Skyblock, but Every 30 Seconds a Random Item Spawns

8 sep 2019
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On a single block of bedrock, I am expected to survive with one item spawning every 30 seconds.
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • He shoulda put the sapling in the flower pot

    Sid the SlothSid the Sloth2 timmar sedan
  • Anybody know what the song is that starts at 10:20?

    Steven WagnerSteven Wagner2 timmar sedan
  • *that W H E E Z E* ( 2:13 )

    Îtz yøür béåñÎtz yøür béåñ8 timmar sedan
  • Yeaaaa it’s a really HOT engine if it’s blue yeaaa hehe

    Julia KurnickiJulia Kurnicki10 timmar sedan
  • who else is seeing this in 2023

    Glow TomatoGlow Tomato11 timmar sedan
  • Milo: Dies Me: This is so sad. Alexa, Play desbacito New fish: Alexa, pause music

    Luise AbelLuise Abel13 timmar sedan
  • "WILBUR YOU IDIOT" -milo

    Fall0914Fall091422 timmar sedan
  • ya know...milo might have swum back up if he hadn't picked up the water lol

    sillyking1991sillyking1991Dag sedan

    Sushine CamaturanSushine CamaturanDag sedan
  • Milo did not hesitate to ruin wilbers life and end his own Complete Chad

    L3m0n41d OfficialL3m0n41d OfficialDag sedan
  • Milo more like dielo

    F0xy Rules33F0xy Rules33Dag sedan
  • "What's the next blo-" *Magenta dye spawns* ... "Magenta 𝘥𝘪𝘦."

    Kizzy GurlKizzy GurlDag sedan
  • 2:13 that laugh thou

    Blue Spike8Blue Spike8Dag sedan
  • Wilber: is a riveter nice? Techno blade: yea it’s super nice.

    Sylar BobedaSylar Bobeda2 dagar sedan
  • The nostalgia

    Ben MeyerBen Meyer3 dagar sedan
  • Damn it’s been a year already

    MarcusMarcus3 dagar sedan
  • Fish die Get sign Mourn death Redemption

    Brownie the Boba :3Brownie the Boba :33 dagar sedan
  • Let’s take on the guardian- [guardian literally commits die] *i win :3*

    Brownie the Boba :3Brownie the Boba :33 dagar sedan
  • Can you download this?

    Katie TheKoalaGirlKatie TheKoalaGirl4 dagar sedan
  • 13:41 In the arms of an angel FLY away from this earth

    JesterJester4 dagar sedan
  • does anyone know how to get this plugin or whatever?

    MyNamesGMyNamesG5 dagar sedan
  • Nice clock.

    Christos GlynatsisChristos Glynatsis5 dagar sedan
  • 2:12 his whEEZEKJHDKJS

    samantha hoffmansamantha hoffman5 dagar sedan
  • He got diamond boots, fell, died, lost stuff. He got more boots and lost everything again. The boots are a curse.

    AtleeAtlee5 dagar sedan
  • rip first fish milo

    Rileigh ChastenRileigh Chasten6 dagar sedan
  • 2:11 Wilbur laugh doe-

    luna savoirluna savoir6 dagar sedan
    • When you post the same comment twise

      Survival_ Minecraft_playerSurvival_ Minecraft_player4 dagar sedan
  • (:

    Ariana FlemingAriana Fleming6 dagar sedan
  • “I’m not a religious man” Also him in every other video: *_i a m g o d_*

    evermore lilithevermore lilith6 dagar sedan
  • watching this video when it came out was one of the best choices of my life

    Carlos MunarCarlos Munar7 dagar sedan

    Emma CashEmma Cash7 dagar sedan
  • In crying so hard for milo

    Charmelon 03Charmelon 038 dagar sedan
  • F in the chat for milo

    Dorian GrundnerDorian Grundner8 dagar sedan
  • 7:51 my dad said that too. He was a good guy. I mean he is now in prison for intent to supply but he was a good guy.

