ЛДПР" so it's easy to guess for me✨

    김 КимКай Ши 카이섹김 КимКай Ши 카이섹2 dagar sedan
  • "Thats polish looking" LMAO ahhahahahahh ig its sort is im proud to be polish :)

    Makus16Makus163 dagar sedan
  • as someone who grew up in taiwan, i'm really glad he guessed taiwan right off the bat

    Jacob ClementeJacob Clemente3 dagar sedan
  • Belgium does not have yellow number plates

    Gils DebeuckelaereGils Debeuckelaere3 dagar sedan
  • 12:30 I’m so proud my country has finally been noticed! ÚuÙ

    • CucumberClownSquirrel •• CucumberClownSquirrel •3 dagar sedan
  • the only time montana gets recognition

    Eli StebbinsEli Stebbins3 dagar sedan
  • Geoguessr when Wilbur plays it: PETRO CANADA Geoguessr when I play: Wanna be spawned in the middle of a field of grass so that you have to guess between Mongolia and china?

    Jason YiuJason Yiu3 dagar sedan
  • His US accent makes my ears sad Makes me want to just only listen to brits talk

    ane onomysane onomys3 dagar sedan
  • It's all Ohio Wilbur

    KasierReichKasierReich3 dagar sedan
  • “I’m like a shark, if I stop I’ll explode.” -Wilbur Soot 2020

    MatrixBearMatrixBear3 dagar sedan
  • Everyone in chat: "it counts!!!" Wilburnerdmiloboi: "no you're right it doesn't count"

    A LoodyA Loody3 dagar sedan
  • Jografi

    REFREF3 dagar sedan
  • I would adore to have Wilbur as my Geography Teacher-

    KalikoKaliko3 dagar sedan
  • Im glad he got iceland right. Also pro tip u can almost always see mountans when ur in iceland

    WaffleWaffle3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur, I just wanted to say that in Poland we have ąęółńćśżź but no û : )

    Kay ChannKay Chann3 dagar sedan

    Mark's WatermelonMark's Watermelon3 dagar sedan
  • im hurt since it said LonDONdeRrY not derry

    Kieran McGovernKieran McGovern3 dagar sedan
  • the first time when he guessed lithuania i was so happy bc i from there and we are a small country so thats good

    Agilė ŽiukaitėAgilė Žiukaitė4 dagar sedan
  • the entire chat: "It counts" Wilbur: "You're right, it doesnt count."

    Wolfcub05Wolfcub054 dagar sedan
  • Canada is the Bane of Wilbur’s existence

    isaiah josephisaiah joseph4 dagar sedan
  • Geoguesser pog

    The TomTomThe TomTom4 dagar sedan
  • dude I love that my state (Montana) made you not get to 15. XD

    ireland_l9l yeetireland_l9l yeet4 dagar sedan
  • Hold up... does brittian not have brick roads??

    Newcomb RageNewcomb Rage4 dagar sedan
  • i literally got lost in my hometown what is this

    EchoEcho4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: is in a desert in Geoguessr The chat: YuGoSlAvIa If you didnt know, yugoslavia dosent exist anymore, it used to make up Slovenia, Croatia and the rest if the balkans, not including greece. Im probably wrong

    President Joe BidenPresident Joe Biden4 dagar sedan
  • Everybody said either Lithuania or Latvia

    President Joe BidenPresident Joe Biden4 dagar sedan
  • will if its in canada its probably in english or in both french and english. idk about quebec though. quebec is fucking weird and everyone esle doesnt like them

    Grindy PineapplesGrindy Pineapples5 dagar sedan
  • Happy to see Quebec ! Hello from Montreal :)

    Yam The Sweet PotatoYam The Sweet Potato5 dagar sedan
  • when he started speaking with that fake american accent i think i finally learned what it’s like to take psychic damage like holy fuck he’s mixing pronunciations from all across the board in a way that doesn’t make anything resembling any actual accent of any region of the country, and that in addition to the painful eye contact with the camera made me feel an emotion that doesn’t exist in any capacity

    Anonymous FemaleAnonymous Female5 dagar sedan
  • I can’t wait for Wilbur to land somewhere in Canada and realize that Quebec isn’t the only place in Canada where people speak french

    Anne DumontAnne Dumont5 dagar sedan
  • 7:05 that is the flag of Lebanon Wilbur.

    Anne DumontAnne Dumont5 dagar sedan
  • 16:53 hes liver

    SamSam5 dagar sedan
  • I know where the first one is, that specific location

    Cat TurseCat Turse5 dagar sedan
  • not him reading Gaelige in a French accent-

    laura Marmionlaura Marmion5 dagar sedan
  • *sad guitar strumming* IT WAS FRANCE, NOT QUEBEC

    j / k gillj / k gill5 dagar sedan
  • me when he said that the flag he saw was latvia: no no it’s not latvia!” the latvia flag: 🇱🇻

    emilyemily5 dagar sedan
  • that fricking midwest accent the frick

    Kels WinterKels Winter6 dagar sedan
  • this was posted on my bday 😎

    da vinkida vinki6 dagar sedan
  • *haha nerd* (Joke ._.)

