I Started a Revolution on the Dream SMP

6 aug 2020
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for the union! for the revolution!
I'm never satisfied.

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The DreamSMP is a server created by the Dream Team on Minecraft. People usually just play regular survival Minecraft but I decided I wanted to create a geo-political war. Uh-oh.

Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • 20:07 You're all very welcome.

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  • everyone POG for quieres dog

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  • Dream-we have infinitely more women Niki-Now this looks like a job for me

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  • Pls preety pls

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  • Hi

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  • Any ting you whant

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  • It's so weird rewatching this video, I had such different perceptions of Fundy, Sapnap and others. Like I didn't know them at all before this. I had forgotten about Tommy too since he showed up in SMP Earth and I also didn't watch that series much. It's wild.

    Adam ZugoneAdam Zugone20 timmar sedan

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  • 22:00 pretty much describes this sires

    Kami AdamsKami AdamsDag sedan
  • you don't get how many Americans and girls watch you

    Kami AdamsKami AdamsDag sedan
  • Ah the good ol days

    Lucy wLucy wDag sedan
  • And thus the nation was born

    Darksay83Darksay83Dag sedan
  • The van that started it all.

    master shpeemaster shpeeDag sedan
  • I can’t believe this is 3 months ago.. It felt like a month or week or a day or a minute or funnily a millisecond or a freaking nanosecond ago. How did this turn from a drug van to a place that made people cry. This is when it starts. The birth of a used to be nation. The leader was the man who created it and destroyed it. I remember thinking this place will never get destroyed. No betrayals.

  • the place where it all began,, l'man

    an ode aotyan ode aotyDag sedan
  • You ever look back to where it all began and think....."man".

    Alex LewisAlex Lewis2 dagar sedan
  • "Sometimes you just gotta kill some people sometimes yaknow - Sun Tzu" will forever be the best thing I've ever read

    Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda2 dagar sedan
  • Good old times... When Wilbur had his Sanity and Techno was killing orphans somewhere else

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  • This video was a real *Blast.*

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  • Wilbur just wanted to sell drugs

    froggyfroggy2 dagar sedan
    • Imagine starting a drug van and finishing by destroying a whole country

      RamsesRamses2 dagar sedan
  • Back in my day there was no walls, A british man wanted drugs, And he's w/ 2 children

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  • 21:25 And then the anthem was founded

    Input FrescoInput Fresco2 dagar sedan
  • this is quite odd to look back at but quite nice

    VegaVirusVegaVirus2 dagar sedan
  • And so.. it begins... 19:20

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  • 14:54 wilbur really said acab

    Tobi f r o gTobi f r o g2 dagar sedan
  • this is the start of l’manberg

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  • I’ve watched this probably 8 times trying to find the “my lover, she darted away down the stream, with the heart that she’d taken from me” line I think it has something to do with salmon ??? Idrkkk

    Nott_madison _hereNott_madison _here2 dagar sedan
    • there was a "joke" that Wilbur had sex with a salmon and that's how Fundy was created. It ended up becoming part of the actual lore though lol. (the salmon's name was Sally btw :D)

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  • Watching this 3 months later kinda hurts

    ye yeetye yeet2 dagar sedan
  • i miss l manbarg

    khian marc esmakhian marc esma2 dagar sedan
  • And it begun

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  • Seeing Wilbur play as a leader in this just hits way harder after the 16th

    Cyber SearcherCyber Searcher2 dagar sedan
  • Little did he know...

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  • "Where it all started"

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  • Wait this can’t be 3 months ago

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  • does anyone have the time stamp of when Fundy says "fuck 12" ?

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    • @FireflyUnofficial thank you!

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    • 12:19

      FireflyUnofficialFireflyUnofficial2 dagar sedan
  • Tommyinnit i am a big fan i am your number #1 fan

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  • This was only 3 months ago?

    Jonas ReeseJonas Reese3 dagar sedan
  • youtube ACTUALLY glitched and unsubbed me.

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  • watching this after recent events in the smp is giving me nostalgia, and this was only 3 months ago.....

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  • i keep forgetting that this all started because wilbur wanted to make a living selling drugs.

    Probably AnatomyProbably Anatomy3 dagar sedan
  • watching this after the final war... hits different

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  • Jokes on you I have a nonexistent cat

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  • And this is how it all started, a drug dealing caravan with a flaming hotdog on top.

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  • I find it really annoying when I start my Drug Empire Business based on forced child labor gets infiltrated by a cop which then leads to a full on war for revolution and the birth of my nation which then leads to me running an election due to my greed for power which I end up losing then in the end I blow it all up. Anyone else gets annoyed by these?