    YesYes8 dagar sedan
  • 2:13

    asterusuasterusu8 dagar sedan
  • 10:50 "yesss a blue flame engine" *it turns grey* *he doesnt notice*

    Dream IsFoundDream IsFound8 dagar sedan
  • This is staged! Those fish were paid actors!

    Mara CutlerMara Cutler8 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait for a pc and to play this

    Brady DulinBrady Dulin8 dagar sedan
  • Also someone tell me why A ad for sushi came up the second that Wilbur put up Milos grave

    Sofy’s crappy AnimationsSofy’s crappy Animations9 dagar sedan
  • Rewatching I now realize how dumb Wilbur is for not putting the sapling in the pot

    theabsoluteworsttheabsoluteworst9 dagar sedan
  • 2:13 listen closely to what he says What he says:hrarar

    Sofy’s crappy AnimationsSofy’s crappy Animations9 dagar sedan
  • 13:39 you know the chat was spamming lol and f

    {Insert Name}{Insert Name}9 dagar sedan
  • Biggie Cheese

    Michael HerreraMichael Herrera10 dagar sedan
  • E

    Michael HerreraMichael Herrera10 dagar sedan
  • Oh the stories of that one block.

    KnosatKnosat10 dagar sedan
  • "He won't just swim off into the void, will he?" Oh Wilbur if only you knew what the future holds

    its me, Kaiits me, Kai10 dagar sedan
  • Milo: “Dies” *nobody liked that*

    Chibi MoonChibi Moon10 dagar sedan
  • Stupid

    Wayne ChisholmWayne Chisholm10 dagar sedan
  • 2:13 dat wheeze doe 7:22 that scared the absolute shit outta me

    Choco_ MilkChoco_ Milk11 dagar sedan
  • 3:50 Wilbur being bored at last

    Zexx YTZexx YT11 dagar sedan
  • In pewdipie’s voice : Milo was like a father to me.

    Molten ShawnMolten Shawn11 dagar sedan
  • 6:42 magenta fucking die

    olivia notfounddreamnapsootinnithachuolivia notfounddreamnapsootinnithachu12 dagar sedan
  • 8:05 that looks like one of those crested parrots

    Ezra LandersEzra Landers13 dagar sedan
  • Me: *on ful volume cus I can't hear a single thing when wilbur talks in the rip fish part and then looks away* Wilbur: *gets another fish* YEEHHEHE YES!!! Me: 👁👄👁 ow

    Summer TribidSummer Tribid13 dagar sedan
  • 4:45 little did he kmow

    Bethany HughesBethany Hughes13 dagar sedan
  • Milo: dies * Me: cries* why milo :c

    Karen MelissaKaren Melissa13 dagar sedan
  • Iam milo thé Fisch lol

    milo geerinckxmilo geerinckx14 dagar sedan
  • Rip milo

    Dylan NeriDylan Neri14 dagar sedan
  • I saw a video of a compilation of Wilbur’s pets deaths. They were like all from this video...

    LaurenLauren14 dagar sedan
  • If I can get dirt... LET THE SEIRES BEGIN

    NoahBear BearNoahBear Bear14 dagar sedan
  • bruh you should've put the sapling in the pot so you wouldn't have lost it

    thimothythimothy15 dagar sedan
  • How did you not know that the fish would follow the water down 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Andon BrownAndon Brown15 dagar sedan
  • “He won’t just swim down into the void” -Wilbur soot 2019 ... RIP milo 1

    Senora RanaSenora Rana15 dagar sedan
  • how you get this

    lawinlawin15 dagar sedan
  • 13:50 tho really RIP milo 2019- 2019

    Artistic LizardArtistic Lizard16 dagar sedan
  • The last melonnnnnn

    Katherine McCourtKatherine McCourt16 dagar sedan
  • 2:13 a fukin Demogorgon just came out in his laugh

    Jack EagleJack Eagle16 dagar sedan
  • whats the data pack

    Xor_cistxXor_cistx16 dagar sedan
  • Roses are red Violets are blue I think I simp for wil I need help too

    Pr0XPr0X16 dagar sedan
  • Magenta dye die 😂

    Joel JoJoel Jo17 dagar sedan
  • Dang, this was the first wilbur video I ever watched, crazy to think it's been so long

    BongoBongo17 dagar sedan
  • 12:51 and we can have a little waterfall Me: I sense a disturbance in the force

    Charizard GamingCharizard Gaming17 dagar sedan
  • the saddest part is Willbur's pet dying in the void.