    MagimatesMagimates6 dagar sedan
  • unpopular question : who is cynthia

    shioshio6 dagar sedan
  • Ok. That's it Wilbur NEEDS to dress up as Where's Wally?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its Just EvieIts Just Evie6 dagar sedan
  • OH GOD WHAT HEY THATS MY LANGUAGE Thats latvian :D the one on 1:16 if youre wondering yaaaasss bitch this is fun i bet wilbur has no idea XDXDXD k hi from Latvia wilbur :D

    #-Kate Hawk-##-Kate Hawk-#6 dagar sedan
  • when your from the us but say cinema

    •Kozume_Kenma• Kodzuken•Kozume_Kenma• Kodzuken7 dagar sedan
  • Ok when Wilber was talking to "Cyndia" his voice made it so emotional like wowwww

    Ayanna SureshAyanna Suresh7 dagar sedan
  • why does this browser game have to be pay to play bruh

    YeltoYelto7 dagar sedan
  • Wise words by Wilbur: I'm like shark. If I stop moving I will explode. - Wilbur Soot

    EmmaEmma7 dagar sedan
    • *swimming

      EmmaEmma7 dagar sedan
  • When he’s doing an American accent he sounds like Technoblade 😂

    Depresso EspressoDepresso Espresso7 dagar sedan
  • no hate to europe nor north america tho, much love actually. specially in theese times

    Victoria ZacourVictoria Zacour7 dagar sedan
  • I live in Okinawa and I swear that place looks so familiar I’m not even joking

    Gracie McafeeGracie Mcafee7 dagar sedan

    JR CrafterJR Crafter7 dagar sedan
  • wilbur didnt see the renault in france smh

    angieangie7 dagar sedan
  • Me when Wilbur says where I live e 👁👄👁

    PeanutPiggyPeanutPiggy7 dagar sedan
  • I usually get really annoyed when SEworldrs do stuff like this bc some of them are so ignorant (someone hadn’t even heard of the Czech Republic??) so this is quite a relief to watch.

    Ivysaur :3Ivysaur :37 dagar sedan
  • Im from lithuania and im dissapoindted

    Matas MDMatas MD7 dagar sedan
  • "Attīstības finanšu institūcija" I laughed so hard hearing how he read it. Knowing a language you will never use anywhere on the planet besides one country can be worth it just to get funny moments like this. Oh AND seeing how he called Lithuanians flag as Latvians flag was even better. Thank you so much for giving me the little laugh I wanted so badly today! Sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes. If it isn't obvious from the text I am a latvian and English isn't my best subject. (:

    Marta MariannaMarta Marianna8 dagar sedan
  • 1.45 Ah of course; growninsjen

    PhoebePhoebe8 dagar sedan
  • me doing geography gcse and getting none of these right: 👁👄👁💧

    natu_illustratesnatu_illustrates8 dagar sedan
  • ive gone to that same minimarket in oregon that u saw in geoguesser lmao. Oregon is pretty nice tho ngl, just a shit ton of rain like rn.

    Tunerz ツTunerz ツ8 dagar sedan
  • I live in Texas and I've never seen that building ;; v ;;

    Bubble EspeonBubble Espeon8 dagar sedan
  • "You don't get inside on GeoGuessr" Me, who just came from the inside of a mall in India on GeoGuessr: -_-

    LaurenLauren8 dagar sedan
  • 2:52 iT wAS LitherWanier Again

    Faiq HassanFaiq Hassan8 dagar sedan
  • *Frost tower comes up* Me : AUSTIN TX *AUSTIN TX* *_AUSTIN TX_*

    SaltinesSaltines8 dagar sedan
  • I'm Lithuanian lmao I knew the places of Lithuania xd your pretty dumb though

    Chara Le BeanChara Le Bean9 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: Petro-Canada *hehe* Nobody: Wilbur: clicks montana

    liz joyliz joy9 dagar sedan
  • "I am like a human GPS" technoblade

    Dylan EisenhuthDylan Eisenhuth9 dagar sedan
  • Omg Finland!! Kaikki torille!

    KennaJanaKennaJana9 dagar sedan
  • bro im shocked that she even knows what Latvia is lmao and btw tommorow is Latvias bday so congratulate it pls.

    katewasfoundkatewasfound10 dagar sedan
  • 16:38 it was pretty cool though

    винот тупа ̊_ ̊винот тупа ̊_ ̊10 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: *sees a trailer park* This must be the United States! *forgets Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian series*

    Monica A. MoserMonica A. Moser10 dagar sedan

    Kipras GamingKipras Gaming10 dagar sedan
  • Sir this is a Wendy’s

    uwbadgerfanuwbadgerfan11 dagar sedan
  • when it was ROI i was SCREAMING ireland at wilbur

    Miss Aimee UwUMiss Aimee UwU11 dagar sedan
  • When he said those ugly cars were so dutch i wanted to cry

    Viezeblobvis aka AmberViezeblobvis aka Amber11 dagar sedan