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  • oops to keep ammor an best items yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  • y you guy keep a super secret room or base anything ok but y

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  • Its been a while since Ive seen wilbur actually have a stable mental state, its nice

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  • Who’s watching this after he ended l’manberg by blowing it up

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  • this is when it all started, lmanburg, the memories, and basically everything and it’s surprising how everything chsnges

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  • and now hes dead 💯

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  • From a Drug Dealer RP to a War RP, Noice

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  • 19:46 and so the legend begun

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  • how it started: "we're gonna sell druds in a van" how it's going: "kill me, phil, kill me. i blew up my country, they want you to do it, KILL ME"

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  • I do not have a cat soo

    SpinaMai T- AliSpinaMai T- Ali5 dagar sedan
  • You know for a group that’s against Americans there movement was pretty American

    Jared BlackJared Black5 dagar sedan
  • "The declaration of wa-" "..." "...oh no..."

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  • I looked down and no joke I got randomly unsubscribed

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  • once again I am back here. I miss l'manberg

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  • Then: I started a revolution on the Dream SMP Now: I ended a revolution on the Dream SMP

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  • I wish I had a cat for you to steal but I’m allergic 😔😔

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  • So... this is where it started...

    Lucas DrachenbergLucas Drachenberg5 dagar sedan
  • From this to War, to getting outcasted, to starting a resistance, and taking back L'manberg nice

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  • To think this whole war started because Wilbur wanted to sell them droogs with a kid

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  • I remember first watching this but now time to rewatch

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  • I love how Wilbur ended exactly how he started with Ghostbir

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  • So sad they're not gonna be Europeans for much longer...

    Rhiannon ClokeRhiannon Cloke5 dagar sedan
  • When it goes from Wilbur wanting to sell drugs to starting a war on the country that was stolen from him.

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  • This is so odd to watch because it is so much more forested at this point. Now, the landscape looks so different, and it's really mind blowing.

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  • damn...and this all started with drugs

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  • 3:12 Console scalpers in a nutshell

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  • Oh god, the nostalgia is real

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  • The beginning of his insanity

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  • あの、日本人いますか?イギリス人ですけど練習のためこの シリーズ を翻訳したいです。興味があるの?

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  • Tommy came up with Manberg?

    Lord PopoLord Popo6 dagar sedan
  • This is making me cry..... This is how lmanberg has been made! And now is gone.... :'(

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  • Hold on why did sapnap turn on lmanberg

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  • 24:00 "We use our words to fight, like civilized men" is the inverse of "The only universal language is violence." Tommy and Techno getting established as foils early, huh?

    genesis froggenesis frog6 dagar sedan
  • A proposal: if I join the nation I will no longer be American do does it really count?

    SalemSalem6 dagar sedan
  • To think, had Wilbur not started selling drugs, none of the wars would have happened. Glad they did tho

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  • This is where it all started boys

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  • watching this over yall wish me luck

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  • me realising that this all started with a drug van 🌚

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  • Wilbur came from being exited for L’manburg to blowing it up..

    Mady BarMady Bar6 dagar sedan
    • 😔

      The Ant PantThe Ant Pant6 dagar sedan
  • Rewatching to see how my reactions change from in the beginning.

    Sun PorpoiseSun Porpoise7 dagar sedan
  • My l’manberg, my l’manberg

    KingHeroZombieKingHeroZombie7 dagar sedan
  • Watching history all over agaib

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  • So I just decided to start getting into the Dream SMP but apparently you can't have nice things on the internet because everyone in the comments is spoiling the whole storyline... :/

    WaterlemonTheArtistWaterlemonTheArtist7 dagar sedan
    • bro why do you look at the comments

      ZyixXxZyixXx6 dagar sedan
    • then don't read the comments before the video- 0-0

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  • Watching this it’s crazy to see how much things have changed

    jackcatsjackcats7 dagar sedan
  • Actually it would be le manberg bcuz in French they don’t like vowels next to each other and that’s why they make words like j’ai instead of je ai bcuz...vowels- ok I’m just gonna not-

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  • This is where l'manberg started

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  • The beginning of a great story

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  • this aged like an old man on crack :////

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  • 🚶

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  • It started with wilbur, and Wilbur ended it all. It was never meant to be

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  • “It was never meant to be.”

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  • oh god,,, the aging of this,,,

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  • The naive brit has not realized he has become his very enemy, America. But that may be a good thing, a land of the free

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