    BlueCraftBlueCraft17 dagar sedan
  • This series is already pretty nostalgic due to the state of the world as of late.

    Onii-ChanOnii-Chan18 dagar sedan
  • This is like those mobile games that you have to wait a bldjdheillion hours to actually get stuff

    FoxxiTortillaFoxxiTortilla18 dagar sedan
  • He has lost so many pets in this series

    Mr Demon manMr Demon man18 dagar sedan
  • This is my favorite series from him when he let milo go at the end of the series I cried for an hour

    Mr Demon manMr Demon man18 dagar sedan
  • f in chat for milo

    relicrelic18 dagar sedan
  • The death of my

    Tia ClapperTia Clapper19 dagar sedan
    • Milo*

      Tia ClapperTia Clapper19 dagar sedan
  • 6:43 Magenta Die

    PegPlayz .PegPlayz .19 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else feel super happy every time Wilbur says 'Treasure Planet' cause it's such an underrated movie?

    Charlotte CovilleCharlotte Coville20 dagar sedan
  • RIP Milo i give respect

    Adomas NagelisAdomas Nagelis20 dagar sedan
  • should’ve put the sapling in the flower pot so he wouldn’t lose it

    emma wemma w20 dagar sedan
  • I miss this so much :[

    Chaos :0Chaos :020 dagar sedan
    • Same 😢

      Hackerman haunterHackerman haunter20 dagar sedan
  • RIP Milo....

    Jaxon Playz_YTJaxon Playz_YT20 dagar sedan
  • Daisy in pot) WeRe MaKiNg PrOgReSs

    Rapid SlothRapid Sloth21 dag sedan
  • Does anyone else want to know the mod that he used other than me?

    teh yi han hanteh yi han han21 dag sedan
  • I know I’m kinda late, but are we not gonna talk about the part where the datapack gave him a literal sign right after milo died? And then proceeded to resurrect milo?

    B A PB A P21 dag sedan
    • o7 milo

      Skindizzie DoesSkindizzie Does21 dag sedan
  • You could put the sapling in the pot that anoyed me

    yeet manyeet man21 dag sedan
  • can someone please find me the song at 10:18 to 11:23

    Zachary O.Zachary O.22 dagar sedan
    • @Hackerman haunter then which song is it? what is it called? because I have never heard it in Minecraft nor in the soundtrack

      Zachary O.Zachary O.20 dagar sedan
    • Its the mincraft game. 😂

      Hackerman haunterHackerman haunter20 dagar sedan
  • You should do this again but with niki and tommy

    Fran DiscoFran Disco22 dagar sedan

    Desu NekoDesu Neko22 dagar sedan
  • these were the good times

    Toast FToast F22 dagar sedan
  • He could’ve put the sapling in the pot lmfao

    Emma IngelsEmma Ingels22 dagar sedan
  • RIP Milo the fish 2019 - 2019 Press F to pay respect :(

    Wayan MeruWayan Meru22 dagar sedan
  • 4:00 He looked like :D

    DandotdotboiDandotdotboi23 dagar sedan
  • 14:31 His Emotion Change So Fast

  • the wheeze at 2:12

    dwoolleydwoolley23 dagar sedan
  • 7:41 "I win" *followed by the cutest giggle ever*

    Willow 404Willow 40423 dagar sedan
  • Still amazed by the 2 last items if the video tho Fucking good timing

    Armand MediounaArmand Mediouna23 dagar sedan
  • He should’ve put the sapling in the pot lol

    Bryanna SchienholzBryanna Schienholz24 dagar sedan